Imperial Fists
Hero: Marrus Vayl (Paragon)
- Cataphractii Armour
- Storm Shield
Leader: Korton Xin
Cataphractii Sergeant
- Storm Shield
- Power Sword
Total Character Points: 145
Notes and Injuries
Available Forces
10 Tactical Marines
5 Recon Marines
Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons
2 Contemptors 
Powerfist with Combi-Bolter
Kheres Assault Cannon
10 Support Marines
Plasma guns
5 Destroyers
Jump Packs
Bolt Pistols
Imperial Knight
Missile Pod
Campaign Supply and Resource
Supply Pts
Action Pts

Legion Posts

Imperial Fists - Month 11

Month 11 will be an Apothecary and Standard bearer to maintain the health and morale well being of my troops

Posted: 08/02/18 at 23:35 by: (Imperial Fists)
Imperial Fists - Month 6

Just realised that I missed month 6. I added a squad of 5 seeker marines. I used the primaris intercessors with stalker boltguns to represent them

Posted: 08/02/18 at 20:48 by: (Imperial Fists)
Months 8 -10

During the absence of the Emperors Praetorians from the good fight, we have been securing the loyalty of Imperial servants - House Beorth. 2 of their mighty war machines now march alongside the glorious 7th Legion. More tactical marines have swelled our ranks to bring the fight to the traitors!

Month 8 - Imperial Knight

Month 9 - Imperial Knight 

Month 10 - Tactical Squad

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Imperial Fists - Month 7

Month seven's budget has been spend on a heavy support squad with 5 plasma cannons, using the Primaris Helblaster combat squad

Posted: 20/09/17 at 02:30 by: (Imperial Fists)
Imperial Fists

Budget Spend so far -

Special Edition Primaris Captain - £20

1/2 Dark Imperium box -£50

1/2 Know No Fear box - £25

1/2 2 First Strike boxes -£25

2 Contemptor Dreadnoughts - £70

Renegade boxed game - £120

Total spend to date - £310

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Imperial Fists

Volland Sturm stared, stonefaced through the great glass window of the observatorium.
‘Tell me again what you found’ his voice echoed with barely contained rage.
‘10th, 19th and 18th Legion forces decimated. Fields of unrecorded geneseed. Burnt out armour and materiel’ Sergeant Kortan Xin maintained his stoic demeanour in the face of his captain uncharacteristic show of emotion. ‘Minimal evidence of enemy losses'
‘Shield Warden Vayl, is the drop zone secured?’
‘Aye Sir, we faced opposition from the 8th, but the threat was neutralised' Sergeant Marrus Vayl shared the general mood of the command conference. With a slight smile he added ‘at least one Raptor won’t be crawling back into it’s hole tonight.’
Sturm nodded and turned to the 4th member of the council ‘anything to add, Light Bringer?’
Sergeant Arcus Venkar cocked his head slightly before shaking his head. Even if he had wanted to voice an opinion, injuries suffered in the Synios Compliance had rendered him forever silent.
A sharp knock on the door broke the pause. Entering, a battle brother in pristine yellow battle plate approached the table before dropping to one knee and handing Sturm a data slate.
‘To battle then brothers. Our turncoat cousins reveal themselves and we shall avenge our fallen.’
As the other sergeants filed out, Sturm motioned for Xin to stay a moment.
‘Kortan, I have a request for you, this is not an official order. I want you to find me the names of all our loyal fallen cousins, that we might etch their names on our armour, so they can be present in spirit when we bring the accursed Warmaster to his knees.’
‘In the name of the Emperor, it will be done.’


Due to changes on how I am doing my army (and finding out how over the top Terminators are in small games), I have changed my months 1-5 painting

Month 1 - 10 Tactical Marines with bolters and combat weapons

Month 2 - 6 Recon Marines with bolt pistol and combat blades 

Month 3 - Centurion with power sword and bolter

Month 4 - Contemptor Dreadnought with assault cannon and power fist

Month 5 - 10 Legion Support marines with plasma guns 

Now for the task of painting it all up.......


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Imperial Fists

Why Imperial Fists? 2 reasons, I have just finished converting the plastic Roboute Guilliman into Royal Dorn, and yellow armour. Despite having played for many years (longer than some have been alive!), my armies have always been very dark coloured and grim faced, reflecting the nightmare 41st millenium. Because the Great Crusade reflects a period of hope and optimism for mankind, it made sense to reflect that in the colour scheme of my army. I also wanted to do an army representing the elite of the legion, so I have (at least initially) gone for a fully terminator and dreadnought force.

For my initial budget, I bought a copy of Betrayal at Calth and immediately swapped out 2 of the tactical squads for more Cataphractii terminator and the third squad for another contemptor. With my remaining budget I bought a third contemptor, 5 more Cataphractii and a box of Tartaros terminator.

- Betrayal of Calth £95

- Contemptor Dreadnought £35

- Cataphractii Terminators £40

- Tartaros Terminators £35

Total - £205, leaving me £30 left in the kitty. 

My future plans include Land Raiders, more Terminators and maybe even some Veteran squads.

Posted: 09/04/17 at 08:50 by: (Imperial Fists)