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The army I am building is heavily based upon Eidolon's task force that was sent to deal with the White Scars. (From the book The Path of Heaven) This force is very interesting as it shows the divides within the legion. There is Eidolon leading the force with his Noise marines and 'flesh crafted' warriors as well as legionaries who have taken to the use of combat chems.  Then there is Ravasch Cairo a Palatine Prefector who is very against the changes within the legion although whole heartedly believes in the Warmaster's cause. Due to the Palatine fraternities sharing his ideology he essentially has a splinter group with the gravitas to support itself. Many other legionaries support the palatines seeing them as examples of what the legion should be.  

So essentially, I'm building a fluffy force it'll have some serious bite with the noise marines. Palatines aren't great in game but can throw a few surprises at the enemy so I'll have at least one squad in time.  

So let’s look at the characters for this force.

I decided to start with Eidolon as he is what ties to force together, essentially, he is the overall commander. Even Cairo's splinter group come around to his plans after Cairo proves Eidolon and his troops are getting sloppy and too dependent on chems as he assaults Eidolon and all his men are too high do anything after which Eidolon respects the Prefector and his palatines skills. 


In game Eidolon is a solid character 2+ save, 4+ invun, master crafted Thunder hammer, special warlord trait that gives everyone within 12" of him +1 charge (doesn't sound a lot but stacks with all the other EC charge bonuses) but most importantly when he charges that thunder hammer strikes at an impressive initiative 6 which goes up to 7 in a challenge which he has to ask for. In other games, he has usually always won a challenge. I will most likely run him on foot as I prefer a transport over a jump pack.  

I will be making a model for Ravasch Cairo as he is a really cool character and in game would most likely be a praetor with ‘The Lucid Blade’ it is a relic weapon that +1S AP3 duellist edge and allows you to trade attacks for extra invulnerable save to a max of 2+. Sounds really good but you have remember that AP3 is poor for a commander and the loss of attacks means he won’t be doing much if any damage. I felt this reflected Cairo’s parrying abilities as he makes a mockery of many White Scar swordsmen who are renowned blades men. If the relic can’t be used it’ll be standard paragon blade jazz making the most of the EC abilities, using that extra initiative to alpha strike in a challenge.


As shown in the group I will be using a plasma Moritat this has nothing do with TPOH I just always wanted a Moritat so bought one. This gives me opportunity create some background and leave my own mark on the force.

Valoris Estan the famed Moritat of the destroyer fraternity. Destroyers are viewed with distaste in most legions but this reaches new heights in third legion, lacking the ability to wear the legion colours is deeply disliked by high ranking officials and most Chemosian born legionaries. However, during the war against the Hertek cults of the Moraeb Drifts the Valoris made name for himself, working alone in the field he would slip past the mindless thralls and mech constructs to assassinate enemy magos and other leadership saving hundreds of lives due to the machines being unable to function without guidance. When the Primarch took to the field and made his assault on the last foundry surrounded by his phoenix terminators and several palatine blade bands he entered a silent foundry. The machines stood still bearing no arms against the Emperor’s Children. Fulgrim’s terminators made a defensive ring around the Primarch barring their spears to form a ring of steel whilst the palatines cut the exposed wires of the automata.

A single jet screamed and a shadow fell through the glass ceiling. What landed was the remains of the last golden king, Valoris slowly hovered down to the ground. A furious Fulgrim strided towards the Moritat “My son do you not save any glory for your own gene-sire?”, Valoris dropped to one knee “Apologises my Primarch”, Fulgrim’s face scrunched up into a foul visage “Explain yourself” said Fulgrim. “I took what I thought was the best course of action I believed silencing those in control without fighting their… creations were the most effective way to neutralise the threat” Fulgrim raised his hand ready to backhand this wayward son “This was the only resistance left I was to finish this war!” then an air of clarity washed over the Primarch and his features returned to the calm visage he was known for and instead waved to his terminators which immediately stood down their blockade. “Apologises my son, that is what I expected of you I just did not think I would see you achieve it let alone so fast, I have read report after report of your actions, silencing the air defence systems of the Otari sub cult, single handily destroying three Vorax that ambushed a squad of my own phoenix terminators” a silent mumbling could be heard between the phoenix terminators ”and eliminating countless Magos and other Herteks as they call themselves. You have saved hundreds of lives I will see to it that you are given the due respect as a hero of the legion.” “You honour me sire”, “No you honour me, you take after my ideals without question or want of reward, I understand the destroyers are not well respected in this legion yet you go about your duty trying preserve the lives of those who find you distasteful. Remarkable. After debrief you are to attend my quarters is that understood?” Valoris understood what this meant and smashed a fist to his chest in salute. Fulgrim nodded and went to turn towards the exit.  

The golden king gasped through shattered lungs, Fulgrim looked back ”See to that thing” turning his nose up in disgust as he spun on his heel and took a step towards the exit again, by his second step the crunch of powerboot going through skull rang out across the silent foundry.

Later Valoris was inducted into the legion’s inner circle, presented with the rare honour of artisan crafted plasma pistols and a personal gift from the Primarch himself a full suit of platinum armour. Platinum being a honour marking is typically only applied to an arm, helm and/or torso yet due to the radioactive aspects of his role his armour cannot be painted and as such wears full suit as to mix platinum with the destroyer black would be seen as disrespectful. Valoris is now seen as an example to the legion, the possibility to become more than what you are expected to be.  

In game I hope this guy is going to pretty much delete his points worth of marines/ tanks. I mean he hits on 2's with plasma pistols and has chain fire so I keep getting shots. Its very luck dependent however as he is just one guy he may be left alone as i seriously think the noise marines a much greater threat. 


Posted: 11/11/17 at 19:41 by: (Emperors Children)
The Phoenix arises



Why Emperor's Children? 2007 was when the book 'Fulgrim' was released and ever since reading that I always wanted a Emperor's Children army. I liked Saul and Lucius from Horus Rising but for me the Primarch Fulgrim was very relatable and since then no other legion ahs grabbed my attention quite like the EC. I like the asthetic and pride in the legion, how they heavily decorate their armour and value skill over aggression. Another factor is the somewhat tragic fall from grace. Fulgrim and the EC were one of the few legions that showed a much more 'human' approach, its apparent on multiple occasions that the legionaries think towards life after the crusade wanting to become artists, poets and sculptors. The EC brought just as many worlds into compliance by negotiation and charm than by bolter and charnabal sabre. Now I do already have a massive EC army however this gives me an excuse expand it even further! My current force is based on being from the 'before Laer' era Fulgrim is still a champion of Humanity and his legion haven't fallen to the temptations of Slaanesh. 


The aim of this project is to advance my army down the EC timeline I've had a good year playing with my EC so I feel its time add some more traitor elements to the force.

This project will be themed around the 'Third Company Elite' Rite of War which makes the Kakophoni (Noise Marines) troops, Kakophoni gain relentless and allow the whole army to purchase sonic shriekers. Drawbacks are I'm not allowed take fellow marine allied detachments, all other factors become one worse on the ally matrix and kako's have be compulsory troops (which isn't a drawback)

Initial Spend: Budget £245

Lord Commander Eidolon £45

Eidolon is brilliant HQ choice and hits like a train due to striking first with his thunder hammer on the charge, the trick is to ensure that charge happens

5 Kakophoni  £37

5 Kakophoni  £37

5 Kakophoni  £37

5 Kakophoni  £37

20 Kakophoni gives me a strong shooting core for my army and fills my troop choices, Kakophonii are compulsory in this RoW so I have to take 2 units minimum, its a big investment but the flex of 4x5 or 2x10 gives the army plenty of options and the ability to hold objectives 


Land Raider £45 (Using the Like for like budget rules)

I've used the Warhammer World command tanks due to all the eagle aquillas and gilded embellishments this will just be a Phobos in game

Total Spend £238

Budget left £7

As mentioned I already have a Large EC force so here are Eidolon and the Land Raider! 






Posted: 29/10/17 at 22:31 by: (Emperors Children)