Alpha Legion
Hero: "The Blue Viper" (Slayer)
- Cataphractii Armour
- Chain Fist
- Combi-Melta
Leader: Aemon Cerastes
Cataphractii Sergeant
- Combi-Bolter
- Power Sword
Total Character Points: 142
Notes and Injuries
+1 Wound on Hero
Available Forces
10 Veteran Marines
2 Plasma Guns
5 Cataphractii Terminators
2 Chain Fists
2 Power Fists
1 Whirlwind Scorpius
5 Heavy Weapon Marines
5 Missile Launchers
Campaign Supply and Resource
Supply Pts
Action Pts

Legion Posts

Month Fifteen & Sixteen

Update as follows:

5 Man Flamer Squad

10 Man Vet Squad

Posted: 22/07/18 at 08:44 by: (Alpha Legion)
Month 13 & 14

So, I kind of missed a month somewhere, so here it is, the moment you've all bee..... whatever.

Here's the next two units:

5 Man Heavy Bolter Squad.

And a Contemptor Dreadnaught with Multi Meltas

Posted: 18/05/18 at 21:44 by: (Alpha Legion)
Month 12?

My month 12 is as follows:

10 Man Squad of Volkite Culverin Heavies.



Posted: 14/04/18 at 18:10 by: (Alpha Legion)
Month Ten & Eleven

Month 10
My month 10 is going to be Armillus Dynat - Harrowmaster of the Alpha Legion

<<Picture to Follow>>

Month 11
My month 11 will be none other than Mr Alphy Arius.

This guy was created from other models, as Forgeworld can't be arsed to make on themselves yet...
The main parts are Stormcast Paladins (Body, Legs, Arms & Weapons)
The Cloak & Head were kindly donated by Azza, Custodes.
The Base was kindly donated by Crowcroft, 40k Roboute Guilliman.

And here he is:




Posted: 17/02/18 at 23:43 by: (Alpha Legion)
Month Nine

Month 9
My month 9 will be a Dreadnaugh Drop Pod:

Month 10 is going to introduce a special treat (Which I probably can't use, but fuck it. I spent a lot of time on it.)

Posted: 07/01/18 at 23:11 by: (Alpha Legion)
Month Eight

My month 8 choice will be a Contemptor Dreadnaught with Heavy Flamer, Power Fist and Assault Cannon.
Not sure where my budget stands, as it's 1am and my brain doesn't care much for maths at this hour. TBD.

Posted: 19/11/17 at 01:09 by: (Alpha Legion)
Month Six and Seven

Month 6
For my month 6, I am going to be taking a 5 man squad of Melta Guns.

Month 7
For month 7, I'll be taking a Rhino APC. 


I'll flesh this out later, just wanted to get my choices out there!

Posted: 15/10/17 at 10:32 by: (Alpha Legion)
Month Five

My month five took a bit of deliberation... After the ass handing I received in the last game, I felt I needed something a little more dynamic than a single badass unit, which got me into trouble last month...

I wasn't sure whether to follow suit with the majority and go down the drednaught route, or try to be a little more tactical. Since one of my army's main tactics is Infiltrate, I decided to stick to another troop choice. For this reason, my month five will be a 5 man heavy weapons squad, all armed with Rocket Launchers.

These are mainly from the Calth box, and the extras were aquired at zero overall cost.

For this reason, my budget remains unchanged, and so I have £8 remaining from last month plus £20..

Budget Total: £28.

Posted: 23/07/17 at 16:23 by: (Alpha Legion)
Month Four

So my month four was 80% decided a while back, just purely for it's fear factor and massively hard hitting firepower... My only concern is down to it's obvious inability to infiltrate like the rest of my army, leaving it vulnerable, and so negating some of the mystery of infiltrate.

My choice for month four is the mighty Whirlwind Scorpius. Assuming I can protect the rear armour, then my only concerns are anti-tank specific units (to my limited knowledge) and so should add an interesting dynamic to my next match.

I present: 


Original Remaining Budget: £3
Monthly Accrued: £60
Available Funds: £63
Whirlwind Scorpius: -£55
Remaining Budget: £8

Have fun guys.

Posted: 01/07/17 at 11:39 by: (Alpha Legion)
Month Three

So my month 3 choices for my HQ pool is as follows:

For my Hero: The Blue Viper. He is as Centurion in Cataphractii Armour, armed with a Chain Fist and a Multi Melta

My Leader: Aemon Cerastes, a Cataphractii Sergeant armed with a Power Sword and Combi Bolter (Not the Grenade Bandolier, ignore that!!!)


Posted: 19/06/17 at 21:55 by: (Alpha Legion)
Month One & Two

Month One

So to keep up with the who "dirty traitors" tagline, I will be going down the Pride of the Legion path with my army. This effectivly allows me a bit of extra versitility to use heavier units in place of regular troops choices. Month One will see me adding a Veteran Squad to my army, which will consist of 10 men. Two 2 plasma gunners for some extra killy killy power and a sarge with a regular bolt gun.

Month Two

So this is where things get a little more fun. My second troops choice will be a 5 man squad of Cataphractii Terminators.
The majority of the squad are armed with Combi Bolters as their primary weapon, with two using Power Fists, and two with Chain Fists.
The Sarge is wielding a power sword, and has a grenade harness.

Next Month

Going forward i am looking to add a couple of characters to the mix from the character points pool. Namely a Legion Consul in Terminator armour and a Terminator Sergeant. More details to follow.

Posted: 24/04/17 at 22:57 by: (Alpha Legion)
Alpha Legion

Why Alpha Legion? So I still haven't read Legion, something I now own, but haven't found the time to start.... However, the idea of being the stealthy, dick with your enemies head kind of army, that no-one really knows much about is a massive plus.. I am always the one to volunteer, or hope, to be the secret bad guy in a coop game, and enjoy playing the bad guy in an all vs 1 game, so again this sits well with my psyche.

My army plan will be to follow the Pride of the Legion rules, to try to maximise the amount of brute force in a smaller number of troops. With this, I hope to be able to infiltrate smaller squads into key areas of the board, to wipe out chunks of the enemy in the initial stages of the game, while avoiding taking too many losses myself. Terminators and Drednaughts will form the foundation of my future forces, along with more Veteran Squads with speacial and heavy weapons, to hopefully create a well rounded force that can adapt to anything that I come up against.

Initial spend for me can be broken down into the following:

Budget: £235
Calth £95
Upgraded heads £11
Managed to get my hands on another 1/2 a Calth box for £50 (25 marines & 1 Drednaught)
FW Contemptor Dreadnaught £66
= £232

Leaving £3 for the budget.

Posted: 08/04/17 at 15:43 by: (Alpha Legion)