Hero: Habakkuk Maveth (Slayer)
Chaplain Consul
- Artificer Armour
- Refractor Field
- Calibanite War Sword
Leader: Sgt Ami Zadok
Veteran Sergeant
- Artificer Armour
- Calibanite War Sword
- Bolter
Total Character Points: 147
Notes and Injuries
Available Forces
10 Tactical Marines
10 Veteran Marines
Bolt Pistol and Close COmbat Wepaons
2 Heavy Bolters with Acid Rounds
5 Cataphractii Terminators
3 Chanifists
2 Power Fists
1 Plasma Blaster
2 Combi-Plasma
2 Combi-Grenade with Stasis Rounds
5 Support Marines
Plasma Repeaters
5 Heavy Weapon Marines
Heavy Bolters with Acid Rounds
Campaign Supply and Resource
Supply Pts
Action Pts

Legion Posts

Month 12, "The Shakespire" Land raider Mk IIb

Two B? that is the question. The answer: yes, it is to be, to be incinerating you with hot lascannons and assaulting you with monstrous terminators from its gaping metal jaws. With the requisition of more Tactical dreadnought armour the legion required a more formidable transport for such heavy footed brutes so an order for land raider heavy transports was issued, needless to say these machine soon became one with the terminators and given its mechanicum coded name Mk IIb, it even developed a nickname among the crews dubbing one model in particular "the shakespire". When questioning the reason behind this peculiar nickname the crew simply said it was originally a term coined by an ultramarine captain after reading into some dreadful old literature or play recovered after the devastation of old knight.


Posted: 13/04/18 at 16:45 by: (Dark Angels)
Month 11: Brother Zaal, the second mortis contemptor

Joining Balthius is another interned brother of the first, know to all as brother zaal, First sgt. Heavy support unit. Having an almost zealot nature, zaal was always capable of rousing his squads and brothers to victory, to stand their ground and never falter in dire situations, this unfortunately almost cost him his life, taking several heavy grade explosive rounds to the limbs and torso, left what little remained of brother zaal in deaths sure grip, but brother zaal gave no grounds to such a imminent death, stating in reply to an apocathary just under his last few breaths "I had an old friend, he would always ramble "the flesh is weak" it would give me a meagre smile, perhaps now he is right, perhaps i should embrace the iron and ceramite."  Given his admirablel track record on the battlefield, high command had decreed that this would not become a wasted opportunity, his service would continue and brother zaal would now be interned to stride alongside and be mentored by the aged brother bathius amidst the battlefields to continue to inspire his brothers and uphold the ruthless reputation of the first legion.



Posted: 13/04/18 at 16:07 by: (Dark Angels)
Month 10: Cataphractii Terminators.

Tactical dreadnought armour is commonly employed throughout the ranks of the first legion, as such, more cataphractii terminators will be deployed for shock assault missions, and heavy elite support where and when required. 

Posted: 13/04/18 at 14:45 by: (Dark Angels)
Month 9 Rhino no.2

The humble rhino yet again, showing its usefulness in pretty much all my games to date this second rhino is a small part of a broader tank family to come, another step towards Ironwing.

Packing a cheaky multi melta, a weapon that has also shown its teeth, completely obliterating enemy armour in a single shot, on multiple occasions.

Posted: 13/04/18 at 14:30 by: (Dark Angels)
Month 8 Balthius the Mortis.

For month 8 I wanted a combination of strength and good firepower, the mortis contemptor, is a great choice in this regard, although he might be a little short on the pace, he has the toughness and firepower to really do some good damage, running twin kheres assault cannons and a havoc launcher, as well as one or two little tricks he can perform, he also benefits from a 5+ invulnerable save against shooting and a 6+ invulnerable in close combat.


£148 - £35 for the dread + £19 for the second assault cannon and the havoc launcher.

Remaining budget is £94.


Posted: 21/10/17 at 14:52 by: (Dark Angels)
Month Seven

Dedicated transport: Rhino APC

Built and chosen to compliment the Plasma team also being useful for the vets if im after some quick outflanking, can run with a multi melta for some added anti vehicle punch, it also serves as one small step towards the requirements of my dark angel specific rite of war.

Posted: 11/10/17 at 19:51 by: (Dark Angels)
Month Six

Heavy Bolters with acid rounds ;)

Heavy bolters. Mars pattern heavy bolters, with resin bullet belts. be careful when wraping these around your marines, use very hot water to bend the belts bit by bit, otherwise they will break easily.




Posted: 07/09/17 at 01:29 by: (Dark Angels)
Month Five

The Plasma Repeaters

Deadly 2/3 salvos of ap2 death, very dangerous when combined with the correct units.


Posted: 06/09/17 at 21:14 by: (Dark Angels)
HQ and Officers

Though id update the choices, its been a while.

Posted: 06/09/17 at 20:59 by: (Dark Angels)
Month Four

Reinforcements Dispatched

After the unfavorable encounter with the Alpha Legion Habakkuk rallied the remenants of brutal melee and regrouped with a heavy assault squad of terminators that had veered off further down the front line, now ready to wreak vengance and absolution on the traitor legions that had abandonded the great emperor. Heavy support was now enabled. "Thou may hath bruised me in the heel, snake, but I Habakkuk shalt deliver the blow to the head of the serpent."

Terminators because i feel my army lacks a bit of sustain and heavy hitting power, it always helps to a conciderable degree against vehicles aswell. Essentially they are a bunch of can openers!


Tactical Dreadnought Armour ready.

Dry brushing has been applied, unlike the rest of the army, to good affect i belive.Power weapon marking were applied, happy with the results,

Plasma is an angels best friend. angel

Posted: 04/07/17 at 13:15 by: (Dark Angels)
Dark angels Month 1,2,3

Keeping it simple, 10 tactical marines, 10 vet marines, soon to be followed be cataphractii terminators and chaplain.
Going for a slightly green tinge to the armour of the main grunts.

Vets take on a black coating completely with uniques shoulder colours and some savvy chequered details.
I felt it would be more interesting to seperate the armour colours almost completely, and it keeps the painting more interesting.

Terminators and chappy yet to be constructed.

Posted: 03/06/17 at 01:37 by: (Dark Angels)
Dark Angels

Why Dark Angels? Mainly because the legion test cemented them after 5 attempts, "clearly im a Dark Angel it would seem"

plus they have some cool tech and they are the first legion, first is best right?
Of course it is, my legion is the measuring stick that none of you live up to.


Initial Spend:

Budget: £235
Prospero £65 (sold sisters and custos)
dark angel torso pack x 1 £11 
Dark angel MkIII Shoulders x 2 £22 (£11)
Dark angel Heads x 2 £23.00 (11.50)
= £120.00

Later Purchasing:

Chaplain £18
Dark angel upgrade kits x2 £14.50 (7.25)

Leaving £106.50

Posted: 03/06/17 at 01:26 by: (Dark Angels)