The Horus Heresy is cool. The background is cool, the novels are cool, and the models are cool. The models are also expensive, and I have bills to pay and a boardgame addiction. This project started with a question:

Can we do a Horus Heresy Campaign on a budget?

Given that some of us have crushing real life responsibilities and aren’t just massive man children we needed to make this as reasonable as possible to accommodate all of the wonderful folk we knock about with.

The initial thought was the ‘Tale of Four Gamers’ articles from the 90’s (Which have seen several iterations over the years) however, rather than base the monthly updates on points we’d set a monetary restriction.

Eventually we settled on a game plan: We would start with the Calth bundle at £225 and then restrict spending to £20 per month. The saving from the Calth box was too much to miss out on, and the resin components would offer a reasonable amount of variety. We set a date and gave ourselves about 8 months to scrape together the fundage. The initial total was amended to £240 for those who were pursuing non-Calth Rites of War.

I know what you’re thinking. £20 per month is ridiculously low, given that a single 10 man Heresy tactical squad clocks in at around £70. Given the funding restriction the plan has two stages.

  1. We will be playing a Victory is Vengeance campaign initially (around 450 points per player) This will keep games fairly balanced and to the budget.

  2. We will be painting only one unit per month. This allows for those of us who have not painted before to get to grips with techniques and for all of us to make the painting a passion project worthy of such expensive models. The units available for painting each month will be restricted so that no one has a significant gaming advantage and to allow those who have not played before to keep up with the rules. I.e. Month 1 is a single troops choice of up to 10 models.

Given these restrictions the initial Calth box will provide around 6 months of painting, allowing the £20 per month to accumulate while we work on existing models.

This blog is primarily a place for us to keep up to date with each others progress and share ideas, but if you stumble across it and feel inspired all the better!

Posted: 08/04/17 at 13:34 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
The Campaign is dead, long live the Campaign!

The Campaign is dead, long live the Campaign!

Its been a funny old year but after two years of Heresy there emerges, exhausted and bloody, a victor.

Loyalist Victory!

The Tigrus sector swung toward the Loyalists early on from a concentration on the Tigrus System itself. Despite intervention from the Warmaster himself, and a villainous last push from the traitors (Surprising all by actually locking Laeran in the final moments of the campaign) the Loyalists managed to secure and hold the Tigrus Sector.

The final moments of the Campaign were fought across two multiplayer battles. The first was Thousand Suns, Night Lords and Iron Warriors vs Raven Guard, Iron Hands and Dark Angels. 

The Traitors managed to lay low the Loyalist Typhon, and punish the Raven Guard hard on one flank, while the Loyalists hammered the traitor central line with massed firepower and drop podding Ravens. The turning point came when the Loyalists brought Magnus low, and through a twist of fate and the laughter of dark gods, managed to flaming overwatch the Night Lords Praetor to death. With all three traitor warlords defeated the remaining forces conceded victory to the Loyalists.

The second game saw Iron Warriors and Thousand Suns face off against Raven Guard and Iron Hands. With brutal losses looming on both sides, the skeins of fate saw fit to have the match fall to a draw, Simultaneously securing the Laeran system for the Traitors and the Impetus system for the Loyalists. 

It’s been an interesting learning curve running the campaign, with attendance being the most difficult thing to lock down. Early on I’d anticipated this and allowed for a vote on the most appropriate day of the month to accommodate folk, and restricted games once per month. Real life being the crippling hurdle that it is, alongside the insistence of the Traitor forces in hatching their own spawn has meant arranging games has been difficult and attendance has sloughed off in these closing months. Overall though its been a great season and moving forward there will be some amendments.


Campaign 2 is going to be a lot more fast and loose with the games, allowing for more match ups. I’m in two minds whether to drop the map or not to reduce my own book keeping. Write ups will no longer be done by myself, again to reduce my own post-game work load. But can be loaded on by any victor for bragging rights.

I’m proposing a brief hiatus to brainstorm ideas/ give folk a breather. Friendly games in the interim to keep the juices flowing. The proposal for the new campaign is to run in three monthly escalation cycles. Opponents will be randomly generated but you will face the same opponent for three escalation games over three months [1250, 2000, 3000 respectively] the mission played and the deployment type will be universal and pre generated. Games can be played at any point within the month, to better accommodate folk, and it will be up to each pairing to arrange their matches. There will still be a ‘communal’ game once per month, for those that crave the adventure and camaraderie.

The three matches will allow for an overall winner of each section. Then the winners will be paired off, for another 3 round stage. The defeated will be matched with reducing points per stage until there is an overall winner. Then points per faction will be totalled to determine campaign victor! There are some more details to come but that is the overall gist. The aim is to start Campaign 2 in June/July.

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Knight Night

The earth shook, the Iron Hands scout report was confirmed, the dark Mechanicum had brought a knight to Impetus.

Orders were to destroy it at all costs. Medusa's Curse led the tenth along with Autek Mor himself. Using the favoured Head of the Gorgon rite the orders were to lure the mechanicum forward and pincer the traitors with their tanks and warriors. This was the first time the Iron Hands had seen a Knight under the banner of Horus. Seeing it tower over the buildings, the men braced themselves and prepared for orders.

The missile launchers hit first, drawing the flare shield of the Knight to the front of the machine, only one frag grenade breaking through. It responded my moving forward deciding in its stride which to attack first, Medusa's Curse or Mor in his own dedicated transport. It locked on to Mor but thankfully, still just out of range. Before it could unleash its arsenal, the Iron Hands initiated the second part of their plan.

Outflanking, the predators came behind the Knight and the Support Squad joined them together they unleashed a hell storm of plasma, the howl and screeching horns of the Knight turned out to be its death cries, flames vented from the machine, smoke consumed it followed by an atomic explosion. It fell, and fell hard. It sent shock waves throughout the land and with it secured the Iron Hands own personal objective.

Upon retreating however the Mechanicum had other plans. They retaliated and killed the Iron Hands in their wake. Whittling down the tactical squads, blowing up the tanks and finally focusing their attention on the Spartan.

Humming through the air zoomed a Vultarax. The Iron Hands had encountered it once before.

"I hate that flying bug with fucking haywire" murmured Mor. "Take it down at all costs."

Raising the lascannons into the air, targeting the bug turned out to be more problematic but still managed to wound the monstrous creature. It was not enough however and the haywire of the creature turned out to be too much.

Autek and his bodyguards had to leave the wreck of the Spartan and saw in front of them the Dark Mechanicum, their once brothers. Whilst withstanding fire power, something that Mor was not expecting came to pass, he was charged by thralls, madness he thought. "Dont worry, they are armless." He laughed and braced for impact. Blinding light then shot at him, partially stunning him and his warriors. His Terminators took the hits the most and due to the underhanded tactic two tragically lost their lives. Regaining his vision slightly Mor saw a some sort of robot charging at him, a Domitar, but he had enough of this and drew his paragon blade, staring into its mechanised eyes Mor believed he could see doubt. It was right to. Ducking from its swinging fist Autek thrusted his blade into its wired head and sliced it in two.

The flying bug as it was now know as set its sights for Medusa Curse, it zoomed away from Medusa's lascannons. Defenceless now, Medusa braced for impact but nothing came. Instead her two sisters came to her aid, sat, motionless for the whole battle choosing the opportune moment to strike, and strike they did using their twin linked laser destroyers they shot down the flying bug.

Death comes to us all. Much blood and wires were spread across the battlefield. Mor destroyed the remaining thralls and the Predator Executioner killed the remaining Thallax.

But despite their success, not all things go to plan, Mor and his remaining Terminators were left in the open where all the enemies weaponry was targeted towards them. "What now?"

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The Tigrus Schism: Month Twelve

The Tigrus Schism: Month Twelve

First strike of the New Year. The Campaign has been going in some form for almost two years now and is approaching its final stages. There are multiple ideas being discussed for ‘Next Phase’ including Heresy Kill Team and Titanicus. Watch this space. With several traitors having recently spawned progeny out in the real world, attendance has slowly been dropping. This will require a New Year reshuffle to better accommodate those with less time. This month actually only saw one Traitor arrive, but we have been looking to switch our Narik Dreygur Iron Warrior over to team traitor in order to help stabilise numbers. At the moment he is filling the gaps. With only one Traitor several defenceless victories were scored in the Impetus Sector and from the matches we had one victory for each team, not counting the friendly match between remaining Loyalists.

Traitors 1 Loyalists 4

Loyalist Victory.


Night Lords vs Ultramarines.

Bringing the fight to the enemy, the Ultramarines fought on a plain of ash and bone over a castle of blood. The Ultramarines started strong, using disciplined interlocking fire to shred the Night Lords from afar. Kurze joined the fight, but Ancient Telemachrus stepped up to the challenge, roaring his hatred at the traitor and holding Kurze off for several turns while Robute and his Invictus took the fight to the enemy on the plains. It all seemed lost for the Night Lords until Telemachrus finally fell. With the Dreadnought felled and Kurze free to run amok the balance shifted toward the traitors, scraps of units managing to hold in to their territory to seize victory.

Night Lords Victory



Loyalist Locked



Iron Hands vs Iron Warriors:

Elements of Iron Warriors fighting for both the Loyalists and the Traitors are present in the Tigrus Sector making it extremely difficult for Loyalists, so grievously betrayed at Isstvan, to trust. Iron against Iron in the Impetus sector.  The heavy armour of the Iron Hands met the relentless infantry of the Iron Warriors on a battlefield riddled with trench networks. Despite the cover, the Open advance of the Iron Warriors allowed the Iron 10th to inflict significant casualties early game. It seemed a forgone conclusion however, unperturbed by such horrific losses, the Iron Warriors remaining inflicted a heavy toll on their enemy. The Iron Hands seized the victory, yet the IV Legion made a good account of itself, taking down the enemy Warlord in a gruelling close combat.

Iron Hand Victory.


Strategum: Blood Angels vs Raven Guard

In the simulator the Angels and the Ravens faced off, to better strategize against the enemy. Alvarex Maun failed to co-ordinate his forces and seize the initiative from the Angels, putting the Ravens on the back foot form the outset. Failure to utilise the plasma weapons in the opening phases saw the Blood Angels command tank survive. This wreaked havoc on the Ravens reinforcements and allowed the IX to deploy precisely to maximise their damage output, destroying Maun and his retinue. In the end the Ravens made a good account for themselves, destroying most of the major threats, however they never quite recovered from the opening strategies and unable to deal with manoeuvrability of the Blood Angels.

Blood Angel Victory.

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Month [ERROR##@127763ERROR!#ERROR]

It’s been a while. Updates are few and far between at the minute. Damned reality getting in the way, leaving precious little time to paint and post. The Campaign is currently undergoing a waning period, again due to real life commitments. We’re looking at options to get the ball rolling again in full.


So: This is actually November’s slot – A Seeker Squad! The changes to seekers via the FAQ have made the option for combi-weapons very appealing. Coupled with the bonus from Marked for Death AND the preferred enemy Independent Characters from the Decapitation Strike rite of war; this is a pointy but devastating unit for an Alpha Strike drop pod. It’s been some time since I did edge highlighting on a squad and I don’t miss it. I did muse over painting the combi-plasma with a bit more pizazz, ruled against it in the end with them not having the standard plasma (tubing?) At the top.


Progress since November has been split three ways between Heresy, Titanicus, and Heresy: Kill Team. Progress on all three has slowed to a grind, however I have my first Kill Team member nearly complete:


And the rest of the team mostly built:

I also have the bulk of my first maniple built and painted. The Warlord is done (Name pending)


And the Warhounds just need weathering:

The Reaver is part built but still needs to be magnetised. I want to do a painting Blitz week to get everything back on track, get the Kill team complete and the Titan Maniple finished. Once I get that done I should be able to have more options when it comes to gaming.


Next time on Heresy: After the above Titans and Kill teams, I have a couple of Dreadnoughts I need to paint for my Raven Guard, but my interest is in getting my Liberation Force up and running to give me ROW flexibility. At the minute, the way the army is comprised I am limited to Decapitation Strike.  I need to paint 45 Militia and 3 Leman Russ Tanks in order to open up Liberation Force. (I also have the models pending to do a Recon Force, but that will be much further down the line)

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The Tigrus Schism: Month Eleven

The Tigrus Schism: Month Eleven

All the combat took part on Impetus this month as the Loyalists looked to reinforce the beleaguered Iron Hands


Iron Hands vs Iron Warriors:

A clash of Iron vs Iron. The Iron Hands pressed the Iron Warriors sorely, bringing significant amounts of heavy armour. Though the Tyrants were well equipped to deal with Armoured foes, the outflanking proved their downfall and Plasma Predators seized exacted a heavy toll. Communications were garbled and objectives confused. Both sides had to retreat from the battlefield before they could resolve their grudge, vowing to meet again.


Iron Hands Victory.


Blood Angels vs Thousand Suns

The Angels took to the field, swiftly moving against the Thousand Suns heavy infantry. Despite the Psychic Prowess of Magnus’ Chosen the Blood Angels were able to use lightning assaults and the combat skills of their Praetor to wrest victory from the traitors.

Blood Angel Victory.


Raven Guard vs Iron Warriors:

The Iron warriors set up a bastion of firepower to prepare for the Raven Guard assault, little realising that the threat would strike from above. Quickly surrounded and without access to their Iron Havocs, the Ravens made short work of the defenders and disappeared into the night.

Raven Guard Victory

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The Tigrus Schism: Month Ten

The Tigrus Schism: Month Ten

Our Night Lord, in typical Night Lord fashion, has failed. We are still awaiting the Narrative report of our ‘Flight from Tigrus’ Big Game. This Event locked an entire planet in a Single day. A victory for the Traitors saw Laeran IV locked, bringing Traitors closer to total system dominance.

The Great Massacre of the Helion Plains (Laeran V).

The Night Haunter reaches the Loyalist lines while the Loyalist reinforcements are held in Orbit by Magnus' Sorcery


The Game was fought in Orbit as well as on the Ground, and saw no fewer than three Traitor Primarchs to one Loyalist. The battle in Orbit was eventually won by the Loyalists, but Magnus had held them back for far too long, buying the Traitors on the ground valuable time. On the ground, Loyalist Armour met traitor infantry and things were looking positive. Then Magnus’ reinforcements arrived. Loyalists scuttled the ship and part of it crashed on the battlefield but caused minimal casualties. The game went to time as the Raven Guard finally made planetfall, and just as the Warmaster himself seemed about to be overwhelmed, resulting in a Traitor victory.

The Warmaster himself steps from the wreckage of his Spartan into Loyalist guns...

Posted: 11/02/19 at 23:16 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
A Silent Night

The cold winds blew on Impetus, the battlefield was littered with dead. Smoke and fire danced through the destroyed buildings and wrecked tanks. The Thousands Sons had returned, they wanted their revenge against the Iron Hands. However, this time, Magnus the Red led them. 


The Iron Hands didn't need a primarch to win this war and they would battle the Red devils back from whence they came. Medusa's Curse unleashed her wrath, only just surviving a psychic onslaught. The Iron Hand predator tanks also took many lives this day. 

It was not without loss nonetheless, many brave sons of Ferrus lost their lives but overall held their ground, tactical squads outflanked the enemy nearly wiping out a plasma cannon unit. Deep striking terminators tried to halt them and cut them down, eventually doing so. But the head of the Thousand Sons warlord would not be withheld not even by the powers of the warp and kill him the Iron Hands did, sacrificing themselves in doing so. 

Magnus himself teleported to the Iron Hands front lines where he started to repay the debt owed, removing vindicators as if they were play things. The Iron Tenth would not stand for it and returned fire with their own wrath of bullets and plasma. Their aim took it's toll on the traitor primarch despite his best efforts to blind the loyalist with a golden light, but bionic eyes did their job and they severely wounded Magnus and killing all but one his bodyguard. Just as quickly as the loyalists thought the advantage was theirs it was taken away. Fire, fire was unleashed with a snap of Magnus' fingers and put an end to the plasma squad. Magnus, still injured fell back behind the now carcas of the Spartan and could only use his psychic abilities from then on, out of sight from the mighty Iron Tenth. 

On the other side of the battlefield, three remaining Iron Hands saw their brethren dead after killing the traitor warlord and tactically retreated to inform command, relentlessly pursued by the terminators, their rhino was attacked and destroyed, only by foot would they make it back alive. Three hours later they reached their fellow comrades, with the dogged traitors right behind them. They were not quick enough however and the predators executed the oncoming red terminators and in doing so the Iron Hands astartes made it behind their defenses and into safety. 


Knowing they had lost again it was Magnus who would have the last laugh. A demonic grin appeared on his face spreading from ear to ear. Reaching into the warp he searched for the retreating Iron Hands warriors, through smoke, through tanks, through the destroyed buildings and from across the battlefield he searched them out and sent towards them hell, killing them instantly. The Thousand Sons left the battle with this small victory. 


After seeing the Iron Hands brothers destroyed, anger swept over them all. There was nothing anyone could do. There would be no feast, no song that night, for the dead was beyond the count of grief. Nobody left that day victorious but the Iron Hands remain.

Posted: 10/02/19 at 21:43 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Lords of Iron

The Iron Hands rhino lay in wait. Hidden they knew the Iron Warriors were heading their way, like.

The traitor Iron Warriors had come to Impetus but like the Night Lords before them and every other traitor legion that came to Impetus, would regret that decision, it would cost them their lives. Impetus was the Iron Hands domain, they controlled this system, many came and went but the Iron Hands remained. Their blood had been spilt throughout, it had become their home for now and they would defend it with their lives and stop any who try to take it from them.

The Iron Warriors continued to approach the rhino and soon the trap would be sprung. Since Isstvan the Iron Hands had adapted and changed their method of warfare. Going from using brutal force and strength to now subtle tactics but equally as powerful.

At the point of no return the Iron Hands struck and outflanked the pretenders in iron. A predator emerged firing into the tyrant terminators taking two of them out. A second rhino also emerged, shooting from the open doors were 10 tacticals unleashing their wrath and bullets into the IW squad leaving only their sergeant alive, but only just.

Two castellax exploded the rhino and removed the cover. This left the Astartes out in the open. Fire from the right cut down the warriors in black but they would not all fall. The IW sergeant thought he could clean up the remaining Iron Hands, the fool. Even with his power fist charging the Iron Hands laughed and prepared for his charge. They collided... the Iron Hands did not falter and held their ground. Not only did they refuse to die but they hit back with their own new orchestrated attack. Dodging the power of the lone soldier's attack, coordinating together as one they snap fired back filling him with holes.

The ordeal was not over yet however. When more Iron Warriors charged in. For a second time the Hands held their ground. Despite the small size of the IW they attacked with the strength of 16 men. It meant nothing to the sons of the Gorgon, dodging and blocking the attacks and firing back with their own killing three of the pretentious 'iron' warriors.

During this time the predator was able to finish off the remaining tryrant terminators but saw the IW praetor flee for his life. A call was made, there would be no survivors. Moments later the IH Spartan rolled up and unloaded four rounds of lascannon fire into the injured praetor, killing him instantly.

When all was done and the dust began to settle. The brothers of the Iron Hands felt something strange, as if something or someone watching them but it was not a threat, it was comforting, yet they could not say for sure what it was. To some it was merely the achievement of defending Impetus and nothing more, to others it felt the emperors guiding light, but to others, a small group of Iron Hands whispered amongst themselves, that it felt like their Primarch, Ferrus Manus, the Gorgon, was watching them today.

Posted: 09/12/18 at 22:32 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Month Twenty

This Month

I have added five more cataphractii terminators to my IH army. I equipped them with two power fist and three power axes to mix my guys up slights. Fists are so powerful can't not have them but I've always liked the idea of my terminators using other weapons. The heavy flamer is there because that's all I had. 


Next month 

Who knows!

Posted: 10/11/18 at 19:33 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Month Twenty

Month Twenty: Time makes fools of us all.

Finally the Tarantulas are here! Not due to desire but necessity: I've had almost no time to paint for the past two months leaving me with overlap. So this month has been spent finishing my Venator, Spartan and Terminators. With them done (And some more work on my White Scar kill team) I've had no time to put into a new choice. Ergo, I present the Tarantulas!


Next month I want to work on another squad, maybe recon or seekers. Possibly some more Mor Deythan. We'll see.

Posted: 10/11/18 at 18:09 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
The Tigrus Schism: Month Nine

The Tigrus Schism: Month Nine

This month saw the aftermath of the locking of the Tigrus System: Zone Mortalis Missions. As the only Traitor forces available for the games were Nigh Lords, this was done as a narrative mission - a Loyalist assault on a traitor ship that was fleeing the now Loyalist Controlled System.


Operation 'Gift of Fury' consisted of a three pronged Multi Legion assault on the Capital Ship Legacy of Blood The assault would be to disable the ships functions to allow Orbital defenses time to manoeuvre. Attack would be launched at system mandeville point from the Raven Guard cruiser Avius Nox as it would be able to get close enough to launch insertion teams and withdraw.


Primary target would be the ships drives. These would need to be crippled to buy time for the System defenses. This task would fall to the Iron Hands. Their heavy units pushing through the enemy defenders with ease.

Terror squads prepare the defenses in near total blackness

Gorgon Terminators slaughter their way through to the Drives


Secondary target would be life support. Although Legionnaires can function without life support systems, the operation of Capitol Class vessels requires thousands of menials to operate basic ship functions. Lack of life support quickly cripples any vessel as essential functions such as shields and weapons cannot be maintained. This would fall to the Raven Guard, with several small insertion teams the target should be destroyed before the enemy even knew they were boarded.

Raven Guard support teams move in for the kill.

Detected by the Night Lords, the insertion teams take heavy losses, but not before achieving their objectives.


As the insertion teams would be small, and the vessel has a full compliment of VIII Legion Marines, a third insertion team would make a push towards the bridge, drawing the ire of the majority of ship defenders. This team would be Ultramarines, and consist of heavily armed veteran troops. Their objectives would be to cause chaos and then withdraw, taking as few casualties as possible.

Heavy casualties as the Ultramarines wreak havoc through the middle decks toward the bridge


Once primary and secondary objectives were complete, the remaining forces would withdraw to the insertion Thunderhawks and retreat leaving the vessel crippled in the void and vulnerable to the Loyalist Ships. However with both objectives complete the Iron Hands suggested the teams rendezvous and make a push for the bridge as there were rumours Captain Sevetar was aboard and such an opportunity could not be found wanting.

The Night Lords heavily fortify the bridge.

The Iron Hands struggle to breach the command chamber as time starts to run out.

The Raven Guard suffer several weapon malfunctions, and are cut off before they can link up with the Iron Hands.

After heavy losses and no gains the Loyalist forces withdraw from the bridge. With primary objectives complete the traitor vessel would be dead in the void. Yet Captain Sevetar would remain a thorn in their sides.

Posted: 10/11/18 at 16:52 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
A Dish Served Cold

Luckily for Hephastus, the Iron Hands terminators and Dreadnaught survived the encounter with the Thousand Sons. He knew this for he had awoken from his unconscious state, if they hadn't then they would have surely left him in the dirt.

The remaining Iron Fathers wanted vengence, they wanted blood, and to do so they needed to muster the strongest remaining Astartes left breathing for maximum punishment. The prized terminators and dreadnaught were few and far between so the fact that a handful of these machines had been recovered was a victory in itself. They would be used to crush the traitors. 

Reports from the Raven Guard found that the Night Lords were fleeing Tigrus and making their way to Impetus. The Iron Hands would not accept this, not them cowards. In truth the Night Lords had hurt the tenth in their previous encounters, even taking the Iron Bastards finger which they continued to taunt him with. The Bastard merely laughed at this, chuckling that it was all they could take, besides he had more mechanical fingers to begin with what was one more? The Flesh is Weak, and so too was the head of the scum who took the finger, now never too far away from the Bastard - a gift from the Dark Angels. 

Autek Mor took the remaining terminators and dreadnaught with him on his ship along with Raven Guard survivors and the Ultramarines. They were going to teach the fleeing dogs that they could not always run and get away with it. 

They boarded the ship with the objective to disable it and leave no survivors. To make sure the Night Lords would not make their way to Impetus. Communication errors meant however, the objectives were on the other side of the ship. The Ultramarines also boarded at the same time but lost communication. The Raven Guard had yet to arrive.

"Typical bloody ravens" thought Mor, always hiding in the shadows away from the real danger."

Breaching the ship they were welcomed to the sight of darkness. Murderous screams hailed throughout the ship, flashes of light flickered revealing splattered blood across the walls, and the scent of death flowing in the air. The Iron Hands moved across, searching room by room Krollo, the dred, leading the way. The hum of Volkites began to ring throughout the ship. They knew they were there but refused to show themselves. "We have to be quick." marked Mor. A plasma blaster shot answered him and blew the doors open. There Krollo saw his objective and blew it up. "This is too easy." He remarked. 

"That is because it is a trap, but they will still fail"  Mor snarled and ordered the Gorgons to take care of that infernal humming.

The Iron Hands continued their march into the room. Laughter broke the silence followed by bolter fire. Shots rang in the back of Krollo temporarily immobalising  him, bullets fired at Mor, he replied with his own weapon. The lights continued to flash revealing the Night Lords in all their glory. Wearing the skulls of their brethren as trophies. Only enraging Mor he and his terminators charged forward and left none alive, including one with a fine blade who Mor took particular delight in killing. Word came in that the Raven Guard had reinforced the Ultramarines who must have needed it. 

"Destroy the objectives none can survive!". At this, Krollo turned, looking behind him. He turned to.see what had attacked him, there infront of him was Night Lord holding their volkite chargers but it was not them he was glaring at. Behind them stood that same.objectibe he swore he had previously destroyed. Raged filled him like the flames of Medusa. He could not understand what had happened. Did they fix it? Replace it? No, impossible. What was going on? Maybe the maddness of the vessel was getting to him? No his bullets had destroyed it, he swore by the Gorgon himself. Through his own relentless spirit and overcoming his immobilized status, he shot his assault cannons through the humming of the Volkites standing in the way. Three shots hit their mark and blew the objective. It would not come back from that. He stood watching the blaze burn every part of it to make sure, the fire burning hot from the expulsion was only matched by the fire within him.

Mor indicated to blow the last remaining objective in sight, even after a miss by the plasma blaster marine and a punch by Autek to get it right the first time.

The remaining Night Lords wouldn't last long and they knew it so seeing the Iron Hands had completed their mission retreated. 

"Mission completed, the ships power has been disabled, the evacuation pods also malfunctioned but before we leave I believe it's time we made our way to the bridge and say hello to our hosts."

Posted: 21/10/18 at 20:14 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Month Nineteen

Months Choice

This month's choice the Sicaran Venator. I have always loved the look of this tank particularly the fact that it's anti tank. Last month was tough decision between this and the vincators. The more tanks the better in my opinion.


I painted in the same way as the vincators as they both have a similar weapon. 


Next Month

Next month's choice is yet to be decided. The group are planning on having a month dedicated to zone mortalis games and I wish I had included immortals earlier. Having a plasma squad would also be nice especially with Mor's preferred enemy. Other modes of transport is also tempting.

Posted: 20/10/18 at 15:27 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Month Nineteen

What is the Riddle of Steel?

I spent a lot of time deliberating as to how to paint my Venator. On the one hand, the fast moving vehicle fits with the style of the Raven Guard. Having already broken my 'tank virginity' with the Rhino(s)? (Shhhh) for my Mor Deythan (Stupid Decapitation Strike ROW omission) I could have neatly slotted it into the force. However, I only added the Rhinos because there was literally no other choice, and as mentioned multiple times I am building the army with a shattered legions theme in mind as it is post Isstvan. [The dream being to eventually expand to a proper Shattered Legions Army] As with the flamer squad and Terminators, this will be used as Raven Guard, and will have a Raven Transfer to represent its dual alliance. I do enjoy painting vehicles as its a happy break from the norm. Even though Iron Hands are also black *sigh* the techniques I use are quite different and it has been fun to paint so far. I am also starting to work on my Heresy Kill team and as a consequence the Venator is not quite finished yet. The Kill Team is going to be White Scar's Saygar Mazan and I'm looking forward to tinkering with it. The plan is to make use of the kill team in heresy games as a Veteran Squad. But we'll see.


Tulgajin Nokud 

Next month?

Next month really depends on time. If I have the resources i'll be adding a seeker squad I think. If time is limited it will likely be another Dreadnought. 

Posted: 20/10/18 at 12:16 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
The Tigrus Schism: Month Eight

The Tigrus Schism: Month Eight

The Campaign takes a dramatic shift in month seven. The Tigrus Sector is locked by the Combined forces of the Loyalists. This will shake up the future of the campaign and crowd the other sectors with fresh bodies. Firstly - the flight from Tigrus. The Traitors will flee the Sector and the Loyalists will pursue them, splitting both forces among the remaining sectors of Laeran and Impetus. This means next month will be Blood in the Void, as we all play Zone Mortalis games while the fleets move. There will also be a reckoning, as two months from now fresh forces will be able to capture a whole planet in a single day during a large scale multiplayer game….

Tigrus Schism Month Eight:

Loyalists: 3   Traitors: 2

The forces of the Warmaster press their advantage on Laeran, almost locking a second planet, while the Loyalists seize and secure the Tigrus sector and make small gains on Impetus.


All or nothing for the forces of the Warmaster on Laeran. Both the Sons of Horus and the World Eaters arrived, winning both matches and securing a strong foothold on Laeran I.


Game 1: Iron Warriors vs World Eaters

The World Eater Armour races toward their opponents, heedless of the weight of fire..

This was a brutal battle of attrition with both forces managing to seize their objective whilst simultaneously wiping out most of their opponents. The World Eater Armour surged forward into the guns of the Iron Warriors, carrying their frenzied cargo halfway across the battlefield before destruction meant they had to continue on foot. The tactical marines made it to their opponents first, and slaughtered all who stood before them, however the Butchers spend most of the game wading through the Jungle, and only bloodied their weapons at the very end. After a power struggle throughout the World Eaters threw down the enemy Warlord, securing a hard won victory.

Their Spartan destroyed, the Butchers proceed on foot, the Praetor being allowed to enact vengeance..


World Eater Victory.


Game 2: Sons of Horus vs Ultramarines

The Sons of Horus prepare to strike..

Both forces here were equally matched, both forces made use of a Primarch and a powerful bodyguard. The Sons of Horus focussed on powerful support units, while the Ultramarines went for units that could manoeuvre and seize battlefield objectives. Despite seizing the Initiative the Ultramarines could not cope with the might of the Warmaster’s forces, and a critical strike from a Lascannon exposed Robute and his honour guard before it was practical. With the Ultramarine Primarch still pulling himself from the wreckage, the Warmaster charged and there could be only one outcome. Despite a valiant defence, the forces of the Ultramarines were forced to make a tactical withdrawal, carrying their injured Primarch with them..

Surrounded and cut off the 13th Primarch falls...

Sons of Horus Victory.



The Mechanicum, sensing the sector was close to victory, retreated to their forges and the Blood Angels entered the system after months in the Warp. Both Loyalist forces managed to secure victories, and in doing so, lock the third planet in the System. With the majority of planets now locked to a single faction, the Sector itself becomes locked and the bonus becomes global.

Game 3: Raven Guard vs Dark Mechanicum

Decapitation Strike!

The Raven Guard found themselves against an opponent that had continually given no quarter, and their previous encounters had been some of the most costly for them 19th on Tigrus. This time however they came prepared, and fate it seems was on their side. After seizing the initiative, the Ravens made brutal use of infiltrate, scout and deep strike to perform a surgical decapitation strike. Rather than focus on the enemy command they eliminated the most significant threat and then focused on the enemy troops, ensuring that the Traitor Mechanicum would not be able to hold any territory it secured. Having navigated around the enemy Djinn Sight, they were able to attack on all sides, and the Mechanicum forces could not recover from such a devastating initial blow.

The Thallax prepare to meet their doom as engines howl in the distance...


Raven Guard Victory.


Game 4: Blood Angels vs Dark Mechanicum

The Terminators do not fare well against the might of the Dark Mechanicum..

The Blood Angels also went for a surgical strike at the heart of the Mechanicum forces, however a castle’d deployment and piecemeal entry resulted in horrifying casualties for the Angels in the Initial Stages of the battle. This put them on the back foot and they had to fight tooth and claw to pull back from an almost crushing early defeat. However, with targets carefully prioritised, they managed to deal with the enemy command structure, and seize victory from the jaws of defeat.

Targets acquired, the Blood Angels begin their battle of survival..


Blood Angel Victory.



The 10th Legion were the second of the loyalists to face the Psychic might of the Thousand Sons. Despite some significant trepidation the Iron Tenth just managed to hold long enough to secure a victory, scoring another territory for the Loyalists.

Game 5: Iron Hands vs Thousand Sons

The Laser Destoryer tries desperately to slow the advance of its nemesis

The Iron Hands trusted to their armour, and allowed the Thousand Sons to go first. This allowed them to deploy in such a way to maximise their potential, all they had to do was weather the Storm… Turn one saw the Sons of Magnus cripple a Laser Destroyer, decimating the unit, and rendering them a shadow of their former effectiveness. However the responding volley was brutal, destroying several unit and the Warlord. The signs and portents must have created a ripple in the warp, as after this point the Terminator reinforcements arrived piecemeal, ensuring that a once unstoppable destructive force, could be eradicated piecemeal. Despite this fortune, it was not an easy victory and the Thousand Sons made the 10th pay in blood for every inch of ground.

Psychic might makes short work of the Vehicles of the Iron Tenth.


Iron Hand Victory.

Posted: 18/09/18 at 22:25 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
The Weeping Sons

The rumours were true.
The Thousand Sons had come to Impetus.
Majority of the Iron Hands loathed the crimson sons for use of their psychic abilities. They knew they delved too closely to the dark side of the warp. Fear is something an Astartes does not know, particularly for the Iron Tenth, but even they were wary of the Thousand Sons. It was no surprise to hear of their heresy.

Yet for one individual, the praetor known as Hephestas, thought there was more to it than meets the eye, he didn't completely agree with the Thousand Sons use of psychic abilities but they were a means to an end. He always saw Magnus as a loyal son to the emperor and for some unknown reason felt there was more to their betrayal that has yet come to light.

Nevertheless, there in front of him he saw the warriors in their gleaming, red armour and knew he would need to eradicate every single one of them. His brothers would have no problem with that. Losing the Spartan in a previous combat, he and his troops were forced to march behind a land raider to guard over the precious Gorgon terminators who waited inside. His orders they to keep them alive, a priority after losing so many on Isstvan, every terminator and dreadnaught now was a coveted to the Iron Hands. This was his personal mission, to keep them alive until they could be utilised effectively and not be pecked off amidst the chaos.

Medusa and her sisters were with them. The Typhon and vindicators had proven invaluable since their arrival on Impetus and now joining them were two predators ready to kill.

Following orders, the Iron Hands marched forward ready to destroy the Thousand Sons and get the Gorgons and dreadnaught to their assigned location. A small force, thought Hephestas, yet he was still wary. They were still astartes and not to be underestimated. The plan was simply kill the enemy, get to safety, expect the unexpected.

It was they who struck first destroying the main weapon in Stheno - the vindicator - but her sister would see the attacker removed. Medusa's Curse saw the head of the snake, their own praetor surrounded by lightning and rock in a vortex surrounding him, remove the head and the creature dies. She laid her curse on him eventually killing him and his troops as well as a nearby dreadnaught. Hephestas had respect for the Thousand Son commander for he stayed alive but not long enough before lascannons from the Typhon finished him off. Magic it appears still couldn't stop the brutality of the Iron Hands fierce firepower.

The snake however did not merely curl over and die if anything it awoke with a vengeance. An immediate response saw terminators deep striking right in front of Medusa's Curse. They were angry at seeing hearing the death cries of their praetor, but irony was not lost as that is exactly what will cost them their lives in the end. Firing again the Typhon released its immense power. However yet again not all died. They truly were tainted by chaos to survive such destruction.

Seeing the ensuing fight, Krollo, entomed as a dreadnaught saw the one thing that could end Medusa's Curse - a chainfist. He therefore unleashed his assault cannons into the terminators removing the threat.

Hephestas saw all this unfold but he knew they could handle this and therefore continued to march forward with his men. Still wary of the shennaningans that could happen. Not long after a second terminator squad deep striked behind them. "This is where the fun begins" thought Hephestas.
Immediately after this Leorio, the apothecary, dropped dead screaming, blood filling his lenses and gushing from under his helmet. This was sorcery, this was their work, too cowardly to fight they would instead pick them off one by one with their witchcraft.

A familiar humming began to ring out into their ears but this was nothing to do with their 'abilities' but the sound of volkite cullverins. Hephestas looked around him as his men imploded. One by one they dropped dead yet one man stood his ground next to Hephestas firing back into the breach. Through sheer maddness, he refused to die and in doing so protected his praetor.

Behind, the horrors did not relent however, as a scream so powerful hit the remaining astartes. it felt like their heads would explode, so painful it made them want to end their lives better that than to continue to live in that hell. It proved too much for the stalwart warrior and in death he was at last able to rest. He would have been dead himself were it not for Medusa's Curse firing it's dreadhammer at them. This gave Hephestas the chance he needed to march forwards and get the Gorgons to safety. But he did not escape unscathed. Ahead of him lay the cullverins, so behind the land raider he stayed continuing to seek cover. Once again more deep striking terminators arrived and Hephestas wondered when it would stop.

Looking over his shoulder he saw the missile launchers being shredded by lightening claws but before he turned away saw Krollo, the dreadnaught, ready to unload for a second time. Hephestas cursed him for not following his orders to get to safety but it was not the Iron Hands way. Explosions were heard behind him as the predators went down and still the Thousand Sons continued to unleash the perils of warp.

Turning back around Hephestas saw the second Thousand Son dreadnaught attempt to charge the land raider. He was willing to lay down his life, he had his power axe in hand and injured or not would halt this machine. He took a hit from the dreadnaught but still he fought on spitting blood, he felt the burst of one of his hearts and realised his blood would not clot. He was barely able to stand. This was it, this is where he will die.  Yet as he braced for his remaing heart to beat no more, something he was not expecting happened. The land raider turned around and the Gorgons came forth.
"Get inside. We will take care of this." said the bearer of the thunder hammer.
"We shall not flee like rats as others die." Said another.
"You can shove your orders up your arse. Now get inside before you bleed to death." Ordered the hammer bearer.

Hephestas did as he was told. He wasn't going to argue, he knew the reason for his mission, since Isstvan things became desperate, they had to be careful now and not fall like their beloved primarch. But you could not stop what you were created to do. To dishonour yourself and your legion by running and hiding. That was not the Iron Hands way, they would rather die than betray themselves.

Sitting in the land raider the Typhon was now mopping up the remaining terminators and Krollo would soon make short work of the lightening claws. Euryale would also avenge her sister, Stheno. He took one last glance at the Gorgon terminators, standing in front of the crimson dreadnaught, to enact their own retribution before he fell into unconsciousness

Posted: 16/09/18 at 23:42 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Month Eighteen

This month everything has gone off kilter for me as I have had to disappear for two weeks, reducing painting time. I was going to just make use of my much maligned Tarantula Battery (Begrudgingly), however I did find the time to do another ‘Shattered Legions’ squad. Fittingly it is a mix of Salamanders and Raven Guard as the squad is a flamer team. I find Salamanders a lot quicker to paint as they can be drybrushed rather than edge highlighted. Whilst the squad will be used as part of my Raven Guard army, the shattered legion element will allow me to translate into Shattered Legions as an army, and eventually I will be adding full squads of both Iron Hands and Salamanders. I went with a flamer team because they will benefit from ZM rules, they will be effective as Salamanders (eventually) and I’m intrigued to see the impact they might have on a game given it’s a cheap and cheerful short range unit. I build them with additional CCW’s as they will be getting close and personal, along with the assault weapons they may be able to do some damage if they manage to live that long.

Better pics to follow


Next month: I have those Tarantulas again….but I have plans for them so again will see..

Posted: 16/09/18 at 08:48 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
Month Eighteen

Month Choice

This month has been a long time coming making my solo predator executioner into a squadron. Therefore it's time to introduce another pred to my Iron Hands army. Long term I will be adding three other predators with their autocannons. I did plan on doing this sooner but a lack of an normal predator autocannon meant the executioner was the choice this month. 


Next Month 

For next month a sicaran venator maybe on the cards. I have always had an appreciation for the tank from when I first saw it and always wanted to include it in my army, potentially a second but with already including my vindicators it will be a tough decision therefore the options are always open.

Posted: 15/09/18 at 21:23 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Reinforcements for the XIII th.

***Command Link Established***

- Captain, come in please.

- Command, is that you?

- Confirmed. What is your situation?

- Grim. We've suffered heavy loses at teh hands of the traitors and need reinforcements! 




- Command, are you still there?!

- Roger Captain. We're still here. The enemy are trying to jam our signals. We've received word that reinforcements are on route to your position.

- What are we to expect?

- Unknown. All we know is that there is a large friendly force in orbit. It seems to be a mix of ships. Reinforcements are coming from one of the battle barges.



***End Command Transmission***

Posted: 10/09/18 at 22:39 by: Miller (Ultramarines XVII)
The Tigrus Schism: Month Seven

The Tigrus Schism: Month Seven

This month saw a shake up in how victories are scored and how battles are assigned. The planetary system was designed to improve narrative, with particular forces being assigned to specific sectors, creating bitter enmities and grudges between certain Legions. In practice however, due to turnout and reluctance on the part of both teams to move Legions between Systems, often the same players were fighting time and time again. To improve variety of opposition we are once again rolling for opponents. Before each match they will roll off to determine who’s territory is being fought over. From that point victories will be assigned to the sector fought over adding some spice and variety to both games and victories. Auto victories will still be allocated to any undefended territories, but hopefully opponents will be more varied.

Loyalists: 2  Traitors: 2


Once again the Traitors left Laeran undefended, allowing the Iron Warriors to seize another territory from the enemy.


The Tigrus Sector was the focus of all the battle this Campaign month, with Loyalist forces from both Laeran and Impetus joining the fray. The Tigrus Loyalist veterans managed to beat the enemy back but the newly arrived forces were pushed hard and lost both their missions. The end result was a stalemate in the Tigrus Sectors with no significant gains made by either side.

Mechanicum vs Night Lords.

The Night Lords prepare to strike..

The Night Lords finally brought Sevetar to the table, using him to infiltrate a huge blob of durable Tactical Marines, and making efficient use of deep striking Terminators to seize objectives and punish troops too far away from support. However, the Mechancum pushed forward with their easy access to monstrous creatures and after some attrition dragged down the Leviathan. With that pocket of resistance destroyed they swept across the field, stealing the victory from under the Night Lords.

The Leviathan refuses to die..

Mechanicum Victory.


Night Lords vs Iron Hands.

Night Lords strike swiftly at the castled Iron Hands

The Iron Hands deployed in a reliable castle formation, refusing the flank, yet this played into the Night Lords hands, allowing their infiltrating and deep striking troops to concentrate their attacks in a single place. The Night Lord Terminators managed to survive a volley from the Mighty Typhon, and in doing so spelled chainfisted doom for the Armour. The Night Lords Lightning was intercepted by the Iron Hands Missile team, but they failed to bring it down and it destroyed the Typhon in a hail of missiles. After that the Iron Hands were fighting a battle of attrition they could not win.

The Iron Hands make a push for the objectives, but too little, too late..

Night Lord Victory.


Thousand Suns vs Iron Warriors.

The Iron Warrior Havocs prepare to eradicate the enemy Volkites

The Thousand Suns made liberal use of Psychic mind bullets to destroy the Thallax and brutalise the Iron Warrior Veterans. The Iron Warriors also started strong, crippling both a Land Raider, the Volkite team and a Dreadnought. However, they could not capitalise on this and the Wounded remained functional for far too long. In the end brutal psychic attrition won the day.

'Iron without': The Contemptor ties up the Suns front line..

Thousand Suns Victory.


Thousand Suns vs Raven Guard.

For this match I decided to do a turn by turn summary. If you feel its worth the read let me know.

Turn 1:

Despite being geared toward a first turn strike the Raven Guard failed to grasp priority and first turn went to the Thousand Suns (No doubt due to some witchery) First turn saw the Culverins eradicate a tactical squad, and Psykers befuddle the veterans in the centre of the board, crippling their offensive power and forcing them to go to ground.

The Ravens attempted to strike hard, with the Mor Deythan wiping out the bulk of a Sekhmet Terminator unit, however, the Plasma squad suffered a mishap and went into ongoing reserves. The Spartan tank trundled forward and managed to destroy one of the Sons Land Raiders, forcing the Sekhmet Terminators to proceed on foot.

Turn 2:

The combined Terminators and Dreadnoughts in the centre of the battlefield poured fire into the Veterans and the Mor Deythan, the Mor Dethan were eradicated, and the Veterans fled further into the building. The second Land Raider disgorged its contents onto the only objective now held by the Raven Guard and opened fire on the Rhino, destroying it. The Terminators attempted to destroy the Spartan with Psychic Fire, but the resulting backlash melted one of their own and forced the unit to their knees, buying the Ravens Valuable time. On the opposite side of the battlefield the Sekhmets climbed from the wreckage of their Land Raider, augmenting their combat prowess with Biomancy, they charged forward and took vengeance on the Spartan.  

Psychic witchery brings low the mighty Spartan

The Ravens reinforcements arrived, the Fire Raptor launched missiles into the first Dreadnought, yet its shields held and it only lost a single hull point. The remaining fire poured into the Terminators to little effect. The Plasma team Pod finally arrived, and they swiftly eradicated the Volktie Culverins holding the Thousand Suns rear lines. The Raven Guard and Salamander Terminators, along with the Praetor, successfully charged and eradicated the Sekhments that had destroyed the Spartan, then fell back into cover. In the centre, the Veterans charged and destroyed the remaining Land Raider with Melta Bombs, suffering casualties in the explosion. Finally the second Tactical Unit managed to seize the initiative and charge the pinned Terminator Squad, Losing the combat but reducing the Terminators down to a single Marine.

Turn 3:

The Dreadnought and Praetor charged the plasma unit, killing several and forcing them to fall back. On the furthest flank, the Mortis Dreadnought opened fire on the remaining Terminators, killing several more and reducing the unit to three Marines. In the Centre, the remaining Sekhmet from the Praetors bodyguard used Psychic fire to explode the apothecary from within, and soul burning the remaining Veterans. The remaining Sekhmet unit prepared to unleash Psychic doom on the Veterans but instead opened a warp rift, killing all but one. The remaining Lightning Claw Terminator failed to kill any of the Ravens, but remained alive, denying the Raven Guard their objective.

The Fire Raptor killed the remaining bodyguard, and opened fire on the Mortis, knocking it down to a single hull point. The plasma marines and the veterans rallied and the Plasma Squad managed to take another hull point from the Contemptor. The remaining Terminators charged the Mortis Dreadnought, losing two of three to the overwatch fire, and failing to destroy the dreadnought with the power fist. The remaining Lightning Claw Terminator again managed to kill a single Raven, but the fight was still locked.

Turn 4:

The Contemptor chased the Plasma Unit and attempted a charge, failing. The plasma unit, despite scoring multiple hits via overwatch, could not penetrate the Dreadnoughts shielding. The Praetor moved back toward the centre, to pour fire into the veterans but failed to achieve anything. The single remaining Sekhmet Terminator used mind bullets to kill the Raven Guard Praetor pushing the Thousand Suns into a solid victory point lead. The Mortis managed to stomp the remaining terminator to death, but the Raven Tactical squad finally brought down the last of the Lightning Claw Terminators.

The Praetor is no match for mind bullets..

The Plasma team surged forward and destroyed the Praetor in sustained volley, and the Tactical Squad finally reclaimed their objective, swinging the points back in the favour of the Raven Guard. The Fire Raptor tried and failed to remove the final hull point from the Mortis Dreadnought.

By turn four only the crippled dreadnought remained for the Thousand Suns and they conceded defeat.


Raven Guard Victory.


Impetus was left undefended by the Traitors this month, having all their strength concentrated on Tigrus. This resulted in the resident Iron Hands securing another foothold and another territory.

Posted: 29/08/18 at 21:48 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
Month 17 (Why is the ground shaking...?)

There was once order amongst the chaos, there was once light within the darkness, there was once Terran-born amongst the 6th Company. His name was Daranas. He, like many of his naive brothers, could not see the tide of murderous change before it was crashing down upon him. He was the last of them but fate had a cruel destiny for Daranas the Damned.
"Tell me 'Brother' do you fear us?"
"I do not fear death, traitors!"
"...But do you fear ever-living life?"
"... What... Wait... No... No! Not that! NOOOOOOOO!"

And so ended, the order, the light, the Terran-born. So began the reign of the Bloody Brotherhood!

"I am damned with ever-living shame. Your skulls bring me closer to death. I serve the Bloody Brotherhood"

O and this guy is joining us too. He usually stays on the ship. Sevatar has new plans for him, however...


Posted: 18/08/18 at 22:18 by: Vodrey (Night Lords)
Month 16 (We need more bodies!)

It is time we started to take advantage of our outnumbering rule. Here is the solution... 20 of Sevatar's chosen "Skull Renders". Accompanied by the blood-crazed apothecary "Devourer". These madmen and murderers have little to no restraint when let loose upon the battlefield. As such, Sevatar's ward who assists in controlling his repressed psychic abilities takes command of the squad. The only thing capable of commanding such unbridled insanity is the madness of the warp itself...   

Fun fact: The Devourer's insanity is attributed to the constant ancient Terran song 'Madworld' echoing through his head. Especially once the killing starts....  

Posted: 18/08/18 at 21:58 by: Vodrey (Night Lords)
Month 15 (Sevatar and the Atramentar)

Flee foolish loyalist scum! Curze does not wish to sully his hands with weak pathetic foes such as yourselves! Therefore, the first captain will join the fray alongside his trusted Atramentar. Your deaths are all but assured. Mwhahahaha

Posted: 18/08/18 at 21:45 by: Vodrey (Night Lords)
Month Seventeen

Sthenno and Euryale

Months Choice

This month I'm introducing two vindicators to the army. The chance to take these beautiful tanks one day as our traitor Iron Warriors player decided to let them go, to which I am more than grateful and happy for. These are going to be key destroying other Spartans and the like. I have named them Sthenno and Euryale after Medusa's Gorgon sisters in Greek Myth who were equally as terrifying.

This month I am also introducing an apothecary to the Iron Hands.

Next Month

The Venator or the predator may come about next month but we shall see.

Posted: 18/08/18 at 21:24 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Month Seventeen

Boggy Lives!

This month opportunity struck and changed my whole priority. I managed to get hold of some Tartaros terminators and a Spartan and a plot was hatched! Months choice: Tartaros Terminators Squad, Primaris Medicae, Spartan Transport

Behold! Apothecary Anyanwu and the Sable Flame:

I have been adding the odd shattered legion marine into my squads for a while now, with the goal to eventually do a shattered legions force as an alternative to my Ravens. This also allows me to include the 'Non Raven Guard' themed troops in my army eventually (Termites beauuuuuutiful Termites). With that in mind the Spartan and the bulk of the Terminators are Salamanders, the idea being the group of them, along with the Primaris Medicae and a handful of Raven Guard were in the medical tents when betrayal struck on Isstvan and managed to make it off in a Thunderhawk Transporter. The models are still a little WIP so better pics will follow.


Next Month:

I have a couple of interesting projects pending, including some Catafatties and still the forsaken Tarantulas, so we'll see.

Posted: 18/08/18 at 12:25 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
Month Sixteen

Months Choice

This month saw me introduce yet another surprising choice in the form of a missile launcher squad. With money once again being tight there were not many options available. With help from our Raven Guard player I was able to assemble this heavy support squad. Another reason for the choice was anti air with more and more flyers turning up. This at least would help in this endeavour.

Next Months Choice

Next month a couple of options have become available to me. After picking an anti air option for this month tanks are on the cards next time to deal with yet more tanks. Venators and vindicators look to be the best option. Another predator is an option now the points are increasing to help against infantry. 

Posted: 13/08/18 at 17:01 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
The Tigrus Schism: Month Six

The Tigrus Schism: Month Six

The 2250 stage is coming to a close and the conflicts have become more balanced as the forces of the Warmaster rejoin the fray. Some of these games were really tooth and nail, swinging toward victory at key points and keeping bystanders guessing throughout. Next month sees the next stage step up to 2500 points!

Tigrus Schism Month Six:

Loyalists: 2   Traitors: 2

Balance is restored to the victories, yet Tigrus remains in Loyalist hands..


Sons of Horus vs Loyalist Iron Warriors


The Iron Warriors have held the line against great odds, and stoically defended the Laeran system. This battle saw them once again pitched against the Sons of Horus. Despite savaging the 16th’s Spartan in turn one, and shredding the enemy Praetor and his Justerin bodyguard in a vicious counter assault the Iron Warriors suffered a valiant defeat. The Sons of Horus made expert use of assault marines, surging forward and shattering the Iron Warrior lines, a blow they never recovered from.

The Spartan is shattered by a swift melta bomb attack

The last remaining Tyrant Terminator is hunted by Vengeful traitors.

Sons of Horus Victory.



Night Lords vs Mechanicum.


The Mechanicum made significant and dubious use of Auxilia allies and a knight household in an overt attempt to crush all opposition wholly. Despite this, the Night Lords managed to fell the Questoris, dragging it down with repeated grenades and chainfists. The Auxillia were made short work of, and they managed to avoid the more deadly Mechanicum troops. Despite this, the Alliance’s heavy armour carried the day, and the Night Lords were driven back.


Mechanicum Victory


Raven Guard vs Night Lords


The Night Lords started strong, seizing the initiative and pouring Volkite fire into a Tactical squad, reducing it to three Marines who promptly fled their cover, despite going to ground. Alvarex Maun and his Seeker squad were overwhelmed and destroyed by the Raptors, taking a HQ and a FA and first blood. The counter was equally destructive, seeing the Mor Deythan and Corax take vengeance and eradicate the Chaplain and his Raptors, with the Apothecary fleeing for his life. Turn two saw the Night Lords Lightning sweep in and unleash its payload into the unsuspecting Primarch. When the smoke cleared Corax had taken a wound and locked his sights on the flyer, tearing it from the sky. From that point on, things swing in the favour of the Raven Guard, leading to victory.

Maun and his Seekers are surrounded and destroyed....

...yet vengeance is swift and brutal

Raven Guard Victory.



Alpha Legion vs Ultramarines.


This game saw the Alpha Legion make excellent use of infiltrate and outflank to completely surround and encircle the Ultramarines. Despite a valiant late game breakout attempt it was too little too late and the Ultramarines were overwhelmed.

The Volkites continue to devastate all enemies of the Alpha Legion

The Land Raider makes a break for the enemy deployment, but is intercepted..

Alpha Legion Victory.

Posted: 09/08/18 at 09:27 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
On-going Expansion Plans

++ Start Transmission ++ Just a quick post with an update on where I am looking to develop my Legion. My current aspirations revolve around general expansion and diversification. As it stands my force is pretty rigid (not a good look for the Ultramarines) and limited by available units. I'm looking to add in the not too distant future a support squad of plasma guns, a reconnaissance squad and some more dreadnaught and armour options. Also I'll be adding my primarch with an elite bodyguard unit and a Master of Signals very soon. I am also toying with other consul options. ++ End Transmission ++

Posted: 27/07/18 at 18:58 by: Miller (Ultramarines XVII)
Month Fifteen & Sixteen

Update as follows:

5 Man Flamer Squad

10 Man Vet Squad

Posted: 22/07/18 at 08:44 by: Jon (Alpha Legion)
Month Sixteen

The Shadowmasters.

I've been wanting to add Mor Deythan since we started but hadn't found an appropriate time/slot. I was pretty disappointed when I realised they cannot take Pods in the Decapitation Strike rite of war and have had to breach my 'No Tanks' rule as a consequence. Mor Deythan are the coolest of the Raven Guard, if there is a Raven Guard character in the novels fucking up shit or shooting Primarchs through the skull then you can bet its one of these guys. I enjoyed doing the cloaks again, following the template I established with Maun (Although now with the faq he can't take a camo cloak!) The official colour scheme for them for me has far too much white and silver for a stealth specialist team, so I have gone as always for a subtler palette, going for an inverse scheme on the shoulder pads that turned out quite nicely.

Taking Rhinos was not my original idea, so to fit with the theme I imagined they may have been set up for days, covered in camo netting, awaiting victims in carefully laid ambushes. To that end I did camo netting over the hull and muted the chapter colours on the doors. I think it turned out alright too. I went for a thick mud mix on the dozer blades and tracks. This is a unit that could be out in the field for weeks and I wanted to reflect that in the weathering on the vehicle.

I'm at a bit of a loss for next month. I have a few ideas, some Tarantulas lined up, as well as wanting to start putting together Militia for a Liberation Force army list. However opening up the 'Tanky Door' may allow for other options...


Posted: 21/07/18 at 13:54 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
From darkness allies emerge

Its no secret I am most commonly a Solar Auxilia player. I have a huge soft spot for the toughness three lads fighting the many horros the galaxy can throw at them.  As previous demonstrated a calth box and one or two extra units is no match for an armoured division of aux. However now there is no restrictions on budget, what is added to a force I feel it is appropriate to take an anything goes. I think this is justified by being over the 2k point threshold. At 2k you should be able counter most threats. Having looked at other players who have the likes of land raiders and their own knights and primarchs and such I feel armour 13 vechiles is not unbalanced.

To test the waters I am introducing a small aux contingent to the mech force.

Tank commander in malcador infernus

20 lasrifles

10 veletaris

2 dracosan teansports

And a lightning strike fighter

My mech will also be adding a knight castigator.

Fluff time - my auxila are based on the 1522nd cohort 'the lord marshals own' from the agathon dominion. There main contribution in the heresy was having ssuch man man power and resources the outfitted two knight houses (orthacc and vyronii) with supplies and then took on 4 traitor legions (all lead by their primarchs) and the dark mech and battered them. Although the alpha legion did more damage to the iron warriors than the loyalists ever did. 


Posted: 21/07/18 at 11:26 by: Tom B (Dark Mechanicum)
The Tigrus Schism: Month Five

The Tigrus Schism: Month Five

The 2250 stage is in full swing and the Tigrus Sector edges closer to being locked by the Loyalists. However the Loyalists are suffering in the other Sectors as a Consequence with Traitors making gains in the Impetus Sector, seizing a territory on a Loyalist planet!

Tigrus Schism Month Five:

Loyalists: 2   Traitors: 4

The forces of the Warmaster managed to swing the victory tally back in their favour, punishing the Loyalists for their previous victories


Once again, Laeran was left exposed by the traitors, allowing the Loyalists to seize additional ground.


Game 1: Iron Warriors vs Iron Warriors

The Loyalists again found themselves outresourced by their Traitor counterparts. The heavy armour and transports allowed the traitors to eliminate the more significant threats early on. Despite some success at dealing with the armour, the narrow streets allowed for concentration of Traitor firepower to win the day.

Narik Dreygur prepares his charges, little realising the impending threat...

The Traitors prepare to assault the Loyalist Bastion  

Traitor Victory.


Balance was found on Tigrus, with both the Traitors and Loyalists clawing territories on fresh planets.

Game 1: Raven Guard vs Iron Warriors

The Iron Warriors hard deployed against the Raven Guard, refusing the flank and using their armour to refuse the flank. A lucky strike by the Ravens started the combat by eradicating the 4th Legion anti-aircraft capabilities. Though the Plasma Squad was swiftly eradicated, the damage was already done. Lucky strikes by the Veterans saw the Spartan and two Rhinos taken out simultaneously, and by Turn three, Corax was mopping up survivors. Rather than bleed to the last the Iron Warriors conceded the victory to the 19th.

After destroying the Arcus, the Iron Warriors prepare to exact their vengeance.

The Ravenlord dispatches his foes with cold fury

Raven Guard Victory.

Game 2: Dark Angels vs Night Lords

The Dark Angels managed to win the roll off and established themselves into positions to decimate the Night Lords...then the Night Lords seized. Losing a turn of firepower was a great blow to the 1st Legion, and the Night Lord flier refusing to show up for several turns actually benefited the Night Lords as they got to whittle down the enemy anti air options.

The Night Lords seize the initiative and surge forward towards the Dark Angels

With the Dreadnaught crippled, the Lightning is free to choose its prey...

Night Lord Victory.



The fury of the 10th was unleashed when their hatred got the better of them and they focussed on butchering the foe to the exclusion of all else.

Game 1: Iron Hands vs Word Bearers

This was a grudge match, with both forces seeking to capitalise on their mistakes from the previous game. The Word Bearers proved more durable, and managed to maneuver themselves into the heart of the Iron Hand forces. Despite heavy casualties swinging in favour of the Iron Hands, the Word Bearers managed to deny the objectives, pulling off a draw.

A clash of armour in the centre of the battlefield

The Melta team using the cover to their advantage. 


Game 2: Ultramarines vs Word Bearers

The Ultramarines pushed hard against the Traitor Primarch, with the Praetor amazingly holding his own against the Emperor’s tainted son for a short time at least. The Ancient Dreadnought managed to tie up the Primarch for the remainder of the game, but by this point the damage was already done. Despite a valiant effort, the Ultramarines were defeated.

The Word Bearer Dreadnought makes short work of the Veterans..

The Praetor manages to buy his brothers some time...


Word Bearers Victory.

Posted: 20/07/18 at 23:30 by: Joe (Raven Guard)


Posted: 10/07/18 at 23:18 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
The Tigrus Schism: Month Four

The Tigrus Schism: Month Four

Firstly, cursed real life responsibilities have seen my early summer flitter away, which is why we have the May Campaign update in July. Apologies. Month Four saw quite the mix up. Firstly we had our first shift in points to 2250. We therefore had Primarchs descending onto the battlefields to wreak havoc for the first time, with both the Word Bearers and the Raven Guard fielding their liege lords. The Iron Warriors traitor forces arrived in sector to face their erstwhile brethren, making quick gains and pushing the loyalists back.

Tigrus Schism Month Four:

Loyalists: 4   Traitors: 3

The forces of the Warmaster stole two victories for the Traitors, and the rest of team traitor followed suit, with only the Iron Hands managing to secure a draw.


The forces of the Warmaster left Laeran undefended this month, allowing the Loyalist Iron Warriors to make small gains despite previous attrition.

Game 1: Iron Warriors vs Iron Warriors

This game saw the Traitors seize the initiative and punish the loyalists heavily. The Traitors fielded exclusively heavy armour and the Loyalists were unprepared for such armoured might. The Loyalist Veterans managed to wreak some havoc but once the Castellax fell there could be only one outcome.

The Spartan levels its weapons at the only thing that can threaten it...

The Loyalist Dreadnought attempts to slow the Terminators...

The Veterans manage to mow down some of their enemy before succumbing 


Traitor Victory.


Game 1: Raven Guard vs Thousand Sons

The Thousand Sons ventured into their first foray on Tigrus. After seizing the initiative Corax managed to take advantage of their scout moves to make a turn one charge. Good fortune saw the Raven Guard Primarch leap from prey to prey, and despite heavy fire, the Sons couldn’t recover.

The Thousand Sons are pinned by psychic backlash, buying th Ravens some time

But not nearly time enough...

Corax attempts to finish the final Terminator squad.


Raven Guard Victory.


Game 2: Iron Hands vs Iron Warriors

The Iron Hands came to the aid of the beleaguered Raven Guard on Tigrus. Despite the formidable firepower of the Typhon, they were pushed back by the Iron Warriors again seizing the initiative. With a full armoured charge the Warriors were able to crush their foes in short order.

The outflanking Iron Hands abandon the wreckage of their Rhino...

....against the odds survive but it is not enough.


Iron Warriors Victory.


Game 3: Raven Guard vs Night Lords

The Night Lords made the same mistake as the Thousand Sons, underestimating a Primarch. First turn saw ineffective fire from the Raven Guard plasma team, that were quickly eradicated. Corax managed to sweep through two units before getting trapped by a Terminator Command squad and Praetor. The Night Lords did come close to felling the Primarch, however he managed to fly from the combat, leaving them exposed to punishing gunfire.  

Night Lords surround and butcher the plasma team

Yet the trap is sprung

Done with the Praetor, Corax jets away allowing his forces the opportunity to gun down the leader of the Night Lords

Raven Guard Victory.


Game 1: Iron Hands vs Word Bearers

After losing the entirety of the Gal Vorbak to a thunderous shell, the Armoured might of the Iron Hands managed to crush a traitor Primarch, leaving him for dead during a nail biting thunderblitz. The outcome would have resulted in the destruction of either opponent, but fortune favoured the Iron Hands. After that loss it was just a matter of mopping up final resistance.

Lorgar stares down the oncoming Typhon

Outflanking Iron Hands attempt to finish the Terminators

The Diabolist spits defiance to the bitter end


Iron Hands Victory.

Game 1: Ultramarines vs Word Bearers

The Ultramarines were hard pushed to cripple the Spatran before it delivered its payload. In an unstoppable orgy of destruction, the Word Bearers Primarch more than made up for past defeat, slaughtering his way through the Ultramarine Terminators.

The Ultramarines attempt to encircle their most hated foe

Done with the first wave, Lorgar moves on to the second..


Word Bearers Victory.

Posted: 10/07/18 at 22:28 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
Months 1 - 15??

So as my first post as the 2nd Ultramarine element to the Loyalist cause I've decided to upload my entire force baring a few stragglers that aren't in a squad yet and an old Techmarine I'm not even sure I'll use. These forces are in various states of completion paint wise but they're all blue! (Apologies for the blurry pics)



Posted: 09/07/18 at 22:36 by: Miller (Ultramarines XVII)
Month Fifteen

Month's Choice

This month has taken me by surprise for I did not intend this to happen for a very long time however due to cost and availability has meant I will be introducing my cataphractii terminators. I bought them originally on the cheap a while ago never intending to use them as I love my Gorgons and true to fluff the Morlocks were eradicated on Isstvan as they would have to be from Clan Avernii if I was going to field them. However needs must and they have now become this months choice. 

Nevertheless despite them being this months choice I was loath to use them as walking cataphractii's are sad cataphractiis and I couldn't bring my self to see that depressing sight. As chance may have it during one trip wandering the wastelands that is this country I ended up at the motherland that is Warhammer World and in accordance with our campaign rules I (shammingly) bought a 40k Land Raider. it was a means to an end giving these five terminators a dedicated transport, enabled them to actually be a deadly weapon instead of target practise. I detest this Land Raider for the simple reason it is not 30k, I even went so far as to try and place the lascannons vertically instead of horizontally on the sponsons but that just made it look like a morbidly obese X-Wing. 

You will also see there are six terminators instead of the five. that is because I have being chopping an changing these guys for a while now which left me one right arm missing and by not having the rules to hand and after speaking to an inebriated Raven Guard player I thought it was acceptable to have both a Plasma Blaster and a Heavy Flamer in a five man squad - thus continuing to show my inexperience. Reading the rules I realised my mistake and therefore had to use the terminator character from the Calth box to fix this which I was saving for a future project. Wouldn't want any traitors declaring I couldn't use the squad because of the HF as its not modelled as a combi bolter... 

The replacement is still a work in progress like the rest of the unit, especially including the LR.I really didn't want the bog standard look front his character therefore I cut the head off (which is on the HF guy), cut the leg off and replaced it with a mechanical leg, used a tactical power fist as the model already had the chain on it already  and gave him a new head all pointing forward. With needing the left arm and bolter I didn't want to cut this therefore went with a "Do your worst" pose. I am happy with this but he still needs to be finished.


Next Month

Who knows next month, I am quite open to what to choice at this point. I have said for the past few months what I would like but that always seems to change so leave it with me.

Posted: 17/06/18 at 01:18 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Month 14 (You look familer...)

Yes! That's right! The foolish Raven Guard are not the only ones capable of using flyers! This is of course the Xiphon model. But much like my loyalist scum brother I will be using it as a Lightening Fighter as clearly it is the superior unit! 

Armoured to destroy any heavy armour that threatens me or just looks in my general direction.

Lastly I'll be adding a "Character" model as part of my month 14. An apothecary. 

...with a jump pack... hmmmm I wonder where he is going.... mwhahahaha

Posted: 16/06/18 at 12:00 by: Vodrey (Night Lords)
Terror has a new toy!

 Behold! You all whined and sneered at my want for volkite charges. NO MORE! Your first mistake was forcing the hand of an adapt converter! Your last will be when you decide to take them on...

Let me make this clear. My Terror marines now possess volkite chargers. These weapons in the hands of normal marines are good at best. But in the hands of my Terror Marines... *Shudders* 

So I don't want any crying or whining when they are removing units from the board. They are here to stay. Your armies however... yeeeeah I'd book them a loooong vacation.

Posted: 02/06/18 at 02:33 by: Vodrey (Night Lords)
Clash of the Titans

The day drew on, bones ached, gears grind. The Iron Bastard drew closer to the location of the Word Bearers...

Lascannons ripped through the air, relentlessly crippling the burning red Spartan of the Word Bearers. The Iron Bastard had tracked the first heretics down and now he was going to make them pay. The enemy Spartan was crippled but still marched forward towards him, with Lorgar himself inside. Tyr had to give it to the primarch as it continued to roll forward. The Bastard was going to enjoy this. Ordering the tactical support squad to unleash their graviton guns on the vehicle. In a pulsating explosion Lorgar and his daemon Gal Vorbak marched out of the wreckage.














A grin formed over Tyr's face. Medusa's Curse made short work of the creatures that crawled next to the primarch. The Iron Bastards Spartan also unloaded it's Lascannons into the frey. Still Lorgar continued to marched forward but now alone. Lorgar slightly went up in Tyr's estimations showing some courage for once in his miserable life. Ferrus had always said out of all his brothers he was the weakest. Yet now he showed his strength as he smashed the Typhon with his croziors significantly damaging her.


The Iron Bastard still laughed for he knew what was coming. Medusa's Curse roared her engines. Still Lorgar stood his ground but for the last time. She raged forward crushing the weak primarch under her tracks. Bones crunched, hearts bled, the damaged done was ten times what any normal Astarte could withstand and looking at the wrecked body as the Typhon left Lorgar behind made all the primarch's chosen wither.

How fitting thought the Iron Bastard, what a perfect example to prove the flesh is indeed weak than to flatten a primarch.

Outflanking and angered by their loss, the veteran Word Bearers charged forward at Medusa's Curse hoping for some small retribution but like father like son they would also meet their doom at the Typhons destruction. Seeing the Veterans moving forward she reversed back, turning left, so that they would be staring down the barrel of the dread hammer. One press of a button and all 10 of the Word Bearers stood no more. Their bodies disintigarated by the destruction of the weapon. 

Believing Lorgar to be dead the remaining Word Bearers crumbled in horror under the power of the Iron Hands. All but one remained to drag Lorgars body back to safety. He continued to breath but only just.

Posted: 20/05/18 at 23:17 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Heavy Reinforcements

Seeing how deadly missile salvos were vs the Word Bearers, I decided to invest in some Fulmentarus Terminators and a squad of ten Heavy support with under-slung missile launchers. Bringing power and flexibilty to a very ranged orientated force.

Posted: 19/05/18 at 05:16 by: Matt (Ultramarines XXXII)
The Tigrus Schism: Month Three

The Tigrus Schism: Month Three

Month Three saw a huge swing in favour of the Traitors. With losses across all sectors the Traitors have secured their first planet and sector bonus on Laeran. Fortunately for the loyalists the Zone Mortalis games were escape runs and di not contribute campaign points and two of the games were Championed by other traitor forces, sacrificing the victory for a switch in players. Due to technical difficulties the campaign map updates were completed on a lower budget.

Tigrus Schism Month Three:

Loyalists: 1   Traitors: 5

The forces of the Warmaster stole two victories for the Traitors, and the rest of team traitor followed suit, with only the Iron Hands managing to secure a draw.


Game 1: Iron Warriors vs Sons of Horus

This game saw the Sons of Horus hit with three precision Orbital Bombardments, eradicating the Iron havocs and pushing the iron Warriors onto the back foot which they never recovered from.

Relentless advance from the Warmaster's chosen.

The Praetor and his bodyguard stand true to their oaths.

Dreygur butchers his way through the vanguard of the force, but it is not enough.


Sons of Horus Victory.



Game 1: Mechanicum vs Night Lords

The Mechanicum went in bold and chose to forgo their Sector bonus. Ultimately the mobility of the Night Lords won out and the Mechanicum suffered a crushing defeat.

Is superior firepower a match for guile?

Night Lords are slaughtered by Mechanicum technology

Yet it is not enough, Guile and cowardice seize the day. 


Night Lords Victory.


Game 2: Traitor Mechanicum vs Raven Guard

The Traitor Mechanicum seized the initiatve, robbing the Ravens of their alpha strike. However their turn one almost turned the tide with a plasma unit hammering the Thanatar, but it was not enough, as the battle went on, the still standing and fully operational Thanatar made a mockery of the Raves, eradicating unit after unit. Despite having air superiority and impressive firepower, the Raven Guard were out of troops and out of time. A hard fought win for the Traitor Mechanicum.

The plasma team pod in to eradicate the biggest threat the Thanatar

Yet it does not fall

Air support does its job, but there are precious few Marines left to support.


Traitor Mechanicum Victory.



Game 1: Sons of Horus vs Ultramarines

The Warmaster went up against the Ultramarines. A relatively new commnader was outmanouvered by the Sons of Horus, and despite hitting back, could not swing a victory. This was a champion game, and the Sons sacrificed the campaign point to claim the honour of victory.

The big guns of the Ultramarines stand ready to meet the Sons of Horus

Yet they are no defence against remoresless use of anti tank bombs

Sons of Horus Victory. [Champion]


Game 2: Night Lord vs Iron Hands

The Iron Hands were hit hard by the realisation that the Typhon is not a tank. and having it then miss the first few critical shots of the battle. It managed to destroy the Spartan before being cut open by traitor chainswords, and the Iron Hands were almost eradicated. Some last minute reserves managed to swing the defeat into a hard fought draw. Again, there are no Night Lords on Impetus, the campaign point sacrificed for the victory.

Shattered Legions ready to oppose the traitors no matter the cost

The Typhon levels its cannon and sets the drives to ramming speed

Yet it too, is brought low by chain and fist.

Drawn Combat.

Posted: 19/05/18 at 00:25 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
Month 13 (Death from above)

So for this month I went for MORE RAPTORS! I will be aiming to use the Horror Cult rite of war in the future which allows me to use Raptors as troops which is awesome. In addition I will finally introduce my next character... The Viper! (My Chaplin) with his unique jump pack (Hellion board) he will of course be joining the raptors on most outings.

Posted: 18/05/18 at 23:00 by: Vodrey (Night Lords)
Month 12 (Veterans of the long war)

For my Month 12 I have decided to bring along a much needed unit from the early stages of the campaign, Veterans. They will form an important part of my future lists in that they will adapt to different situations based on what I'm against. Plus will the option of both Melta and Plasma (from previous months) They will be a very versatile unit. 

Posted: 18/05/18 at 22:54 by: Vodrey (Night Lords)
Month 11 (Melt them!)

Following on from last months additions I will be adding a 5 man Melta team for my Month 11. In the same merit as last months I will not be using them as a stand alone unit. Only as add-ons to other units in the future.

Posted: 18/05/18 at 22:46 by: Vodrey (Night Lords)
Month 10 (Plasma time!)

Yeah so plasma is cool now apparently. So my Month 10 will be a 5 man plasma team. However, I don't believe in these 10 man plasma only units. They are pointy and a loser mans choice that can't tactically think of cool ways to kill clutch units. Boring! So my 5 man unit will mostly be used in other units as add-ons. Example: for my future Veteran units etc.




Posted: 18/05/18 at 22:43 by: Vodrey (Night Lords)
Month 13 & 14

So, I kind of missed a month somewhere, so here it is, the moment you've all bee..... whatever.

Here's the next two units:

5 Man Heavy Bolter Squad.

And a Contemptor Dreadnaught with Multi Meltas

Posted: 18/05/18 at 21:44 by: Jon (Alpha Legion)
Month Fifteen

'The Oathkeeper'

I have been wanting to expand my tactical combat squad for some time now and have just had more pressing things to add. This month finally sees a third tactical squad join my forces, which is more than likely going to go to battle as an addition to my first. I love the idea of a twenty man blob of troops. Added a Drop pod too, because: Decapitation Strike.

It also gave me more opportunities to play about with models. I have added a couple of Iron Hands as a nod to the Post-Isstvan forces *and* a bridge to my future shattered legion plans.

I also love the idea of Kasati Nuon and the little short story he features in. I like the oxymoron of a loyalist Night Lord, and also love his attempts to discuss terror tactics with the Ravens. I've added the moniker 'Oathkeeper' to him based on his conversations. He was an absolute pleasure to convert and paint. He wears the nine skulls of his former squadmates on his shoulder, I like to think he got away form the traitors but gunning his own squad down from behind.

Next Month:

I still have the Tarantula battery to add, and there is always the prospect of Mor Deythan, its about time I add some of the Raven Guard specialist units...

Posted: 18/05/18 at 21:26 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
The Tigrus Schism: Month Two

Month Two saw our first Zone Mortalis games as the forces of the Warmaster redeployed across the Sector. There was hard fighting on all fronts, With solid Loyalist domination of Impetus, and little to no gains across Tigrus and Laeran. Another planet was locked for the Loyalist forces, and the Ultramarines and Word Bearers arrived in the sector. A good month of gaming all round and several interesting and close fought games.

Tigrus Schism Month Two:

Loyalists: 5   Traitors: 4

The Mechanicum also arrived in force for the Loyalists here and the Traitor Mechanicum forces moved Sector to face them. Meanwhile the Alpha Legion slid effectievly into the gap on Impetus.


Game 1: Iron Warriors vs World Eaters

This game started off brutally with everything to play for, but went to time ending in a bitter draw, and the potential for a future Grudge Match...

Kharn and the Butchers live up to their name...

Drawn Combat.



Game 1: Alpha Legion vs Raven Guard. [Zone Mortalis]

The Alpha Legion headed for the Impetus Sector, and despite heavy casualties, managed to achieve their objectives and successfully flee the Sector, leaving the Raven Guard licking their wounds. Canny play from the Alpha Legion and dedicated focus on the objectives won the day.

Raven Guard deployed and ready to repel boarders around the ship's drives

The Alpha Legion thing nothing of incinerating the ship's crew, valiant in the face of superhuman terrors.

The Dreadnought duel is swift and brutal, with each machine reducing the other to a wrecked hulk.

Alpha Legion Victory.


Game 2: Dark Angels vs Night Lords

The Dark Angels and Night Lords being bitter enemies this game was long and protracted, when the dust settled the Night Lords had seized victory, pushing back against the Loyalist hold on Tigrus. Highlight being the virtually unkillable Night Lord Land Raider.

The Dark Angel line prepares to open fire.

The tenacious Land Raider loses the first of its weapons..

Night Lords prepare to meet their doom

Night Lords Victory.


Game 3: Mechanicum vs Mechanicum

The Traitor Mechanicum could not allow Tigrus to be held by their Loyalist Brethren and moved form Impetus to intercept. However, they were wrong footed and suffered a crushing initial defeat....

At the request of Praetorian Dorn and Primarch Corax the Decosan League mobilised to rendezvous with the loyalists in the Tigurus system. Entrenched on the worlds of Tigurus III and IV the traitor mechanicum forces only known as the Forgefane made ready for the coming conflict. Unaware of the horrors they were to unleash senior commanders of Space Marine legions briefed Elder Archmagos Jalius on the enemy.

Suspecting the forces of a space marine legion the sounds of marching automata reassured the Archmagos of the Forgefane that reinforcements were arriving albeit not expected but a most welcome addition.

Only the horizon turned a hue of black and gold not red.

Almost as soon as contact was made Thallax bearing the gold and black crashed into outerguard of thralls. The Ferrox combat augment proving the art of flesh craft worthy of turning a blind eye to its squeamish ethical implications. The thralls were cut down indiscriminately, carapace armour no protection against the heavy chainblades and savage strength of the cyborg shock troops.

Meanwhile advancing darkfire castellax suported by a Krios Venator tracked the lone Vulturax. Protocols hardwired not to cease firing til its cortex signature was no more.

At range two Thanatars dueled, helix plasma mortar against Sollex heavy lascanon. Whilst the thralls of the league stalked the manufacturing facilities. Lobotomised and reanimated from the mortal dead of the League's enemies the horrific blend of specimens the flesh craft could produce was a sight to behold.

And finally Elder Archmagos Jalius Gatix and his decosa pattern castellax bodyguard entered the fray, rapidly advancing across the battlefield. Mercilessly gunning down the Forgefane Thallax only to then scale the command bunker with the ease the beasts of a forest could scale trees.

Having finished off the enemy thralls the Ferrox Thallax assesed the field for a new target. Allowed a level of independence to act on self assessment they spotted the lone archmagos. Jetpacks engaged the seven Thallax crashed into the Archmagos kicking him off his abyent, chainblades whrilling furiously the Thallax went into a frenzy hacking, punching, tearing, kicking at the archmagos reducing him to chunks of meat only to carry on until red pulp was left.

The battle clearly swinging in favour of the loyalist the surving magos Dominus barricaded the top level of the command building and surrounded himself with the surviving darkfire castellax. Hidden Vorax dispatched to hunt down the League's thralls only to be intercepted by darkfire castellax.

In desperation he closed his eye using his mind to reach out across the neuronetic web. The Dominus attempted to burn out the circuitry of the battle automata of the League only to be confronted by the consciousness of the Elder Archmagos. In a battle of wills the elder defeated the aspirant. The dominus bleeding heavily from what was left of his mortal brain from the failed attempt.

Using this oppurtunity Jalius reached out across the battle group and unleashed the forbidden protocol 'The Rite of the Beast'. Instantly his bodyguard Castellax usually somewhat graceful given their size flew into a state of rage. Smashing down the barricade and bullzdozing into the darkfires knocking them to the floor and bludgeoning them with their two fists over and over again whilst a second would tear into the hard reinforced glass used to protect its brain processors.

Jalius crept slowly across the walkway his servo tendrils priming. The voidian sceptre crackling in blinding blue light. The Dominus having come round from its brain damage temporarily raised its power axe in salute, the duel was short lived falling to a single sweep from the voidian sceptre just had so many before like wheat before the scythe.

His victory complete Jalius looked down below at the carnage his force has wrecked. Ferrox Thallax cold bloodedily euthanising the wounded and fleeing.

'Adequate' he thought to himself turning away from the balcony.

Loyalist Mechanicum Victory.


Game 4: Raven Guard vs Night Lords

The Night Lords, fresh from their earlier victory, came out guns blazing, and made huge gains in the early stages of the fight. However, a dogged grasp of the objectives and the arrival of reinforcements saw the Raven Guard seize victory from the grasp of defeat.

An overconfident Maun is unable to stand against the fury of the Raptors

Reinforcements including Kasati Nuon 'The Oathkeeper' prepare to take the fight to his former brothers

A trap is sprung, the final reinforcements eradicate the terminators, securing victory.

Raven Guard Victory.



Game 1: Mechanicum vs Ultramarines. [Zone Mortalis]

The Ultramarines, freshly arrived to the Sector, were in the way of the departing Mechanicum fleet. Bitter corridor to corridor action saw the Mechanicum push rapidly through the defenders and easily make their escape. 

The former hero prepares to sell his life once again in defence of the ship.

The Melta team arrive to punch a hole in the traitor machines

The final obstacle is about to be overrun

Mechanicum Victory.


Game 2: Alpha Legion vs Iron Hands

The Iron Hands were graced with the presence of Alpharius himself, and a huge amount of supporting firepower. Despite suffering near total losses, they proved that the flesh in this instance was weak. A close fought match with the Iron Hands coming out bloody but victorious. 

After the perils of the warp ravaged Impetus the IH marched forwards with new reinforcements aiming to seek and destroy the Mechanicum who so savagely destroyed them before. The IH eventually settled in a small abandoned town where the destruction of previous war zones have clearly left it's mark. However upon arrival aiming to attain resources to continue this brutal campaign death was waiting for the Iron Hands. From out the sky poured down a drop pod releasing a dreadnaught. Behind the IH troops came terminators. Ahead rolled a whirlwind and high above on a roof lay the humming of 10 vulkite culverans. It was a trap. A trap sent by the Alpha Legion. Destruction followed with the Alpha Legion gunning down Iron Hands where they stood. Reinforcements were called in with the predator nearly whipping out a unit, problems still lay with 'coordinates' sent to the melta squad in a rhino to blow the whirlwind up. Yet when it arrived at the battle the whirlwind was far in the distance but appeared to have halted. Above the squad the IH saw Alpha Legion standing on the roof of the building firing their weapons at the Gorgons below. Using this opportunity the melta saw an objective point under the stairs of the building where they held out including a late barrarge from the whirlwind.

Upon the field the Iron Hands followed their orders to secure the objectives. Autek Mor held the objective but bravely marched through the firepower of the Alpha to secure another objective. On doing so leaving the Gorgons to hold another objective only to come face to face with Alpharius himself. They held their own for as long as possible even destroying the squad accompanying the primarch but they were no match for him and ultimately lost. However in doing so gained overall victory by following orders and securing the objectives.

Iron Hand Victory.


Game 3: Ultramarines vs Word Bearers

With garbled news from Calth, the Ultramarines forces came together to destroy their common enemy. The Word Bearer forces, though powerful, could not contest the overwhelming firepower brought to bear. With the theoretical being vengeance, and the practical being an excessive amount of missiles. 

Despite sabotage and misdirection from the traitor Primarch Alpharius two combat ready elements, both survivors of the horror of Calth, of the Ultramarine Chapter finally combined to make planet fall on Impetus. Hearing over the allied Vox of a recently defeated and demoralised Word Bearer force the Ultramarines knew that there would be more of their hated enemy nearby and send out scouting parties to try and locate these traitorous foes so that they could have bloody revenge.

It was not long before the scouts found a suitable force and informed the leading Praetor of their location. In a decimated part of a nearby city the battle brothers waited for their foe. With the Master of Signals taking position with a heavy support squad it was not long before the enemy was spotted. The battle started with the Word Bearers charging ferociously at their former brothers. Daemon possessed forms charged forwards hoping to engage in close combat whilst a melta team in a rhino tried to close up within range. Unbeknown to the Word Bearers the Ultramarine force consisted not only of a detachment of heavy weapons but also an elite unit of cyclone armed Fulmentarus Terminators and the Honoured Telemechrus. With additional fire support provided by an Arcus Support Tank rockets and heavy shells fell upon the charging force with devastating effects. The enemy dreadnaught was immobilised within the first salvo leaving it helpless out in the open to be targeted at will. Were it not for its advanced shielding it would’ve been destroyed within minutes. The rhino was also dispatched in swift fashion with its surviving melta team reduced to one man within moments.

The Word Bearers refused to break under this intense fire holding a distant objective and with a lone terminator squad firing Autocannon shells into the flank of the Ultramarines force causing casualties to the loyalist terminators. With battle fully engaged the Master of Signals unleased a deadly barrage from space. By the Emperor’s will the barrage was accurate to within a foot of the enemy. Half a squad of marines were instantly wiped out with more casualties avoided due to the durability of the enemy sergeant’s Artificer Armour deflecting the remaining shrapnel.

With the arrival of veteran reinforcements for the Ultramarines the battle turned from bad to worse for the traitor force. Objectives were held and enemies were, in true Ultramarine style, systematically picked off. A small melee was fought between the enemy commander with his retinue and a squad of veterans but this was the last desperate combat the Word Bearers before they were forced to withdraw.

Credit needs to be given to the lone survivor of the melta team who, in the dying moments of battle, charged forwards to hold his objective even in the face of almost certain death at the hands of a Praetor. With the Praetor unable to reach him the objective was secured and he managed to escape to fight another day.

Ultramarine Victory.

Posted: 18/05/18 at 20:50 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
Medusa's Nightmare

An ancient legend on Terra spoke of a woman who was cursed by the Gods turning her into a vengeful, monstrous creature, turning her into a gorgon. Some say it was a punishment for defiling Athena's temple whilst being raped by another god, some say it was actually a blessing by the goddess so that no man would be able to look upon her or hurt her again. Either way this woman was cursed to live the rest of her life on her own, surrounded by enemies waiting to decapitate the head of the gorgon and keep it as their prize

If the old stories are true and history is a wheel then one of its greatest jokes came at our own Gorgons loss by the blade of Laer.

As such it was poignant naming one of our tanks Medusa's Curse, hel have no fury when the Iron Hands march forward with vengeance nce that will be delivered to our enemies sevenfold. 

The Typhon heavy siege tank growled forward with a 10 man tactical squad marching at the side. They had just arrived on Impetus planning to regroup with their clan brothers. Rivalry had always been a key motivation amongst the IH but now more than ever did they have to work together, whether they liked it or not. Previous communication and data suggested that the Iron Bastard, Thanatos Tyr, was awaiting their arrival and was planning to remove the disease that was the Word Bearers from this planet.

"Any time now we should be insight." Est muttered to the those driving forward in the Typhon.

The scanners read that a sizeable force was indeed ahead of them, with communications down for the last thirty minutes, the troops began to suspect that not all was as it first appeared. 

"Has their been anything from the Iron Bastard yet?" Barked Est.

"Nothing..." replied Jsnow

Upon the horizon figures started to appear but they were not those of the Iron Hands.

"Midnight fucking Clad, its the bastard Night Lords" yelled Est

Within seconds a tidal wave of marines bearing lightning bolts , chain glaives and Astartes' heads and limbs came charging forward.

"Hold position. "Get me Tyr now!"

A connection was finally made between the two Iron Hand forces but all could be heard was the screams of dying men.

"You think this scares us you cowards?? Let them feel Medusa's Curse, fire at that Land Raider" ordered Est.

The the multi ton shells was released only to find it's target replaced by that of the adjacent building of landraider.

Est eyes turned to a burning white flame at the calamitous error that just happened. He glared at Jsnow, grabbed him by his neck, picked him out of his chair and threw him toward the back of the Tyhon. 

"We have no time for mistakes!"

Est regain focussed and looked again at the tsunami that was about to hit. 

"Well as we clearly can't hit it, there's only one thing we can do, ram it, we are going to ride the lighting today brothers. Full speed." 

There would be no mistakes this time. Medusa's Curse launched herself forward into the Night Lords, by rights the Night Lords shouldn't even be here but when the dice rolls against you, you can only do one thing. 

Night Lord troops were crushed to death between the two hulking machines while some fell beneath her tracks. Momentum built and Medusa's Curse enacted her retribution on the Landraider. It was split in two but not before the terminators evacuated and joined in the dark sea of the Night Lords surrounding her like dogs.

Upon the horizon the Iron Bastard had arrived and overlooked the carnage that lay before them and knew they were too late.

"We will meet again Night Lords" Tyr spat. 

Posted: 13/05/18 at 21:39 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Month Fourteen

Death from Above!

Over one year on and I finally have one of the projects I wanted from the start. As my force is Post Isstvan I wanted to reflect that by having no (very few ffs) tanks or ground vehicles, as the majority were destroyed there and when the legion rebuilt it focussed on guerilla warfare and decapitation strikes almost to the exclusion of all else by necessity. The alternative option for heavier firepower for me is flyers. I present the Fire Raptor:


This was a rush project to get ready and I have enlisted the help of multiple allies to get it done. It was built by our absent Word Bearer player (Iron Hand at heart), the transfers were applied by our Iron Hand player (whilst I finished the second side project below) and an emergency late hour run was conducted by our Dark Angel player to provide the last bit of spray for the base completion. It was finished in the early hours of the last morning I had for painting. 

I also managed to mostly complete my first scratch company of deck crew from my ZM games (Vessel name pending) As soon as I saw the option for these I fell in love with the idea, a bunch of unaugmented humans thrust into the middle of an Astartes fight with no real hope of achieving anything. It also gave me an excuse to paint a few of the lovely new Necromunda figures. I tried to go with a steel worker style look to them, and they will eventually have a Naval armsman leading the squad for fluff reasons. Better pics to follow. 

Next Month:

I still have plenty of options but would really like to include a unit of Mor Deythan...

Posted: 12/05/18 at 12:48 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
Month fourteen

Medusa's Curse

Behold the field in which I grow my tanks and you will see that a super heavy has arrived. With the increase in points, the emergence of Primarchs and my personal need for more tanks this month I'm bringing a Typhon to the table. 


She's called Medusa's Curse, named for both the connections to the Iron Hands homeworld and the Greek myth. Medusa was her name from the start but then accompanying her name it was suggested I put some feeling in it. I settled on curse again with the link between the two realities. Medusa's spite came a close second which means I just have to get a second later down the line.


I'm really looking forward to how this Typhon plays out, even if I lose the game I want to see it wipe something off the table with the 7" blast. She will probably now die first turn.


Next month

Next month I'll be looking at increasing my predators to make a squadron. Short term I'm thinking another executioner plasma blasta long term I'm thinking 3 standard predators. As always more castellax and immortals still an option  as well as a sicaran.

Posted: 12/05/18 at 10:29 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Month 12?

My month 12 is as follows:

10 Man Squad of Volkite Culverin Heavies.



Posted: 14/04/18 at 18:10 by: Jon (Alpha Legion)
Month 12, "The Shakespire" Land raider Mk IIb

Two B? that is the question. The answer: yes, it is to be, to be incinerating you with hot lascannons and assaulting you with monstrous terminators from its gaping metal jaws. With the requisition of more Tactical dreadnought armour the legion required a more formidable transport for such heavy footed brutes so an order for land raider heavy transports was issued, needless to say these machine soon became one with the terminators and given its mechanicum coded name Mk IIb, it even developed a nickname among the crews dubbing one model in particular "the shakespire". When questioning the reason behind this peculiar nickname the crew simply said it was originally a term coined by an ultramarine captain after reading into some dreadful old literature or play recovered after the devastation of old knight.


Posted: 13/04/18 at 16:45 by: Preacher (Dark Angels)
Month 11: Brother Zaal, the second mortis contemptor

Joining Balthius is another interned brother of the first, know to all as brother zaal, First sgt. Heavy support unit. Having an almost zealot nature, zaal was always capable of rousing his squads and brothers to victory, to stand their ground and never falter in dire situations, this unfortunately almost cost him his life, taking several heavy grade explosive rounds to the limbs and torso, left what little remained of brother zaal in deaths sure grip, but brother zaal gave no grounds to such a imminent death, stating in reply to an apocathary just under his last few breaths "I had an old friend, he would always ramble "the flesh is weak" it would give me a meagre smile, perhaps now he is right, perhaps i should embrace the iron and ceramite."  Given his admirablel track record on the battlefield, high command had decreed that this would not become a wasted opportunity, his service would continue and brother zaal would now be interned to stride alongside and be mentored by the aged brother bathius amidst the battlefields to continue to inspire his brothers and uphold the ruthless reputation of the first legion.



Posted: 13/04/18 at 16:07 by: Preacher (Dark Angels)
Month 10: Cataphractii Terminators.

Tactical dreadnought armour is commonly employed throughout the ranks of the first legion, as such, more cataphractii terminators will be deployed for shock assault missions, and heavy elite support where and when required. 

Posted: 13/04/18 at 14:45 by: Preacher (Dark Angels)
Month 9 Rhino no.2

The humble rhino yet again, showing its usefulness in pretty much all my games to date this second rhino is a small part of a broader tank family to come, another step towards Ironwing.

Packing a cheaky multi melta, a weapon that has also shown its teeth, completely obliterating enemy armour in a single shot, on multiple occasions.

Posted: 13/04/18 at 14:30 by: Preacher (Dark Angels)
Month Thirteen

Last month was full of despair as the chaos gods tried to disrupt the battles that lay ahead.and unfortunately succeeded, They may have won but the might of the loyalist will not be so quelled. The chaos storm that brought the treacherous conditions may have halted for the time being but it will not hold forever. 

The Iron Hands have fought bravely since the beginning of this campaign. Losses have been made yet the sacrifice was always great. Heading into this period was amassed my novices still trying to find their place in the Emperors galaxy. It has taken too much time and too much blood to finally understand what is ahead. With knew found knowledge comes new ways of improvement, one that the Iron Hands will continue to do so. The Flesh is Weak and will always remain so. In each and every one of us there is room for improvement, parts of us that require us to adapt and change in order to survive. One can accept what one has been given to them, allow it to consume us or one can equally accept it and want something more, yearn for a better life. to prove that oneself is better and stronger than all the rest and will do so accordingly. Therefore my next choice (to which you may have recognised before) are my veteran squad. I decided after the horrific encounter with Mechanicum to upgrade my tactical troops. They have seen much blood shed and can use this to their advantaged, picking up a few favourable traits alongside other shattered legions such as being expert marksmen may help tip the balance against the robotic scum.One can hope at least... Therefore this month I am introducing my veteran squad but am simply updating my current squad

Given their new found knowledge two of the men have been equipped with plasma guns and two new recruits from the Raven Guard Legion who particularly needed to kill every traitor standing and therefore have chosen a heavy bolter each to kill as many men as possible.


Posted: 11/04/18 at 01:58 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Month Thirteen

The Shadowed Lord!

I've had Corax painted for months now. I loved the model and wanted to play about with a proper Heresy character series sculpt. As Lords of War have been added to the campaign I felt it only right to get the chance to unleash him on the tabletop. Unlike other Primarchs, Corax works best alone, and is easily capable of outmanoeuvring the enemy, choosing his targets and decimating units. His Shadowed lord rule also means he isn't likely to be taking any serious fire from shooting attacks AND if he gets into a combat he's struggling with he can just leave it. I'm also adding a character model, primarily designed as a Praetor, the lightning claws were added because Raven Guard, but realistically, he should be using a paragon blade like all the others.

The Praetor is based off the Chaplain model from the Calth box, with a little tweaking to make him stand out. He will most likely sit back until I have some Dark Furies for him to break face with, but at the moment the army is primarily a sniper force rather than a combat one. Long term I aim to be able to field several different Rites of War, not just the Decapitation Strike that I make use of now. Next on the agenda are Recon Company and Liberation Force, but ultimately I want to be able to represent all aspects of the Raven Guard and field Angel's Wrath too.

Next month:

Next month I still have several options. I have a Tarantula Squad I'm itching to test, a Tactical Squad patiently sitting in the wings, and maybe something bigger and scarier. I've also been working on other character models, such as a Praevian and Chaplain. Decisions decisions..

Posted: 26/03/18 at 20:52 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
Month 9 (Target Locked)

So for my month 9 I decided to introduce a heavy weapons team. Missile teams seemed the best overall choice for their points cost. Plus if my opponent with flyers is silly enough to ignore them I'll be using anti air missiles!

Posted: 17/03/18 at 10:19 by: Vodrey (Night Lords)
Month Twelve

This month I have decided to bring in a contemptor dreadnaught arming it with two khares  pattern assault cannons.My last fight did not go so well, a rematch against the mechanicum but truth be told what he put down on that table was terrifying and my army was not strong enough to stop it. Especially when he bring a damn flying bug with f****** haywire, as a result a bit of anti air is needed and my dreadnaught was my choice. I've wanted to secretly bring one to the table for a long time but felt that other things outweighed that decision... until now. I chopped and changed the stance of the Calth dread to give it a more dynamic pose and one I am very happy with. The base I just used remnants from resin spruces. 


New Rules

With the new rules I will also be adding another rhino as a dedicated support and a praevian to babysit C-137.  The praevian actually started from the model in the Calth box but I wanted to change it so it didn't look the same as the rest. Replacing the head, arm and leg meant that in true Iron Hand fashion I was able to make this guy look even better, The dead Emperor's Children you'll find underneath I  was able to nab from a bits box. The power axe was the Iron Father's that was going spare and I gave him the combi bolter for the range. For the rhino I am planning on changing the bolters up top and rep[lacing them with something with more of a punch. I didn't do this originally due to my opinion of rhinos that being its a box to die in. However thanks to Head of the Gorgon these boxes have the chance to at least hit something when it comes on.



Next Month

A Primarch has entered the building and at least another one on the way. Because of that I need to start thinking of my own Lord of War choice, something is on the way which will be revealed next month.After that I am thinking of getting a Sicaran, especially after my last game that would have come in very handy however money is still a thing. Other option still include another predator or more castellax. Immortals is another option I'm playing with but yet to decide whether to keep them as immortals or just use the models as breachers.

Posted: 16/03/18 at 17:05 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Tigurs Schism: Month 1

Month 1 saw an unprecedented turnout with Seven games played across multiple players and sectors. Seeing how the 2k games are working it looks like we are going to need more tables in future. This month saw the first turnout for our new mechanicum player (fielding Solar Aux until his army is painted) and both the Warmaster and Praetorian striding into the fray.

Tigrus Schism Month 1:

Loyalists: 4  Traitors: 2

The Campaign deployment was kept secret from both teams until decisions had been made, which has led to some interesting match ups and champions being fielded. Next month may well see the first Sector move and accompanying Zone Mortalis game.


Game 1: Sons of Horus vs Iron Warriors.

This game had the Warmaster face off against our newer Iron Warriors player. By all accounts it was not pretty. The Warmaster seized a victory for Laeran as was his due

Iron Warriors: Please, I was so close to forgetting.   


Sons of Horus Victory.



Game 2: Dark Angels vs Alpha Legion

The Alpha Legion were the first traitors to make use of a LoW, using the sexy Alpharius conversion. The game was a close one going down to the wire, with Dark Angels emerging victorious.

Dark Angels:  Terminators took their revenge on the Veterans as they failed a morale test and ran straight into them and took two shots from a plasma blaster, melting him into oblivion. Tactical squad managed to hold out against a Dreadnought (that refused to die easy, after getting two glances with krak grenades and hanging on with 1 hull point, rolled two 6++ saves) long enough to allow a Rhino Melta to take him down after 3 rounds of fighting ( vexilla kept me from running off the board. And late arrival of Vets in Rhino turned into a good thing as they outflanked and cleared all enemy forces from the enemy Deployment Zone, again another melta armed rhino doing work. It exploded his Whirlwind Scorpius, landing me 7 Victory Points to the final score. Terminators sacrificed themselves to hold up Alpharius for a couple of turns, even heavy volleys of plasma from the Repeater Marines were not enough to remove the Primarch.

Dark Angel Victory.


Game 3: Raven Guard vs World Eaters

This game was another horribly close one and World Eaters a terrifying to a shooting army.

Raven Guard: I got lucky when his Spartan blew a track making his 10 man Butchers unit footslog. This allowed me to concentrate fire on everything else while they arrived. However when they did arrive….true to their name they butchered three entire units in quick succession. Fortunately the game ended before they could continue to wreak havoc.

Raven Guard Victory.


Game 4: Solar Aux vs Sons of Horus

This game was pretty grim by all accounts. The Solar Aux was fielded by an experienced tournament played who had it to hand while he builds a list that isn’t horrifying for his Mech. That much armour was always going to be tough to beat. The Sons took a heavy pounding and conceded turn three.

The game wasn’t scoring as Aux aren’t a faction in the campaign currently.

Solar Aux Victory.


Game 5: Imperial Fists vs World Eaters

The Praetorian himself took on the World Eaters. For a relatively inexperienced player the traitors did well again, but got held up by a couple of lucky die rolls. Highlight of the match was Kharn nearly taking down an Imperial Knight single handedly, but then getting crushed by a lucky roll. That fight decided the course of the match.

Imperial Fists: Highlight -  Kharn vs the Knight

Imperial Fists Victory.



Game 6: Iron Hands vs Mechanicum

This was always going to be a tough game, Mechanicum can be brutal and are in the hands of a good player. The terrain was not favourable and when the ambush deployment was rolled...

Iron Hands: Highlight - Tough choice could be after two rounds of shooting only having 1 Tactical guy left or maybe my Castellax trying to blow itself up 3 or 4 times or maybe my Predator through the power of the machine spirit completely missing 3 shots. No I’ll have to go with Mor and the Gorgons killing (I believe) the Vorax and then munching through the zombie things for nothing. I hate that flying bug with haywire.

Mechanicum: The Vultarax stratos-automata saved my bacon that game. Seeing as the mission made all your tanks scoring I had an uphill battle if you wanted hold your zone and no man's land.

Mechanicum Victory.


Game 7: Custodes vs Mechanicum

Custodes vs Mechanicum, two non legion forces, both considered powerful armies. I’d have enjoyed the opportunity to watch this game. When the dust had settled the Custodians were victorious.

Custodes Victory.

A strong start for the Loyalists, with the traitors about to seize one planet and another up for contention. Next month should be interesting.

Posted: 08/03/18 at 22:14 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
The Boys in Blue are Back! Time for Revenge.

After a few months break with the Apocatharies (blased knee), I am back!


To catch up with everyone, I have already got the following prepped, painted and ready for war:

A Legion Praetor in Cataphractii Terminator Armour

Remus Venatus: Captain of 4th company (with Banner) 

A Legion Centurion: Powersword and bolt Pistol

A Legion Moritat: Dual Plasma Pistols

10 Tactical Marines (inc 1 sergeant with chainsword and pistol)

Contemptor Dreadnaught with Dread fist and Kharos Pattern Assault

5 Terminators: 4 x powerfists, 5 xcombi bolters, sergeant with powersword

5 Terminators 4 chainfists, 4 combi bolters, 1 heavy flamer and a sergeant with powersword

1 Rhino

1 Drop Pod


I have also added in the Betrayal at Calth set giving me:

Legion Praetor in Cataphracti Armour and Chainfist

Legion Chaplain with plas pistol and crosius

2x 10 man tactical squads, each with Sergeant (chainsword and bolt pistol)

10 Legion Support Squad: 9 melta guns and a Sergeant (as above)

Contemptor Dreadnaugh: Multi Melta, Dread fist.


Plans for the future: Command Rhino, Master of Signal and a squad of Destroyers ( so my lil Moritat bounty hunter, Jango Fett-wannabe can hide away like a little coward with his dual weilding buddies)


Pictures to follow ;)

Posted: 01/03/18 at 19:24 by: Matt (Ultramarines XXXII)
Month Twelve

New year new rules!

I've wanted a Deathstorm Pod for a while, as it was a Raven Guard invention and fits the 'sudden strike' and lack of attrition the XIX are famous for. Rules wise im not sure, there is a huge element of randomness to it, we'll see how it performs, but it does have the potential to hit EXTREMELY hard against certain lists. Painting wise I am trying to differentiate my pods by colour. The dread pod, being a veteran has major elements of white, the standard pod is solid black and the Deathstorm has white tail fins. Happy with how it has turned out, however I'm now wanting to go back and add white to my tac pod as it looks so good! In addition I am going to be finally finishing my Kades Nex conversion and will be adding him as my character addition for the month.


Next month:

Next month I'm not too sure. I think I'll either be adding another tactical squad or a unit of Tarantulas to go with the 'automation' theme. Not sure yet, potenitally even another Deathstorm. I also have a Corax waiting, decisions decisions...either way I'll probably be adding a Praetor too.

Posted: 21/02/18 at 00:00 by: Joe (Raven Guard)

The Horus Heresy is cool. The background is cool, the novels are cool, and the models are cool. The models are also expensive, and I have bills to pay and a boardgame addiction. This project started with a question:


Can we do a Horus Heresy Campaign on a budget?

The simple answer is:


It's been slow going. A little bit here, a little bit there, monthly progress bumps, budget edits to factor in how you can make use of plastic if you need to. However, ultimately those of us who came together over 18 months ago to start saving now have around 2000 points of heresy era forces.

So what worked?


The ‘one unit per month’ restriction has worked wonders for most of us (and frustrated a few) I’m a slow painter, easily distracted, and the sort of person that sees an army of sprues and thinks ‘fuck that’ and never touches it again. The one unit per month thing has helped instil a little discipline, and has proved manageable, with around one night per week given over to a little painting. I think this is the most models I have ever painted to a high quality and I think all of us are proud of our work.

The fact that it is only one unit per month meant that we imposed a ‘only painted models’ (circumstances dependent)/ severe penalties for unpainted. Which has resulted in our games always looking good, and some lovely photos to go with the Campaign update. Our Dark Angel player is new to the hobby and was spoiled by this high quality. The horror stories of his first trip to our FLGS and the ‘seas of grey’ still amuse.

Warhammer World:

The decision to play all our games at WHW was a contentious one, that split the group a little. Ultimately we are just over an hours drive away. The pro’s are: good tables to match good models, adventure of a day out, dirty food, and the opportunity to avoid Forge World postage costs. The disadvantages are: time and travel, particularly for those with commitments, (Even once a month can be a struggle sometimes.), cost of fuel, low frequency of games for those that can do more.


£20.00 per month has frustrated some folk with more disposable cash, and has meant some choices have been avoided for budget reasons. It has also presented odd quirks, like points effectiveness being a factor. (Only one Speeder or Tarantula turret as a monthly choice for example) It has also ‘punished’ players who made choices early on that they regret, and frustrations of wasted months on dedicated transports.

However, it has meant that as long as the money has actually been put aside, none of us have struggled to afford things for our army, and most of the more game dominating options have been avoided until we are all at a point where our options are flexible enough to handle it. We all have relatively balanced armies!


Anyone that has ever organised anything will tell you it’s like pulling teeth. The blog and the Campaign have been no different so far. Some folk take to it well, wanting to show off their progress for both painting and army. Some have yet to post. The temptation is to break fingers until people comply but generally this is frowned upon. Big thanks to our master of subterfuge for actually creating a webspace for us to share.

Ultimately this past year has been a resounding success, and we have several fledgling Legions joining the fray in 2018.

So what now?


From the thirteenth month the way choices are restricted is changing. The minimum is still £20.00 per month. However, now we all have armies, we are opening the floodgates a little, from a drip to  a trickle.

Going forward people can make use of either the old restrictions OR the new criteria:

Spend limit: £0.00 - That’s right, the spend limit is now waived. Balance should really have been achieved by this point, so we now have the option of adding things in that perhaps were not cost effective. For those that want to keep the budget restrictions, that works too. Particularly for our new starters.

Unit limit: We are still restricted to one unit, but no longer one box. (Wait What?) Previously the restriction was one box one unit. So if I wanted assault marines, I could get FIVE for my choice (one standard pack) or if I wanted to split a 10 man squad into two different 5 man choices, say, a heavy weapon and a seeker squad, I couldn't. This is still the case. However, the restriction is now one UNIT so I could take 20 man assault unit as a monthly choice, or a 10 man terminator unit, or a 3 Tank Predator Squadron. In addition: You may also add a dedicated transport (as long as it does not have a separate unit entry) and up to one character to your monthly choice. This allows a little more flexibility of choice for those with either big bucks or those wanting to rejig their forces.

Summary: So each month you may select on unit of any size, a dedicated transport and a character if you wish with no cash limit. Minimum spend for budget is still £20.00

Example: Month twelve sees the Dark Angels take a 10 man heavy weapon team, a rhino, and a chaplain. The Word Bearers choose a 10 man Terminator unit, but cannot select the Spartan as a transport as it is also a Heavy Support Choice. They add a Diabloist as a character.

New Year New Campaign

We also have a new Campaign started, which is far more strategic than the previous ViV Campaign and has additional tactical elements. Hell, it may be getting its own site, you never know.

Posted: 20/02/18 at 22:12 by: Jon (Alpha Legion)
Month Ten & Eleven

Month 10
My month 10 is going to be Armillus Dynat - Harrowmaster of the Alpha Legion

<<Picture to Follow>>

Month 11
My month 11 will be none other than Mr Alphy Arius.

This guy was created from other models, as Forgeworld can't be arsed to make on themselves yet...
The main parts are Stormcast Paladins (Body, Legs, Arms & Weapons)
The Cloak & Head were kindly donated by Azza, Custodes.
The Base was kindly donated by Crowcroft, 40k Roboute Guilliman.

And here he is:




Posted: 17/02/18 at 23:43 by: Jon (Alpha Legion)
Word Bearers Month 3

My demagogues rise! My strategist Coryphaus En-Gahal and the fiery Chaplain Kal-Maxon.

The Characters are just your regular Betrayal at Calth heroes but I decided to replace the Preator's head with one from he Chaos Terminator Lord. Some nice horns to reflect the favour bestowed on him by his new patrons. What's the point in paying homage to the dark gods without some cool mutations to go with it. 

Soon I'll have a suitable carriage for my Veterans to cruise around in and either the blessed Gal Vorbak or another unit of terminators. 

For the Dark Gods!

Posted: 17/02/18 at 04:01 by: Tom (Word Bearers)
Month Eleven


Month's Choice

Now that funds have become available I am introducing my 10 man melta squad. Using the Head of the Gorgon Rite of War will make for some interesting times with these guys. I also decided to include a Salamander and two Raven Guard in the squad to represent the fact that after Isstvan the Iron Hands, Raven Guard and remaining Salamanders had to join to together in order to survive becoming the Shattered Legions. My army still and always will be Iron Hands but this is more fluffy to the game.and although they look different will still be counted as Iron Hands.



Next Month

For next month's choice I still haven't really decided as I just want to buy everything! Alas the rules have been set and a good thing too really..I'm toying around with a lot of things at the moment. Another Rhino would be useful but then in my previous game against the Sons of Horus, despite my Spartan I need more things to help destroy vehicles so more castellax is an option, sicarans would also go down well. More predators to go alongside my current which hasn't let me down yet is something else I have thought about. I have recently bought a contemptor dreadnought as well which I have decided will be using two kheres pattern assault cannon but its a question of whne to bring that to the table. Speaking with other legions I know people are going to start bringing Primarchs to the table which is something else I need to consider because... you know... :'( so that is something else.

Posted: 16/02/18 at 17:27 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Month 10+11

Did some one say even bigger Plasma Cannons?!?!

Well the past 2 months I have been saving up for this little beauty. The Omega Sicarian tank. 

With 2 extra large plasma cannons it's enough to fry any loyalist. 

Can't wait to use it and watch people's faces as it unleashes it's horrors. 

With everybody bringing big tanks it was time the Fallen got one of their own to keep up in arms race. 


Posted: 14/02/18 at 22:00 by: Phil (Fallen Angels)
The Campaign Continues

The Tigrus Purge.

After Isstvan, war embraced the Galaxy like never before. Isolated pockets of heresy and resistance began their own bitter struggles to strangle the sudden enemy in their midst. Outposts, cities, planets and sometimes whole sectors erupted into unforgotten conflict that saw brother claw the eyes from brother, in an orgy of destructive fervour. Remote Legion forces, joint garrisons, shattered Legion forces from Isstvan and tactical groups all found their own wars to fight. Resources were sought and clutched suspiciously to the breast of the victor. Groups of Legionnaires, often in mistrustful truce, waged wars of necessity merely to survive; while others sought to aid those in need, or crush what resistance remained. These schisms soon embraced the entire known Galaxy in war.

One such conflict took place far to the Galactic east, in a sector of space fallin under the Aegis of Ultramar, but not yet cut off by the Ruinstorm. The Forge World of Tigrus was the closest supply point for several known sectors on the very edge of Imperial space. When the Mechanicum in the Sector cascaded into brutal civil war, it drew Legions and forces from surrounding sectors, keen to tip the tide of conflict in favour of their faction, or merely to suckle at the teat of war.

First to be drawn into the conflict were the nearby Impetus and Laeran Sectors, each having a complement of occupied Legion Worlds and Planetary outposts. Survivors of Isstvan had already arrived in the Tigrus sector and it was word of the Warmaster’s betrayal that had initiated the conflict as the Shattered Legions sought to resupply.  Rumour and hearsay were rife and all feared that with Terra being fortified, the Eye of the Warmaster may soon fall over Tigrus, drawing more Legions into the fray.


Campaign Phase:

The campaign will have a 'campaign phase' between monthly games. All ultimate decisions are made via the Warmaster and Praetorian, how they choose to divide this power is at their discretion, but their word is law. Initial deployment of forces across the three warzones is key. Both will be getting a brief soon.

Once assigned to a warzone, a legion must prosecute the enemy they find there. (This means that initially you may be restricted to fighting certain Legions.)

Moving Sector:

Once per campaign phase an overlord can select one of his Legions to move to another sector. This legion must fight and WIN a Zone Mortalis mission against one of the resident defenders in order to move to a new zone of the Warmaster/Praetorian's choosing. (This could be to redress imbalance, prosecute grudge matches, or find other opponents.)

Gaining Territories and Sectors:

At the beginning of a game campaign session all players record in secret which planet they will assign their victory to.

NOTE: You may not assign to a locked planet (all territories have been seized by the enemy)

Upon victory a player reveals their choice and the territory is allocated. If a planet has neutral territories victories must first be assigned there. If a planet has all its territories claimed, you may seize one from the enemy. Victories are assigned at the end of the day. Victories from both factions on the same planet will cancel each other out . Any additional victories assigned to a planet that becomes locked are lost.

Example: Tigrus IV has one Loyalist territory and no Traitors at game open. There are two Loyalist victories and one Traitor victory assigned to that planet that day. The first two victories cancel each other out leaving one Loyalist victory remaining . This leaves two territories to the Loyalists and one to the Traitors.


As everyone is assigned to a sector, you can only be assigned games against folk in that sector. Games are assigned as follows:

The faction with the most ATTENDEES in a sector chooses first match up, the factions then alternate choosing matchups until all players are assigned a game.

Example: Three Loyalists and three Traitors are assigned to a single sector. On match day, only two of the Loyalists show up, but three of the Traitors do. The Traitors having numerical advantage, choose the first matchup. The Loyalists choose the second, and the Traitors choose the third.


Functionally this means often people will be playing more than one game, and encourages balance in sector choices.

Example: In the above scenario, as there are only two Loyalists, one will be forced to play two games. This choice will be down to the Traitors because they get third match choice.

Champion in my Stead:

It may happen that a player is in a scenario where they are the defender, facing multiple engagements, and they cannot play more than one game; either due to time, effort or energy. In this scenario, upon agreement with their faction leader, they may nominate a champion(s) to fight in their stead. This champion may play the game on their behalf, however if the champion wins, there is no effect, if the attacker wins, they score a point as normal.

Once a champion(s) has been selected, the opponents decide the matchups. An individual cannot be nominated as champion more than once per Campaign Day. In the instance that multiple champions must be nominated, they must be different players.

Note: It is not possible to nominate a champion if you are only playing a single game.

Example: Crowcroft is the sole defender but must leave by midday. He is faced by three Traitors. As per the normal rules, the traitors choose the first matchup. Crowcroft then nominates two champions to fight in his stead, choosing Pete and Patrick. Crowcroft, Patrick and Jon (Traitor) win their games. Crowcroft and Jon's victories are recorded normally, however as Pete is a champion, his victory is discounted.

Sector Bonuses:

Each sector we are fighting over comes with specific bonuses. If a faction fighting in a sector has the majority of LOCKED planets (own all territories on a planet to lock it) then your forces in that SECTOR gain the sector bonus in all their games.


Example: Pete has managed to get a cheeky victory lock on a two pop planet in the Laeran sector. This gives the Loyalists a single planet, whereas the Traitors do not yet have one. All Loyalists in that sector (Pete and Parko) now gain the sector bonus. The following month the Traitors win two victories, getting the final territory on two planets and swinging the bonus over to the Traitors.

If the majority of PLANETS in a sector are locked by a single faction, the faction gains the bonus permanently for ALL forces. The Sector is locked and the defeated faction scatters to the remaining sectors. After losing factions are assigned (Their choice not the Faction leaders) The victorious faction Leader, allocates his remaining forces.

Example: Despite Petes earlier successes the Traitors lock the Laeran sector. Pete chooses to go to Tigrus, while Parko chooses to fight the Dark Mechanicum who are in Impetus. Phil (Being Warmaster) chooses to assign both of his victorious factions to Impetus. Because he can.


Bonus: Logistics - You may add or subtract one from the roll for mission deployment type


Bonus: Material - You may add or subtract one from the roll for mission being played


Bonus: Training - You may add or subtract one from the roll on the Warlord table.


Winning the Campaign:

The Campaign ends if either:

  • All planets are locked

  • 2/3 Sectors belong to a single faction AND the majority of TERRITORIES in the remaining sector belong to the same faction.

Victory is calculated by the number of TERRITORIES held, with a +1 bonus for a locked planet and a +3 bonus for a locked sector.

NOTE: This may mean it is possible to lock two sectors and still lose the campaign.


Warmaster/Praetorian Brief:

You have to make the initial deployment of forces choices. You may discuss this with your Legions if you wish, however, ultimate decisions come down to you. You will be assigning each player to a single sector out of the three available. It is important to split your players as evenly as possible based on likelihood to turn up. Assign players based on the Sector bonuses you wish to command.

ExampleVodrey is likely to turn up almost every session, if he was paired with Hartveld in a single sector you would likely have an opponent (Hartveld has attended a total of two sessions.) If you chose instead to assign Hartveld and either of the Toms to a sector there would likely be no one to defend it.


If a sector has no defenders on game day the other faction gain one auto victory per Legion in that sector. Additionally, they will play pick up games against available Traitors. So a failed defense could result in a potential four victories for a side. YOUR DECISIONS ARE IMPORTANT! Exceptions can be made in the case of extreme weather/ family emergency etc.

It is entirely possible that one Legion may have to face two players on a single game day. This will either be a single ‘allied game’ or two separate games. Either way two victories will be recorded. In an allied game where the allies lose, they would effectively lose twice. All three players have to agree if the game is to be an allied one and allies must adhere to the Rules as if the list was built for a single player.


If a Legion has a bad matchup in their sector, fancies a change, or wants to fight a specific opponent, they can petition for campaign dispersal. ONCE PER SECTOR, in the month before the campaign game, you can nominate a Legion to attempt a breakthrough. This can only be a single Legion and choices must be weighed as it can leave Sectors vulnerable. The chosen Legion must also, where possible, play a standard game that month in their new sector.

To leave a sector the nominated player must play a Zone Mortalis game (1000 or 500 points - moving player’s choice) as the attacker. This game must be pre arranged and they can choose the defender from any of the available opponents in that sector that weekend. Defenders MUST defend if physically there.

In order to give the ZM game set up time, your breakout (if any), chosen defender,  and target destination must be declared a week before the event. YOU MAY ONLY CHOOSE A DEFENDER THAT HAS TICKED IN TO THE EVENT. You can drop this in secret the campaign arbitrator and both will be revealed a week before the event.

If the attacker wins, they translate into warp without issue, breaking out. If the defender wins, the attacker translates, but not before losing a territory to the defenders.

Upon completion REGARDLESS OF VICTOR, the attacker will arrive at their destination and will be free to match up in the new sector that weekend if time allows.

If a breakout is critical or simply if that player suspects they will lose the mission, again at your discretion (not the players.) You may elect friendly forces to lend support. For each force supporting, you allocate one automatic LOSS to the sector (As ground forces are withdrawn) However that force may add a free 250 points of ELITES to the ZM mission in a 1000 point game and 125 points in a 500 point game.

Example: Vodrey, Tom and Hartveld are prosecuting the Tigrus sector. Tom wishes to breakout, but YOU do not feel confident in his abilities to defeat his opponent (wasting the Faction Breakout this month) You take the hit, assigning TWO losses to the Tigrus sector, but adding a full 500 points of forces to his ZM game. Both Hartveld and Vodrey bring 250 points of elites along for the encounter. All three players must also play their own games this month, but with the additional forces it is likely the breakout will be successful.


Posted: 12/02/18 at 22:17 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
Month 9

Month 9

So for month 9 I have been working on a Telemon Heavy Dreadnoughts with a Arachnus Storm Cannon. This is why I wanted to start a Custodes I love the look of this model and it was so much fun to paint this guy. 

So last month I had £194 and buying this model is £72 so I will have left £122 but I do get to add £20 so that will make it £142. I don't know what to work on for month 10

Posted: 12/02/18 at 15:01 by: Azza (Iron Warriors)
Month 8

Month 8

For month 8 I wanted to paint a Custodes Contemptor-Achillus. I fee this unit will help me deal with tanks with it's Dreadspear and 2 Adrathic destructors.


So last month I had £260 and buying this guy is £56 so I will have left £194. Next month I will be getting a Telemon Heavy Dreadnoughts with a Arachnus Storm Cannon. 

Posted: 12/02/18 at 14:48 by: Azza (Iron Warriors)
Legio Cybernetica - Month 3,4,5

The priest straightened to full height and formed the Sign of the Cog with his hands. A venerable gift had been delivered from the Fabricator - General. Archmagos Octerramax took his place upon the gilded platform and it's machine spirits hummed softly in devotion.

One addition to the Cohort in these months is an Archmagos, costed on Belasarius Cawl but represented by FW's Dreykavac.

Work continues on the Cohort

Month 3,4,5

Budget: 0 + 20 + 20 + 20

Spent: £32

Remaining: £28


Posted: 12/02/18 at 02:09 by: Parkin (Mechanicum)
Legio Cybernetica - Month 2

The board is set and the pieces are moving...

Month Two's budget now allows the Cohort to rise. The backbone of this force will be in its mandatory choices. ForgeWorld conveniently provides this in a compact package called the Cybernetica Battlegroup.

This includes:

1 x Magos Dominus

4 x Castellax Battle-Automata

6 x Thallax

1 x Thanatar Siege-Automata

Month 2

Budget: £260 + £20

Spent: £280

Remaining: £0

Posted: 12/02/18 at 01:42 by: Parkin (Mechanicum)
Legio Cybernetica - Month 1

The grim ranks of automata sleep. Magos Dominus Octerramax shuffles between the stasis caskets of his charges. War is coming. He brushes a hand against the huge power umbilical of the field generators. "Sleep, my children. Dream red dreams. The truth has been shown to me. Our beneficent Omnissiah has been usurped by a pretender. The Warmaster means to cast down this Blasphemy who chokes us, crushes us under his tyranny. We will aid him. The Golden Age will be reforged anew upon the anvil of his ministrations. Sleep, my children. Soon, we march onto our destiny."

The priest smiled.

Month 1 has no purchases.

Initial buy in - £240 + £20

Spent: £0

Posted: 12/02/18 at 01:21 by: Parkin (Mechanicum)

This has been a long time coming...

Nearly a year has passed since our little tale of many gamers began and what an amazing experience it has been. Watching our proto-armies expand, rules learned and tactics developed has blown my mind. My thanks go out to you all for making it such a joy and for getting me painting again (albeit slowly lol)

So now its time to plan for the coveted position of 2000 points.

From my position as a Mechanicum player, I'm now able choose if I want to remain building a Taghmata and have no limitations. or to specialise in collecting a Cybernetica Cohort or an Ordo Reductor army. One focuses on the implacable battle-automata the other a massed column of armour. I plumb for the former.

The Legio Cybernetica has a stricter force organisation and narrower choice but makes up for it with some cool buffs to the men of iron. To implement this change in focus I need to rebuild from the ground up. What follows will be a 'time machine journey' if i could go back.


Posted: 12/02/18 at 00:58 by: Parkin (Mechanicum)
Campaign Month Ten: Breakthrough

Month 10 saw the return of a healthy gaming number, with four games played and another escalation to 1750 points. This was our final casual game before the next leg of the Campaign proper, our 2000 point stretch.

Month 10 Gaming:

Loyalists: 1  Traitors: 3

Traitor Victory!

The traitors were on form. One close victory followed by several crushing victories saw a healthy boost for the traitor players. Generally better setup and tactics all round, and the dice gods were not at all even in their blessings.

Game 1: Raven Guard vs Mechanicum.

This game had the Mechanicum seize the initiative and went downhill for the Ravens from there. The Mechanicum strategy was tactically sound and that combined with horrifying rolls finished in a 13-2 victory. Failing three 2+ saves on the first wound and a fourth on the second wound, as well as failing two charges of 7” despite fleet were the high(low)lights. Good fun though.

Its only seven yards! The traitors are ours....

The Mechanicum ultimately destroyed all Raven Guard troops on the field. The Ravens did manage a counter with some nice outflanking, finishing a Thallax Cohort and wiping out a unit of Vorax but it was too little too late.

Outflanking Ravens decimate the Vorax, but are soon cut down themselves.

Machine of the match went to the Domitar, that  weathered 1500 points worth of shooting before it finally fell.   


Mechanicum Victory.

Game 2: Iron Warriors vs Night Lords

The Night Lords infiltrate and Pod in to worm the Iron Warriors out of their burrows

In the dim alien pre-dawn, Night Lord infiltrators and drop troops surrounded a core of loyalist Iron Warriors fortifying a derelict urban junction. The traitors' aggression couldn't carry them through the withering volley of krak missiles and assault cannon shells they met, and a terminator assault out of a Night Lords Land Raider that had evaded fire by hugging the ruins was, against the odds, resisted and crushed by the Iron Warriors' own Tyrants. The final obliteration of the Land Raider by a preternaturally placed darkfire pulse secured a decisive Iron Warriors victory owed as much to discipline as to fortune.

Narik Dreygur and his 'Wall of Iron'

Iron Warrior Victory.

Game 3: Iron Hands vs Sons of Horus

As always the Executioner exacted a heavy toll.

The Iron Hands Spartan raced across the red sands to unleash it's passengers into the Sons Of Horus ranks. Taking fire from all directions the Ramps lowered and out charged the Gorgons and the Warlord. This struck fear into the Sons Assault marines and they fled out of sight leaving the gorgons stranded with nowhere to turn. Realising the Iron Hands mistake, the Sons Commander ordered that every gun was to be aimed at the Gorgons in chance that they would be annihilated. Each and every one of the mighty Iron Hand warriors fell and the Warlord was mortally wounded to find shelter in a nearby building. Not realising his own mistake the Sons Commander looked across the battlefield to notice the Iron Hands had taken up positions over the objectives. It was too late. Most of the Iron Hands lay dead on the battlefield. The Sons Of Horus commander was satisfied with the smallest of victories but couldn't shake that the Iron Hands had nearly snatched victory from his grasp. Another dead enemy but truly knowing that the Iron Hands had fought with honour and not crushed like the Salamanders and Raven Guard. Entering the Land Raider he knew that he would respect any Iron Hand in future battles.

The outflankers are swiftly surrounded and removed. Thier glorious intervention short lived.

Sons of Horus Victory.

Game 4: Alpha Legion vs Space Wolves

Alpha Legion sneak into position.

The Wolves swarmed across the battlefield and took a huge toll on Alpha Legion forces by the time they finally arrived on foot. However the Alpha Legion has out-deployed and outmanoeuvred them. Securing the enemy objective with a crafty deep striking Terminator unit secured a victory for the traitors.

Highlights were the Dreadnought duel in the centre of the table. Culminating in the loss of the Alpha Legion Contemptor to two of its kind and Alpha Legion deployment; and outmanoeuvre shenanigans, seeing a combination of infiltrate, outflank and deepstrike secure victory.

The Wolves lose none of their savagery in Iron form. 


Alpha Legion Victory.

Posted: 09/02/18 at 20:50 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
Imperial Fists - Month 11

Month 11 will be an Apothecary and Standard bearer to maintain the health and morale well being of my troops

Posted: 08/02/18 at 23:35 by: Crowcroft (Imperial Fists)
Imperial Fists - Month 6

Just realised that I missed month 6. I added a squad of 5 seeker marines. I used the primaris intercessors with stalker boltguns to represent them

Posted: 08/02/18 at 20:48 by: Crowcroft (Imperial Fists)
Month Two

My second pick for my rapidly growing Host of Heretics was a unit of Veterans. What with the Word Bearers' Rites of War being nothing to preach to the ignorant masses about I figure Pride of the Legion is probably the way to go. 

The squad has a healthy mix of weapons including a couple of combi-flamers (for burning all those blasphemous texts you see). They've been built more with an eye for fun than practicality but I still love them. 

The scripture was super fun to paint if a little time consuming. If however you look at them with your eyes half closed from a reasonable distance they look really good. 


So my second unit, the Enlightened Sons are done. My next entry will be what makes my tiny list legal, my Coryphaus (Praetor) and of course my Chaplain, as no Word Bearers worth their salt leave home without one. 

Speak the word of Lorgar and you will live for eternity in the glory of Chaos!

Posted: 02/02/18 at 03:34 by: Tom (Word Bearers)
Hell, it's about time

So, I've put this off for too long now and it's become something of an intimidating demon on my back, so this is my attempt to get it out of the way. Since my entire army was bought unexpectedly for me as a birthday present, I may not quite nail the proper ordained format, and welcome any corrections offered.

My army is an elite detachment of the Iron Warriors 14th Grand Battalion, the portion of that legion who flipped back loyalist on the smouldering forge world of Mezoa after having quite enough of the Alpha Legion's shit. Here it is so far, in the order in which it was built, with prices derived from the Forge World website:

2 X 10 man veteran squads, each with 2 suspensor-webbed heavy bolters and a power fist for the sarge, run with the marksman rule (2 X £90)

1 X Praetor, run as a Warsmith (£25)

1 X Contemptor dreadnought with assault cannon (£45)

1 X 5 man Tyrant siege terminator squad (£60)

1 X 10 man Iron Havoc squad with missile launchers (£117)

Narik Dreygur, special Legion Praevian (£50 approximate eBay price)

2 X Castellax automata with darkfire cannons, 1 of which is under construction for next month (2 X £41)

And, to be hopefully ready for next month:

1 X 3 man (well, once-man) Thallax cohort with photon thruster (£33)

Total value £592

Writing from a tablet in Wetherspoon, I don't have points values on hand, but this about adds up to a 2000 point army with some optional gubbins. Its general MO is to lay into the enemy with a siege line of long range heavy weapons while controlling the field and closing the vice with outflanking and deep-striking units whose close combat competence has taken more than one adversary by surprise.

Posted: 25/01/18 at 16:31 by: Pete (Iron Warriors)
Month Eleven

Milvus will return...

I've had a Contemptor Dreadnought for months now, but as my entire force infiltrates and his weapons are short ranged I have been loathe to make use of him. This month's addition alleviates this problem somewhat with the most overpriced delivery system. I toyed with the idea of one of the flier pods instead of the dedicated transport but I don't like the idea of using one of the sexy, sexy, fast attack slots for it. (They're for Seekers and Fliers). As Forgeworld have not been selling their Dreadnought pod for months and the agreement as per campaign budget this is a standard pod hollowed out. 



Month Eleven Spend:

Month Twelve is the third of many pods. A Deathstorm..The month after? Hmmm watch this space.

Budget total: £39.00

Spend: £22.50

Remaining budget: £16.50

Posted: 16/01/18 at 22:11 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
Months 8 -10

During the absence of the Emperors Praetorians from the good fight, we have been securing the loyalty of Imperial servants - House Beorth. 2 of their mighty war machines now march alongside the glorious 7th Legion. More tactical marines have swelled our ranks to bring the fight to the traitors!

Month 8 - Imperial Knight

Month 9 - Imperial Knight 

Month 10 - Tactical Squad

Posted: 14/01/18 at 11:48 by: Crowcroft (Imperial Fists)
Month Seven

Month 7

Month 7 this month I have been very busy moving house and not had much time to work on my Custodes army but I’ve did get time at the end of the month the work on 4 Custodian Guard Squad I will add photos at some point.

So last month I had £265 and buying these guys will make it £240 but you get to add £20 as it is the new month. Next month I will be working on a Legio Custodes Contemptor-Achillus. 

Posted: 14/01/18 at 06:21 by: Azza (Iron Warriors)
Month Nine

Month 9
My month 9 will be a Dreadnaugh Drop Pod:

Month 10 is going to introduce a special treat (Which I probably can't use, but fuck it. I spent a lot of time on it.)

Posted: 07/01/18 at 23:11 by: Jon (Alpha Legion)
Month 8

Month 8 brings more Terror Marines as I wanted to have at least 10 man squads for my units. This means I can move on to delivery systems for my units in future months... Mwhahaha

Budget remains the same at £80 as these Marines come from the remaining models from my Battle of Calth set. 

Posted: 07/01/18 at 23:11 by: Vodrey (Night Lords)
Month Ten

This Month

As stated last post, this month I will saving my £20. I have started on a melta squad which is currently a work in progress but they will be introduced next month. Alongside this squad a pravian and another castellax I want to get to go with C-137. Other options include more rhinos and more tanks.


Saving this month means my budget is currently £31.50. Next month this will increase to £51.50. I feel this isn't going to be the only month where I save.


Iron Hands v Iron Warriors

The Iron Hands last victory against the Iron Warriors was amazing, a very close fight with lots of outflanking from both sides. From the Iron Hands point of view this was the first time I was able to use Head of the Gorgon to maximum effect. Deployment heavily suited outflanking which after one round of nothing happening, the second round truly kicked things off. The Spartan did it's job transporting the Gorgons and Mor, not only protecting them but having some nice shots and leaving the game with not a scratch on it. Top marks goes to the predator which outflanked and was able to remove most of the terrifying siege terminators. Alongside this I had a 10 man tactical squad in a rhino kept in reserve to outflank the Iron Warriors Havoc Squad. It was a beautiful sight to behold and something I will be continuing to use and develop on.

The game was very tight and with the Iron Warriors veterans outflanking my tacticals I did think I had lost the game and would have done to if my grav gun squad had not survived or didn't rally or if my final Gorgon had died or more amazingly was Mor's unbreakable will to survive taking on the Iron Warriors dreadnaught with the sole surviving Gorgon. Mor took two wounds from the dread and had he not have made two 5+ saves the game would have been the Iron Warriors.

Top marks to our IW's player yet again for another great game, both times he was unlucky not to win but the Iron Hands just continue to prove their metal.


Posted: 03/01/18 at 07:30 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
New Beginnings or: How I learned to stop worrying and embrace Chaos

Joining the Horus Heresy group has really helped reinvigorate my love for the hobby and given me much more confidence in my painting skills, even if that confidence is mostly undeserved. I have been dragging my feet recently however and found it difficult to get motivated to paint the my Death Guard, between the release of the new 40k Death Guard and some other projects I've let my Horus Heresy Barbarus boys fade into the background. 

A  profound lack of fluff around the Death Guard didn't help when it came to losing interest. The new 40k Codex even skims over the Heresy relatively quickly. 

I am far from done though and have revealed my true colours........ Word Bearers!!!! I love all the traitor legions and I mulled it over for a while but the villains are always the most interesting and you don't get more villainous than the guys who kicked off the whole "Heresy" thing. 

In secret I worked on my XVII Legion soldiers

Our lord and saviour Duncan recommends starting with Mephiston Red for Bearers but I personally found it to be a bit brighter than what I had in mind, even after applying a few layers and dark washes they were still a little bright for my liking. 

So I based them with Khorne Red and used  Lead Belcher for the silver trim. After applying a Nuln Oil wash I got the perfect shade of dark red I wanted. 

My favourite part was painting the scripture. It was a trial in frustration and took a few attempts but I'm happy with the results if you squint and don't get too close. I do now have a more fine point brush specifically for painting the text on my holy warriors so future attempts should look much better. 

So the Cataphractii Terminators are my first unit of Word Bearers. Not a great choice for Word Bearers due to not being able to Sweeping Advance but I do plan to run Pride of the Legion Rite of War to help keep my force nice and elite so I can get caught up quickly. Also the Word Bearers' Rites of War either aren't super fantastic or are ridiculously expensive. 

My next unit will be a Veteran squad with lots of beautiful combi weapons. Overall I plan to make a close combat orientated force with plenty of transports for quick deployment. And of course, lots and lots of Gal Vorbak.

Spread the Primordial Truth! Death to the False Emperor!

Posted: 03/01/18 at 03:37 by: Tom (Word Bearers)
Month Ten

Did somebody say plasma everywhere?

I wanted to get more Pods done, particularly for my dreadnought so that I can start using him in games, however budget has restricted me.  My final ten marines were a tough choice. I had the option of building Plasma, Missiles or Tacticals, and I do want all options eventually. In the end I went for Plasma. Although I want a large twenty man tactical squad, I don't think its something that is essential to my force at the current moment. The Missiles were incredibly tempting as I have seen the performance of several missile teams in other players forces. However Decapitation Strike allows for only one heavy support option and I'm after a Fire Raptor for that, leaving the Plasmas as this month's choice.

Wip shot

Almost there!

Month Ten Spend:

Month Eleven is the second of many pods. However, the question is do I build a Deathstorm or a Dreadnought pod?.. Next month will of course, be another pod.

Budget total: £41.50

Spend: £22.50

Remaining budget: £19.00

Posted: 15/12/17 at 00:46 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
Campaign Month Nine: Retribution

Month Nine had us thin on the ground for both factions. December is a busy month for all, added to that was the complication of heavy snow all weekend and on the day of gaming. Four of us braved the predictably clear roads to geek Mecca in Nottingham for another round of gaming. This time at a health 1500 points.

Month 9 Gaming:

Loyalists: 2  Traitors: 0

Loyalist Victory!

After months of the Traitors having better tactics, better plays or better luck, the Loyalists finally come out on top. Two games played this month, and both were tight fights. Pressure was kept up by the traitors on both fronts, but the Loyalists managed to win the day..

Game 1: Raven Guard vs Night Lords.

Game highlights were the Raven Guard Lightning wiping out a whole squad of Raptors and then finishing the Praetor with missiles just before he got into combat and decimated the troops on the ground.

The Night Lord terror squad lived up to its name, slaughtering the Seekers and causing them and Maun to flee from the building they had secured.

Despite surrounding the Raven Guard and winning first turn the Night Lords were confounded as the XIX seized the initiative. After a drop podding Melta team immobilised the Land Raider the game quickly turned in the Ravens favour.

Raven Guard Victory.


Game 2: Iron Warriors vs Iron Hands

Game highlights included head of the Gorgon allowing the Iron Hands to surround and eradicate huge chunks of Iron Warriors.

The Iron Warriors countered with out flankers of their own and made an effective counter assault, wiping out the Predator and the Tactical Marines.

This was a tight game and came down to the wire with a single kill point securing Victory for the Iron Hands.

Iron Hand Victory.

Posted: 15/12/17 at 00:33 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
Month Nine

Plasma everywhere!!!

What great way to introduce a whole unit of plasma repeaters. 

Dark Angels love to master plasma so much that they created a plasma gun that can salvo alot it in one shot. Times that by 10 and you have alot of dead loyalists. 

Purchased one pack of plasma guns and another unit of mk3 marines to create this wonderful squad of death. Cost £11.50

Posted: 06/12/17 at 01:12 by: Phil (Fallen Angels)
Month Eight

 Month 8 was an easy choice.

With everybody bringing dreads or vehicles it was time for the Fallen to bring out one of their own. 

Armed with a plasma cannon to fit in with the fluff of the Dark Angels being the masters of plasma and a power fist just case anything gets a little too close. 

A quick and easy option for the month. 

Plasma cannon cost £11 and dread picked up from a calth box set.

Cheap and cheerful and ready to crush any loyalists. 

Posted: 06/12/17 at 01:00 by: Phil (Fallen Angels)
Campaign Month Eight: Galaxy in Flames

This was another brutal month for the Loyalists, and they couldn't even blame hangovers. Points were upped to 1250, and the games are beginning to feel more dynamic, as armies are starting to really diverge from each other. Next month will see the total at 1500, ready for our 2k campaign in July.

Month 8 Gaming:

Loyalists 1 Traitors 4

Traitor Victory!

Game 1: Alpha Legion vs Mechanicum 

Technically these are both traitor players, but the Mechnicum took the mantle of Loyalist for this match. The game was a brutal slog, with some serious attrition. However the brawl in the middle swung in favour of the Alpha Legion and they seized the victory.

Alpha Legion begin to dominate the Battlefield 

The Terminators and the Domitar prepare for a gruelling multi turn battle.

Game 2: World Eaters vs Iron Warriors

This was the Baptism of Fire for our World Eaters player, who borrowed figures while he builds his own. Iron Warriors got to play the Loyalists. Punishing firepower against a charging combat army with little cover had a brutal impact, however, the World Eaters used the wreckage of their Land Raider to great effect. The game finished in a tie, despite the final World Eater sergeant finally succumbing to his wounds and the World Eaters being wiped from the table.Madness.

The Firepower of the Iron Warriors has whittled down the World Eaters to a handful of frothing maniacs.

One lone XII Legion sergeant refuses to die till the last.

Game 3: Sons of Horus vs Raven Guard

This Game featured the army of our new Warmaster, who will be bringing SoH to future events. The Raven Guard deployed overconfidently and paid for it. The SoH made excellent use of outflank and concentrated firepower to ultimately table the Ravens.

The one moment of triumph for the Raven Guard was Maun wiping out an Assault Squad on his own.

A failed charge and cunning tactics from the Sons spell the end for the Raven Guard.

Game 4: Night Lords vs Iron Hands

Another brutal game, with very few units left on the table at the end. The Night Lords lured the Iron Hands into the open and eliminated their heavy hitting units, and the Iron Hands managed to block their own tactical units on the first turn. However the executioner reaped a toll in revenge.

A defensive deployment from the Iron Hands.






































Mor is finally brought down by the combined might of every surviving Night Lord.

Posted: 05/12/17 at 23:54 by: Joe (Raven Guard)
Month Six

Month 6

Month 6 I picked Grav Carrier tank. This one was a funny one to wash and clean. As I had what looks like black cracks on the model. So I e-mailed forge world about this and here is the e-mail I got back. 

""Thanks for the email. This is nothing to be concerned about and should not have any major effects on cleaning and painting the parts. The mottling effect (black cracks) is simply the dye we use to colour the resin not mixing in fully. This can often cause a mottling or cracking effect on the finished cast but does not alter the structure of the part after it has been produced.

We would recommend to apply only washing up liquid to the parts to clean them, scrub them neat with the liquid then scrub again with warm to hot water and rinse off using warm water before leavening to air dry.
Once this is done a spray can primer can be applied and you should see no issues with the parts.

We would not advise scratching the parts to test them as this could cause paint to lift naturally. Parts should be left for a few hours till the primer has fully set.""

So I did this and it looked like it worked dead well as I think the model has come out well. 

So last month I had £245 +£20 for this month that would be £265. The Grav Carrier is £110 so that will leave me with £155. I don't know what to get next month may save some money as it's xmas. Who knows?!?!?!?!

Posted: 02/12/17 at 19:47 by: Azza (Iron Warriors)
Month Nine

And here it is sports fan the one and only Spartan. Still a work in progress but already I'm in love as I've wanted one for so long. Shout out to our Alpha Legion guy who did a marvellous job of building it. Would have liked to have done it myself but alas I can't be trusted (by myself and others)

Month Spend

So this months cost was £110 for the spartan leaving me with £11.50. Next month it will take me to £31.50 but short of buying anything on my list so next month I will be saving. Melta squad are still on the cards alongside another Castellax to go with C-137 and a pravian to control them.

Posted: 01/12/17 at 00:40 by: Young Joe (Iron Hands)
Month Nine

Decapitation Strike!

With the games upping the ante, and the plan for a 2k campaign starting next year, the swing towards rites of war is in full flow. I'll be making use of Maun and Decapitation Strike and want to make full use of the rules, so the next few months are going to be Drop Pod heavy. Having a Melta team is sweet, especially as they can infiltrate, but this is still not enough to deliver them where they need to be. As Raven Guard get access to Drop Pods for their infantry my first pod will be used to increase the effectiveness of the Melta team. Keeping them within 18" of Maun when they land will ensure a lack of scatter, and careful placement should stop the majority of damage from Augury scanner shenanigans, allowing them to wreak havoc where they need to. 

I actually repainted an old pod and am really happy with the weathering and in particular the interior auspex. The pics don't do it justice.

Month Nine Spend:

Month Ten was going to be another Pod, but the lack of aircraft bundles on Forgeworld had a knock on effect, instead I will be building my final 10 marines (60 in total!) as a Plasma Gun team. These can also do the infiltrate/pod as desired but have the longer range for effective infiltration. I'll also be saving for more pods....

Budget total: £21.50

Spend: £0.00

Remaining budget: £21.50


Posted: 27/11/17 at 00:13 by: Joe (Raven Guard)