Iron Hands
Hero: "The Iron Bastard" (Martyr)
Forge Lord Consul
- Cyber Familiar
- Cortex Controller
- Power Sword
- Volkite Charger
- Refractor Field
- Servo Arm
- Artificer Armour
Total Character Points: 150
Notes and Injuries
Injury: Maimed, Task: Act of Faith
Available Forces
10 Tactical Marines
Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons
10 Tactical Marines
Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons
5 Gorgons
1 Thunder Hammer
2 Chain Fists
2 Power Fists
1 Castellax
1 Darkfire Cannon
2 Bolters
10 Support Marines
Graviton Guns
Campaign Supply and Resource
Supply Pts
Action Pts

Legion Posts

Knight Night

The earth shook, the Iron Hands scout report was confirmed, the dark Mechanicum had brought a knight to Impetus.

Orders were to destroy it at all costs. Medusa's Curse led the tenth along with Autek Mor himself. Using the favoured Head of the Gorgon rite the orders were to lure the mechanicum forward and pincer the traitors with their tanks and warriors. This was the first time the Iron Hands had seen a Knight under the banner of Horus. Seeing it tower over the buildings, the men braced themselves and prepared for orders.

The missile launchers hit first, drawing the flare shield of the Knight to the front of the machine, only one frag grenade breaking through. It responded my moving forward deciding in its stride which to attack first, Medusa's Curse or Mor in his own dedicated transport. It locked on to Mor but thankfully, still just out of range. Before it could unleash its arsenal, the Iron Hands initiated the second part of their plan.

Outflanking, the predators came behind the Knight and the Support Squad joined them together they unleashed a hell storm of plasma, the howl and screeching horns of the Knight turned out to be its death cries, flames vented from the machine, smoke consumed it followed by an atomic explosion. It fell, and fell hard. It sent shock waves throughout the land and with it secured the Iron Hands own personal objective.

Upon retreating however the Mechanicum had other plans. They retaliated and killed the Iron Hands in their wake. Whittling down the tactical squads, blowing up the tanks and finally focusing their attention on the Spartan.

Humming through the air zoomed a Vultarax. The Iron Hands had encountered it once before.

"I hate that flying bug with fucking haywire" murmured Mor. "Take it down at all costs."

Raising the lascannons into the air, targeting the bug turned out to be more problematic but still managed to wound the monstrous creature. It was not enough however and the haywire of the creature turned out to be too much.

Autek and his bodyguards had to leave the wreck of the Spartan and saw in front of them the Dark Mechanicum, their once brothers. Whilst withstanding fire power, something that Mor was not expecting came to pass, he was charged by thralls, madness he thought. "Dont worry, they are armless." He laughed and braced for impact. Blinding light then shot at him, partially stunning him and his warriors. His Terminators took the hits the most and due to the underhanded tactic two tragically lost their lives. Regaining his vision slightly Mor saw a some sort of robot charging at him, a Domitar, but he had enough of this and drew his paragon blade, staring into its mechanised eyes Mor believed he could see doubt. It was right to. Ducking from its swinging fist Autek thrusted his blade into its wired head and sliced it in two.

The flying bug as it was now know as set its sights for Medusa Curse, it zoomed away from Medusa's lascannons. Defenceless now, Medusa braced for impact but nothing came. Instead her two sisters came to her aid, sat, motionless for the whole battle choosing the opportune moment to strike, and strike they did using their twin linked laser destroyers they shot down the flying bug.

Death comes to us all. Much blood and wires were spread across the battlefield. Mor destroyed the remaining thralls and the Predator Executioner killed the remaining Thallax.

But despite their success, not all things go to plan, Mor and his remaining Terminators were left in the open where all the enemies weaponry was targeted towards them. "What now?"

Posted: 23/03/19 at 22:43 by: (Iron Hands)
A Silent Night

The cold winds blew on Impetus, the battlefield was littered with dead. Smoke and fire danced through the destroyed buildings and wrecked tanks. The Thousands Sons had returned, they wanted their revenge against the Iron Hands. However, this time, Magnus the Red led them. 


The Iron Hands didn't need a primarch to win this war and they would battle the Red devils back from whence they came. Medusa's Curse unleashed her wrath, only just surviving a psychic onslaught. The Iron Hand predator tanks also took many lives this day. 

It was not without loss nonetheless, many brave sons of Ferrus lost their lives but overall held their ground, tactical squads outflanked the enemy nearly wiping out a plasma cannon unit. Deep striking terminators tried to halt them and cut them down, eventually doing so. But the head of the Thousand Sons warlord would not be withheld not even by the powers of the warp and kill him the Iron Hands did, sacrificing themselves in doing so. 

Magnus himself teleported to the Iron Hands front lines where he started to repay the debt owed, removing vindicators as if they were play things. The Iron Tenth would not stand for it and returned fire with their own wrath of bullets and plasma. Their aim took it's toll on the traitor primarch despite his best efforts to blind the loyalist with a golden light, but bionic eyes did their job and they severely wounded Magnus and killing all but one his bodyguard. Just as quickly as the loyalists thought the advantage was theirs it was taken away. Fire, fire was unleashed with a snap of Magnus' fingers and put an end to the plasma squad. Magnus, still injured fell back behind the now carcas of the Spartan and could only use his psychic abilities from then on, out of sight from the mighty Iron Tenth. 

On the other side of the battlefield, three remaining Iron Hands saw their brethren dead after killing the traitor warlord and tactically retreated to inform command, relentlessly pursued by the terminators, their rhino was attacked and destroyed, only by foot would they make it back alive. Three hours later they reached their fellow comrades, with the dogged traitors right behind them. They were not quick enough however and the predators executed the oncoming red terminators and in doing so the Iron Hands astartes made it behind their defenses and into safety. 


Knowing they had lost again it was Magnus who would have the last laugh. A demonic grin appeared on his face spreading from ear to ear. Reaching into the warp he searched for the retreating Iron Hands warriors, through smoke, through tanks, through the destroyed buildings and from across the battlefield he searched them out and sent towards them hell, killing them instantly. The Thousand Sons left the battle with this small victory. 


After seeing the Iron Hands brothers destroyed, anger swept over them all. There was nothing anyone could do. There would be no feast, no song that night, for the dead was beyond the count of grief. Nobody left that day victorious but the Iron Hands remain.

Posted: 10/02/19 at 21:43 by: (Iron Hands)
Lords of Iron

The Iron Hands rhino lay in wait. Hidden they knew the Iron Warriors were heading their way, like.

The traitor Iron Warriors had come to Impetus but like the Night Lords before them and every other traitor legion that came to Impetus, would regret that decision, it would cost them their lives. Impetus was the Iron Hands domain, they controlled this system, many came and went but the Iron Hands remained. Their blood had been spilt throughout, it had become their home for now and they would defend it with their lives and stop any who try to take it from them.

The Iron Warriors continued to approach the rhino and soon the trap would be sprung. Since Isstvan the Iron Hands had adapted and changed their method of warfare. Going from using brutal force and strength to now subtle tactics but equally as powerful.

At the point of no return the Iron Hands struck and outflanked the pretenders in iron. A predator emerged firing into the tyrant terminators taking two of them out. A second rhino also emerged, shooting from the open doors were 10 tacticals unleashing their wrath and bullets into the IW squad leaving only their sergeant alive, but only just.

Two castellax exploded the rhino and removed the cover. This left the Astartes out in the open. Fire from the right cut down the warriors in black but they would not all fall. The IW sergeant thought he could clean up the remaining Iron Hands, the fool. Even with his power fist charging the Iron Hands laughed and prepared for his charge. They collided... the Iron Hands did not falter and held their ground. Not only did they refuse to die but they hit back with their own new orchestrated attack. Dodging the power of the lone soldier's attack, coordinating together as one they snap fired back filling him with holes.

The ordeal was not over yet however. When more Iron Warriors charged in. For a second time the Hands held their ground. Despite the small size of the IW they attacked with the strength of 16 men. It meant nothing to the sons of the Gorgon, dodging and blocking the attacks and firing back with their own killing three of the pretentious 'iron' warriors.

During this time the predator was able to finish off the remaining tryrant terminators but saw the IW praetor flee for his life. A call was made, there would be no survivors. Moments later the IH Spartan rolled up and unloaded four rounds of lascannon fire into the injured praetor, killing him instantly.

When all was done and the dust began to settle. The brothers of the Iron Hands felt something strange, as if something or someone watching them but it was not a threat, it was comforting, yet they could not say for sure what it was. To some it was merely the achievement of defending Impetus and nothing more, to others it felt the emperors guiding light, but to others, a small group of Iron Hands whispered amongst themselves, that it felt like their Primarch, Ferrus Manus, the Gorgon, was watching them today.

Posted: 09/12/18 at 22:32 by: (Iron Hands)
Month Twenty

This Month

I have added five more cataphractii terminators to my IH army. I equipped them with two power fist and three power axes to mix my guys up slights. Fists are so powerful can't not have them but I've always liked the idea of my terminators using other weapons. The heavy flamer is there because that's all I had. 


Next month 

Who knows!

Posted: 10/11/18 at 19:33 by: (Iron Hands)
A Dish Served Cold

Luckily for Hephastus, the Iron Hands terminators and Dreadnaught survived the encounter with the Thousand Sons. He knew this for he had awoken from his unconscious state, if they hadn't then they would have surely left him in the dirt.

The remaining Iron Fathers wanted vengence, they wanted blood, and to do so they needed to muster the strongest remaining Astartes left breathing for maximum punishment. The prized terminators and dreadnaught were few and far between so the fact that a handful of these machines had been recovered was a victory in itself. They would be used to crush the traitors. 

Reports from the Raven Guard found that the Night Lords were fleeing Tigrus and making their way to Impetus. The Iron Hands would not accept this, not them cowards. In truth the Night Lords had hurt the tenth in their previous encounters, even taking the Iron Bastards finger which they continued to taunt him with. The Bastard merely laughed at this, chuckling that it was all they could take, besides he had more mechanical fingers to begin with what was one more? The Flesh is Weak, and so too was the head of the scum who took the finger, now never too far away from the Bastard - a gift from the Dark Angels. 

Autek Mor took the remaining terminators and dreadnaught with him on his ship along with Raven Guard survivors and the Ultramarines. They were going to teach the fleeing dogs that they could not always run and get away with it. 

They boarded the ship with the objective to disable it and leave no survivors. To make sure the Night Lords would not make their way to Impetus. Communication errors meant however, the objectives were on the other side of the ship. The Ultramarines also boarded at the same time but lost communication. The Raven Guard had yet to arrive.

"Typical bloody ravens" thought Mor, always hiding in the shadows away from the real danger."

Breaching the ship they were welcomed to the sight of darkness. Murderous screams hailed throughout the ship, flashes of light flickered revealing splattered blood across the walls, and the scent of death flowing in the air. The Iron Hands moved across, searching room by room Krollo, the dred, leading the way. The hum of Volkites began to ring throughout the ship. They knew they were there but refused to show themselves. "We have to be quick." marked Mor. A plasma blaster shot answered him and blew the doors open. There Krollo saw his objective and blew it up. "This is too easy." He remarked. 

"That is because it is a trap, but they will still fail"  Mor snarled and ordered the Gorgons to take care of that infernal humming.

The Iron Hands continued their march into the room. Laughter broke the silence followed by bolter fire. Shots rang in the back of Krollo temporarily immobalising  him, bullets fired at Mor, he replied with his own weapon. The lights continued to flash revealing the Night Lords in all their glory. Wearing the skulls of their brethren as trophies. Only enraging Mor he and his terminators charged forward and left none alive, including one with a fine blade who Mor took particular delight in killing. Word came in that the Raven Guard had reinforced the Ultramarines who must have needed it. 

"Destroy the objectives none can survive!". At this, Krollo turned, looking behind him. He turned to.see what had attacked him, there infront of him was Night Lord holding their volkite chargers but it was not them he was glaring at. Behind them stood that same.objectibe he swore he had previously destroyed. Raged filled him like the flames of Medusa. He could not understand what had happened. Did they fix it? Replace it? No, impossible. What was going on? Maybe the maddness of the vessel was getting to him? No his bullets had destroyed it, he swore by the Gorgon himself. Through his own relentless spirit and overcoming his immobilized status, he shot his assault cannons through the humming of the Volkites standing in the way. Three shots hit their mark and blew the objective. It would not come back from that. He stood watching the blaze burn every part of it to make sure, the fire burning hot from the expulsion was only matched by the fire within him.

Mor indicated to blow the last remaining objective in sight, even after a miss by the plasma blaster marine and a punch by Autek to get it right the first time.

The remaining Night Lords wouldn't last long and they knew it so seeing the Iron Hands had completed their mission retreated. 

"Mission completed, the ships power has been disabled, the evacuation pods also malfunctioned but before we leave I believe it's time we made our way to the bridge and say hello to our hosts."

Posted: 21/10/18 at 20:14 by: (Iron Hands)
Month Nineteen

Months Choice

This month's choice the Sicaran Venator. I have always loved the look of this tank particularly the fact that it's anti tank. Last month was tough decision between this and the vincators. The more tanks the better in my opinion.


I painted in the same way as the vincators as they both have a similar weapon. 


Next Month

Next month's choice is yet to be decided. The group are planning on having a month dedicated to zone mortalis games and I wish I had included immortals earlier. Having a plasma squad would also be nice especially with Mor's preferred enemy. Other modes of transport is also tempting.

Posted: 20/10/18 at 15:27 by: (Iron Hands)
The Weeping Sons

The rumours were true.
The Thousand Sons had come to Impetus.
Majority of the Iron Hands loathed the crimson sons for use of their psychic abilities. They knew they delved too closely to the dark side of the warp. Fear is something an Astartes does not know, particularly for the Iron Tenth, but even they were wary of the Thousand Sons. It was no surprise to hear of their heresy.

Yet for one individual, the praetor known as Hephestas, thought there was more to it than meets the eye, he didn't completely agree with the Thousand Sons use of psychic abilities but they were a means to an end. He always saw Magnus as a loyal son to the emperor and for some unknown reason felt there was more to their betrayal that has yet come to light.

Nevertheless, there in front of him he saw the warriors in their gleaming, red armour and knew he would need to eradicate every single one of them. His brothers would have no problem with that. Losing the Spartan in a previous combat, he and his troops were forced to march behind a land raider to guard over the precious Gorgon terminators who waited inside. His orders they to keep them alive, a priority after losing so many on Isstvan, every terminator and dreadnaught now was a coveted to the Iron Hands. This was his personal mission, to keep them alive until they could be utilised effectively and not be pecked off amidst the chaos.

Medusa and her sisters were with them. The Typhon and vindicators had proven invaluable since their arrival on Impetus and now joining them were two predators ready to kill.

Following orders, the Iron Hands marched forward ready to destroy the Thousand Sons and get the Gorgons and dreadnaught to their assigned location. A small force, thought Hephestas, yet he was still wary. They were still astartes and not to be underestimated. The plan was simply kill the enemy, get to safety, expect the unexpected.

It was they who struck first destroying the main weapon in Stheno - the vindicator - but her sister would see the attacker removed. Medusa's Curse saw the head of the snake, their own praetor surrounded by lightning and rock in a vortex surrounding him, remove the head and the creature dies. She laid her curse on him eventually killing him and his troops as well as a nearby dreadnaught. Hephestas had respect for the Thousand Son commander for he stayed alive but not long enough before lascannons from the Typhon finished him off. Magic it appears still couldn't stop the brutality of the Iron Hands fierce firepower.

The snake however did not merely curl over and die if anything it awoke with a vengeance. An immediate response saw terminators deep striking right in front of Medusa's Curse. They were angry at seeing hearing the death cries of their praetor, but irony was not lost as that is exactly what will cost them their lives in the end. Firing again the Typhon released its immense power. However yet again not all died. They truly were tainted by chaos to survive such destruction.

Seeing the ensuing fight, Krollo, entomed as a dreadnaught saw the one thing that could end Medusa's Curse - a chainfist. He therefore unleashed his assault cannons into the terminators removing the threat.

Hephestas saw all this unfold but he knew they could handle this and therefore continued to march forward with his men. Still wary of the shennaningans that could happen. Not long after a second terminator squad deep striked behind them. "This is where the fun begins" thought Hephestas.
Immediately after this Leorio, the apothecary, dropped dead screaming, blood filling his lenses and gushing from under his helmet. This was sorcery, this was their work, too cowardly to fight they would instead pick them off one by one with their witchcraft.

A familiar humming began to ring out into their ears but this was nothing to do with their 'abilities' but the sound of volkite cullverins. Hephestas looked around him as his men imploded. One by one they dropped dead yet one man stood his ground next to Hephestas firing back into the breach. Through sheer maddness, he refused to die and in doing so protected his praetor.

Behind, the horrors did not relent however, as a scream so powerful hit the remaining astartes. it felt like their heads would explode, so painful it made them want to end their lives better that than to continue to live in that hell. It proved too much for the stalwart warrior and in death he was at last able to rest. He would have been dead himself were it not for Medusa's Curse firing it's dreadhammer at them. This gave Hephestas the chance he needed to march forwards and get the Gorgons to safety. But he did not escape unscathed. Ahead of him lay the cullverins, so behind the land raider he stayed continuing to seek cover. Once again more deep striking terminators arrived and Hephestas wondered when it would stop.

Looking over his shoulder he saw the missile launchers being shredded by lightening claws but before he turned away saw Krollo, the dreadnaught, ready to unload for a second time. Hephestas cursed him for not following his orders to get to safety but it was not the Iron Hands way. Explosions were heard behind him as the predators went down and still the Thousand Sons continued to unleash the perils of warp.

Turning back around Hephestas saw the second Thousand Son dreadnaught attempt to charge the land raider. He was willing to lay down his life, he had his power axe in hand and injured or not would halt this machine. He took a hit from the dreadnaught but still he fought on spitting blood, he felt the burst of one of his hearts and realised his blood would not clot. He was barely able to stand. This was it, this is where he will die.  Yet as he braced for his remaing heart to beat no more, something he was not expecting happened. The land raider turned around and the Gorgons came forth.
"Get inside. We will take care of this." said the bearer of the thunder hammer.
"We shall not flee like rats as others die." Said another.
"You can shove your orders up your arse. Now get inside before you bleed to death." Ordered the hammer bearer.

Hephestas did as he was told. He wasn't going to argue, he knew the reason for his mission, since Isstvan things became desperate, they had to be careful now and not fall like their beloved primarch. But you could not stop what you were created to do. To dishonour yourself and your legion by running and hiding. That was not the Iron Hands way, they would rather die than betray themselves.

Sitting in the land raider the Typhon was now mopping up the remaining terminators and Krollo would soon make short work of the lightening claws. Euryale would also avenge her sister, Stheno. He took one last glance at the Gorgon terminators, standing in front of the crimson dreadnaught, to enact their own retribution before he fell into unconsciousness

Posted: 16/09/18 at 23:42 by: (Iron Hands)
Month Eighteen

Month Choice

This month has been a long time coming making my solo predator executioner into a squadron. Therefore it's time to introduce another pred to my Iron Hands army. Long term I will be adding three other predators with their autocannons. I did plan on doing this sooner but a lack of an normal predator autocannon meant the executioner was the choice this month. 


Next Month 

For next month a sicaran venator maybe on the cards. I have always had an appreciation for the tank from when I first saw it and always wanted to include it in my army, potentially a second but with already including my vindicators it will be a tough decision therefore the options are always open.

Posted: 15/09/18 at 21:23 by: (Iron Hands)
Month Seventeen

Sthenno and Euryale

Months Choice

This month I'm introducing two vindicators to the army. The chance to take these beautiful tanks one day as our traitor Iron Warriors player decided to let them go, to which I am more than grateful and happy for. These are going to be key destroying other Spartans and the like. I have named them Sthenno and Euryale after Medusa's Gorgon sisters in Greek Myth who were equally as terrifying.

This month I am also introducing an apothecary to the Iron Hands.

Next Month

The Venator or the predator may come about next month but we shall see.

Posted: 18/08/18 at 21:24 by: (Iron Hands)
Month Sixteen

Months Choice

This month saw me introduce yet another surprising choice in the form of a missile launcher squad. With money once again being tight there were not many options available. With help from our Raven Guard player I was able to assemble this heavy support squad. Another reason for the choice was anti air with more and more flyers turning up. This at least would help in this endeavour.

Next Months Choice

Next month a couple of options have become available to me. After picking an anti air option for this month tanks are on the cards next time to deal with yet more tanks. Venators and vindicators look to be the best option. Another predator is an option now the points are increasing to help against infantry. 

Posted: 13/08/18 at 17:01 by: (Iron Hands)
Month Fifteen

Month's Choice

This month has taken me by surprise for I did not intend this to happen for a very long time however due to cost and availability has meant I will be introducing my cataphractii terminators. I bought them originally on the cheap a while ago never intending to use them as I love my Gorgons and true to fluff the Morlocks were eradicated on Isstvan as they would have to be from Clan Avernii if I was going to field them. However needs must and they have now become this months choice. 

Nevertheless despite them being this months choice I was loath to use them as walking cataphractii's are sad cataphractiis and I couldn't bring my self to see that depressing sight. As chance may have it during one trip wandering the wastelands that is this country I ended up at the motherland that is Warhammer World and in accordance with our campaign rules I (shammingly) bought a 40k Land Raider. it was a means to an end giving these five terminators a dedicated transport, enabled them to actually be a deadly weapon instead of target practise. I detest this Land Raider for the simple reason it is not 30k, I even went so far as to try and place the lascannons vertically instead of horizontally on the sponsons but that just made it look like a morbidly obese X-Wing. 

You will also see there are six terminators instead of the five. that is because I have being chopping an changing these guys for a while now which left me one right arm missing and by not having the rules to hand and after speaking to an inebriated Raven Guard player I thought it was acceptable to have both a Plasma Blaster and a Heavy Flamer in a five man squad - thus continuing to show my inexperience. Reading the rules I realised my mistake and therefore had to use the terminator character from the Calth box to fix this which I was saving for a future project. Wouldn't want any traitors declaring I couldn't use the squad because of the HF as its not modelled as a combi bolter... 

The replacement is still a work in progress like the rest of the unit, especially including the LR.I really didn't want the bog standard look front his character therefore I cut the head off (which is on the HF guy), cut the leg off and replaced it with a mechanical leg, used a tactical power fist as the model already had the chain on it already  and gave him a new head all pointing forward. With needing the left arm and bolter I didn't want to cut this therefore went with a "Do your worst" pose. I am happy with this but he still needs to be finished.


Next Month

Who knows next month, I am quite open to what to choice at this point. I have said for the past few months what I would like but that always seems to change so leave it with me.

Posted: 17/06/18 at 01:18 by: (Iron Hands)
Clash of the Titans

The day drew on, bones ached, gears grind. The Iron Bastard drew closer to the location of the Word Bearers...

Lascannons ripped through the air, relentlessly crippling the burning red Spartan of the Word Bearers. The Iron Bastard had tracked the first heretics down and now he was going to make them pay. The enemy Spartan was crippled but still marched forward towards him, with Lorgar himself inside. Tyr had to give it to the primarch as it continued to roll forward. The Bastard was going to enjoy this. Ordering the tactical support squad to unleash their graviton guns on the vehicle. In a pulsating explosion Lorgar and his daemon Gal Vorbak marched out of the wreckage.














A grin formed over Tyr's face. Medusa's Curse made short work of the creatures that crawled next to the primarch. The Iron Bastards Spartan also unloaded it's Lascannons into the frey. Still Lorgar continued to marched forward but now alone. Lorgar slightly went up in Tyr's estimations showing some courage for once in his miserable life. Ferrus had always said out of all his brothers he was the weakest. Yet now he showed his strength as he smashed the Typhon with his croziors significantly damaging her.


The Iron Bastard still laughed for he knew what was coming. Medusa's Curse roared her engines. Still Lorgar stood his ground but for the last time. She raged forward crushing the weak primarch under her tracks. Bones crunched, hearts bled, the damaged done was ten times what any normal Astarte could withstand and looking at the wrecked body as the Typhon left Lorgar behind made all the primarch's chosen wither.

How fitting thought the Iron Bastard, what a perfect example to prove the flesh is indeed weak than to flatten a primarch.

Outflanking and angered by their loss, the veteran Word Bearers charged forward at Medusa's Curse hoping for some small retribution but like father like son they would also meet their doom at the Typhons destruction. Seeing the Veterans moving forward she reversed back, turning left, so that they would be staring down the barrel of the dread hammer. One press of a button and all 10 of the Word Bearers stood no more. Their bodies disintigarated by the destruction of the weapon. 

Believing Lorgar to be dead the remaining Word Bearers crumbled in horror under the power of the Iron Hands. All but one remained to drag Lorgars body back to safety. He continued to breath but only just.

Posted: 20/05/18 at 23:17 by: (Iron Hands)
Medusa's Nightmare

An ancient legend on Terra spoke of a woman who was cursed by the Gods turning her into a vengeful, monstrous creature, turning her into a gorgon. Some say it was a punishment for defiling Athena's temple whilst being raped by another god, some say it was actually a blessing by the goddess so that no man would be able to look upon her or hurt her again. Either way this woman was cursed to live the rest of her life on her own, surrounded by enemies waiting to decapitate the head of the gorgon and keep it as their prize

If the old stories are true and history is a wheel then one of its greatest jokes came at our own Gorgons loss by the blade of Laer.

As such it was poignant naming one of our tanks Medusa's Curse, hel have no fury when the Iron Hands march forward with vengeance nce that will be delivered to our enemies sevenfold. 

The Typhon heavy siege tank growled forward with a 10 man tactical squad marching at the side. They had just arrived on Impetus planning to regroup with their clan brothers. Rivalry had always been a key motivation amongst the IH but now more than ever did they have to work together, whether they liked it or not. Previous communication and data suggested that the Iron Bastard, Thanatos Tyr, was awaiting their arrival and was planning to remove the disease that was the Word Bearers from this planet.

"Any time now we should be insight." Est muttered to the those driving forward in the Typhon.

The scanners read that a sizeable force was indeed ahead of them, with communications down for the last thirty minutes, the troops began to suspect that not all was as it first appeared. 

"Has their been anything from the Iron Bastard yet?" Barked Est.

"Nothing..." replied Jsnow

Upon the horizon figures started to appear but they were not those of the Iron Hands.

"Midnight fucking Clad, its the bastard Night Lords" yelled Est

Within seconds a tidal wave of marines bearing lightning bolts , chain glaives and Astartes' heads and limbs came charging forward.

"Hold position. "Get me Tyr now!"

A connection was finally made between the two Iron Hand forces but all could be heard was the screams of dying men.

"You think this scares us you cowards?? Let them feel Medusa's Curse, fire at that Land Raider" ordered Est.

The the multi ton shells was released only to find it's target replaced by that of the adjacent building of landraider.

Est eyes turned to a burning white flame at the calamitous error that just happened. He glared at Jsnow, grabbed him by his neck, picked him out of his chair and threw him toward the back of the Tyhon. 

"We have no time for mistakes!"

Est regain focussed and looked again at the tsunami that was about to hit. 

"Well as we clearly can't hit it, there's only one thing we can do, ram it, we are going to ride the lighting today brothers. Full speed." 

There would be no mistakes this time. Medusa's Curse launched herself forward into the Night Lords, by rights the Night Lords shouldn't even be here but when the dice rolls against you, you can only do one thing. 

Night Lord troops were crushed to death between the two hulking machines while some fell beneath her tracks. Momentum built and Medusa's Curse enacted her retribution on the Landraider. It was split in two but not before the terminators evacuated and joined in the dark sea of the Night Lords surrounding her like dogs.

Upon the horizon the Iron Bastard had arrived and overlooked the carnage that lay before them and knew they were too late.

"We will meet again Night Lords" Tyr spat. 

Posted: 13/05/18 at 21:39 by: (Iron Hands)
Month fourteen

Medusa's Curse

Behold the field in which I grow my tanks and you will see that a super heavy has arrived. With the increase in points, the emergence of Primarchs and my personal need for more tanks this month I'm bringing a Typhon to the table. 


She's called Medusa's Curse, named for both the connections to the Iron Hands homeworld and the Greek myth. Medusa was her name from the start but then accompanying her name it was suggested I put some feeling in it. I settled on curse again with the link between the two realities. Medusa's spite came a close second which means I just have to get a second later down the line.


I'm really looking forward to how this Typhon plays out, even if I lose the game I want to see it wipe something off the table with the 7" blast. She will probably now die first turn.


Next month

Next month I'll be looking at increasing my predators to make a squadron. Short term I'm thinking another executioner plasma blasta long term I'm thinking 3 standard predators. As always more castellax and immortals still an option  as well as a sicaran.

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Month Thirteen

Last month was full of despair as the chaos gods tried to disrupt the battles that lay ahead.and unfortunately succeeded, They may have won but the might of the loyalist will not be so quelled. The chaos storm that brought the treacherous conditions may have halted for the time being but it will not hold forever. 

The Iron Hands have fought bravely since the beginning of this campaign. Losses have been made yet the sacrifice was always great. Heading into this period was amassed my novices still trying to find their place in the Emperors galaxy. It has taken too much time and too much blood to finally understand what is ahead. With knew found knowledge comes new ways of improvement, one that the Iron Hands will continue to do so. The Flesh is Weak and will always remain so. In each and every one of us there is room for improvement, parts of us that require us to adapt and change in order to survive. One can accept what one has been given to them, allow it to consume us or one can equally accept it and want something more, yearn for a better life. to prove that oneself is better and stronger than all the rest and will do so accordingly. Therefore my next choice (to which you may have recognised before) are my veteran squad. I decided after the horrific encounter with Mechanicum to upgrade my tactical troops. They have seen much blood shed and can use this to their advantaged, picking up a few favourable traits alongside other shattered legions such as being expert marksmen may help tip the balance against the robotic scum.One can hope at least... Therefore this month I am introducing my veteran squad but am simply updating my current squad

Given their new found knowledge two of the men have been equipped with plasma guns and two new recruits from the Raven Guard Legion who particularly needed to kill every traitor standing and therefore have chosen a heavy bolter each to kill as many men as possible.


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Month Twelve

This month I have decided to bring in a contemptor dreadnaught arming it with two khares  pattern assault cannons.My last fight did not go so well, a rematch against the mechanicum but truth be told what he put down on that table was terrifying and my army was not strong enough to stop it. Especially when he bring a damn flying bug with f****** haywire, as a result a bit of anti air is needed and my dreadnaught was my choice. I've wanted to secretly bring one to the table for a long time but felt that other things outweighed that decision... until now. I chopped and changed the stance of the Calth dread to give it a more dynamic pose and one I am very happy with. The base I just used remnants from resin spruces. 


New Rules

With the new rules I will also be adding another rhino as a dedicated support and a praevian to babysit C-137.  The praevian actually started from the model in the Calth box but I wanted to change it so it didn't look the same as the rest. Replacing the head, arm and leg meant that in true Iron Hand fashion I was able to make this guy look even better, The dead Emperor's Children you'll find underneath I  was able to nab from a bits box. The power axe was the Iron Father's that was going spare and I gave him the combi bolter for the range. For the rhino I am planning on changing the bolters up top and rep[lacing them with something with more of a punch. I didn't do this originally due to my opinion of rhinos that being its a box to die in. However thanks to Head of the Gorgon these boxes have the chance to at least hit something when it comes on.



Next Month

A Primarch has entered the building and at least another one on the way. Because of that I need to start thinking of my own Lord of War choice, something is on the way which will be revealed next month.After that I am thinking of getting a Sicaran, especially after my last game that would have come in very handy however money is still a thing. Other option still include another predator or more castellax. Immortals is another option I'm playing with but yet to decide whether to keep them as immortals or just use the models as breachers.

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Month Eleven


Month's Choice

Now that funds have become available I am introducing my 10 man melta squad. Using the Head of the Gorgon Rite of War will make for some interesting times with these guys. I also decided to include a Salamander and two Raven Guard in the squad to represent the fact that after Isstvan the Iron Hands, Raven Guard and remaining Salamanders had to join to together in order to survive becoming the Shattered Legions. My army still and always will be Iron Hands but this is more fluffy to the game.and although they look different will still be counted as Iron Hands.



Next Month

For next month's choice I still haven't really decided as I just want to buy everything! Alas the rules have been set and a good thing too really..I'm toying around with a lot of things at the moment. Another Rhino would be useful but then in my previous game against the Sons of Horus, despite my Spartan I need more things to help destroy vehicles so more castellax is an option, sicarans would also go down well. More predators to go alongside my current which hasn't let me down yet is something else I have thought about. I have recently bought a contemptor dreadnought as well which I have decided will be using two kheres pattern assault cannon but its a question of whne to bring that to the table. Speaking with other legions I know people are going to start bringing Primarchs to the table which is something else I need to consider because... you know... :'( so that is something else.

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Month Ten

This Month

As stated last post, this month I will saving my £20. I have started on a melta squad which is currently a work in progress but they will be introduced next month. Alongside this squad a pravian and another castellax I want to get to go with C-137. Other options include more rhinos and more tanks.


Saving this month means my budget is currently £31.50. Next month this will increase to £51.50. I feel this isn't going to be the only month where I save.


Iron Hands v Iron Warriors

The Iron Hands last victory against the Iron Warriors was amazing, a very close fight with lots of outflanking from both sides. From the Iron Hands point of view this was the first time I was able to use Head of the Gorgon to maximum effect. Deployment heavily suited outflanking which after one round of nothing happening, the second round truly kicked things off. The Spartan did it's job transporting the Gorgons and Mor, not only protecting them but having some nice shots and leaving the game with not a scratch on it. Top marks goes to the predator which outflanked and was able to remove most of the terrifying siege terminators. Alongside this I had a 10 man tactical squad in a rhino kept in reserve to outflank the Iron Warriors Havoc Squad. It was a beautiful sight to behold and something I will be continuing to use and develop on.

The game was very tight and with the Iron Warriors veterans outflanking my tacticals I did think I had lost the game and would have done to if my grav gun squad had not survived or didn't rally or if my final Gorgon had died or more amazingly was Mor's unbreakable will to survive taking on the Iron Warriors dreadnaught with the sole surviving Gorgon. Mor took two wounds from the dread and had he not have made two 5+ saves the game would have been the Iron Warriors.

Top marks to our IW's player yet again for another great game, both times he was unlucky not to win but the Iron Hands just continue to prove their metal.


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Month Nine

And here it is sports fan the one and only Spartan. Still a work in progress but already I'm in love as I've wanted one for so long. Shout out to our Alpha Legion guy who did a marvellous job of building it. Would have liked to have done it myself but alas I can't be trusted (by myself and others)

Month Spend

So this months cost was £110 for the spartan leaving me with £11.50. Next month it will take me to £31.50 but short of buying anything on my list so next month I will be saving. Melta squad are still on the cards alongside another Castellax to go with C-137 and a pravian to control them.

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Monster or Machine?


The landscape was barren, dead. Nothing but grey sand and black rock. In the distance, small ruins of a long dead civilization and an adversary awaiting retribution...
Autek Mor felt the oil thick sweat drip from his hairless brow. His bionics were beginning to get twitchy once more but he knew they were in no need of repair, it was his boiling rage at the weakness of his foe. He could now see his once ally in the distance, the magos Octerramax Shunt. He was flanked by two towering Castellax of his own design, he was once a great priest of mars thought Autek. His betrayal will not go unpunished!
"Valos! Give the order, we charge full force into these traitorous vermin!" Demanded Autek. Valos nodded in response and turned his head to face the remaining 10th legion warriors.
"This is Sergent Valos, all squads form up and assault the mechanicus forces. Full attack!" Without hesitation, the hum of overcharged bionics and power armour flickered to life like the beginnings of a storm, a storm of pure rage. "All squads lay down suppressing firepower whilst we Gorgons close the gap and crush them personally" Valos now followed his commander into the jaws of the hated enemy. Traitors. 
"FOR FERRUS! FOR VENGEANCE!" they all bellowed in unison.

Octerramax was not a patient being, he would say man but very little now remains of his humanity. Horus ordered a patrol of the northern wastes before continuing south with his invasion. 'Patrol' thought Octerramax, this was well below a machine of his talents. Not only was precious upgrading time being wasted on these needless duties but Horus was leading his forces further away from Mars! That was not the agreement! The Magos composed himself quickly, emotions such as anger should and will be beyond him soon enough. Once he has pleased the Warmaster, the hidden techs of Mars will rid him of the final weaknesses of humanity. He looked around to make sure no one could see before smirking at the thought. He was, however, interrupted in his moment of glee, not by a concerned observer but a clicking of his sensors. He began to speak aloud.
"Astartes!? This far north?" Octerramax paced side to side. He never expected to encounter resistance of this high value, it was the whole reason he accepted these humiliating orders in the first place. "Identify!" a nearby servitor began to click and hum. "10th Legion....? Iron Hands!?" The clicking and humming continued. "Curses! Castellax stay near to me! Deploy defense protocol Omega 214! I don't want them anywhere near me!" He now stared frustratingly further across the dusty desolate plains. They were coming.

Weapon fire of the most experimental kind now came crashing through the Gorgon terminators. The Gap seemed much further than originally planned and less time spend killing them meant more time to kill his men. The first victim of the Gorgons was Kalath. Autek clenched his fist in rage.
"You will pay for that Traitors!" He barked. If it was not for Valos his rage would have continued to blind him.
"Commander! This Magos is employing protocol 214" Autek thrashed his head back to look at Valos and then back to the ground beneath him. The sands underneath them were moving and as a result, significantly slowing the Gorgon's advance. "He will be using the Castellax as the grounding rods for the technology, we need to focus firepower on one of them to break it!" Valos could see that there was little left of the Iron Father tactically and voxed his orders around to all units without waiting for a response. Within moments the 10th legions firepower came to bear on just one target and the Castellax was heavily damaged seconds later, with that the enemies plans foiled. It did not take more than a few instances for the remaining Gorgons to smash into the mechanicus forces...
Alert! Omega 214 ceased. Those were not the words Octerramax was looking to hear from his internal mainframe connecting him to his Castellax. It would be mere moments before the Iron Hands smashed into his forces so he needed to think fast. Luckily his mechcanicus brain could now calculate hundreds of tactical outcomes in mere seconds, which is all he needed. "All units engage close quarters protocol 1" Though he had not the fleshy parts to show it, Octerramax scowled at his adversaries closing in on his position. Though one was clearly in need of a full repair both Castellax readied themselves for the Astartes assault. Their mighty weapons of Mars crackled to life and had already begun to spin ready to swing at the nearest foe. A clash between machine and monsters was neither quiet or dull and this was no exception, which was which however remained to be seen. The Gorgon's armour began to burst into a blinding light with each and every glance on their field generators but not a single blow was fatal. It would seem that the beasts of Mars faired just as well during the initial strike as even the impaired Castellax was still holding back a Gorgons powerfist. With this extra time, Octerramax deployed his final strategy. "All Thallax units flank and destroy these nuisances!" Jetpacks roared across the sides of the 10th legion forces and ionizing las-beams shot across the Gorgons lines. The discharge of electromagnetic force proved too much for their armour and slew all but two of the remaining Gorgons. The Magos smirked once more, he had won.

"Octerramax! Octerramaxxxxxx!" Snarled Autek. "Valos report!" With no response, Autek struggled to stand and fell to one knee. His vision was nothing but a blur and all he could smell was burnt metal and taste oiled blood in his mouth. He noticed a large red figure stomping towards him. It reached out its weaponized arm to burn the Astartes where he stood. Autek spat the oiled blood to the sand beneath him "I'll see you dead traitors..." He bowed his head and heard the lighting of the promethium in the Castellax's flamers. It was not the last thing he heard, however. He looked up again and saw Valos's thunder hammer lodged in the Castellax's faceplate.
"Commander we need to fall back to a defensive position" yelled Valos. Autek looked around him and saw dead men everywhere. The armour of his fallen brothers shattered. A small part of him knew Valos was right and the Iron hands were much better at defense than attack, but that small part of him was getting smaller and the rage was beginning to reach new heights. He looked behind the Castellax and saw his prey, the Magos!
"Valos! With me! Killed that Traitor!" Without checking Valos accepted the order he thrust himself past the remaining Castellax knocking it to the side and leaped at Octerramax. Autek swung his mighty blade at the traitor as hard as he had ever done before. An explosion of white electronic light tossed Autek across the ground to his back. 
"You should have calculated this outcome 10, 8, 1, 1 designation Autek Mor" began Octerramax. "You can not break my defenses and you certainly cannot defeat my forces" as the Magos upon his abeyant hovered towards Autek to gloat further, Valos belted behind the foe.
"Now commander!" the two warriors of the 10th legion coordinated their strikes and hit the Magos twice as hard. Autek continued to push his blade down on the priest of Mars' personal shield whilst Valos swung around to strike again with his hammer. Octerramax had computed each and every outcome of this engagement, it baffled him that they thought they could win. With his final calculation, the Magos decided to end this charade and executed a killing blow at their leader's head with his master crafted power axe. The end was coming, Valos knew this and acted.
"Look out!" Valos howled. The blow landed just as Octerramax predicted, but not where he was excepting. The Magos yanked his weapon deep from the Gorgon sergeant's chest.
"VALOS!" Roared Autek! The dying sergeant fell next to his Iron Father commander. He looked up and stared dutifully into Autek's eyes. 
"Kill it" he gritted with his dying breath. Autek could feel his anger slipping, slipping into something more. Red mist filled his eyes, he body shuddered with rage. The Iron Father felt his blood vessels exploding and his remaining teeth shatter.

"Finish him! Kill that Astartes!" Screeched Octerramax. The remaining Castellax lumbered towards Autek and began to swing its arm at him. Suddenly the Iron Fathers servo arm sprung to life and caught the oversized fist crushing it entirely. Though it could feel no pain the giant creation fell back reeling and before it could compose itself found a blade sunk through its torso followed by a sharp rip of its power core being stripped out.
"This time, you die traitor..." Autek now turned toward his prey and slowly advanced, each step followed by his echoing voice. "And your lavish technology of your own creation will not save you!" 
Had he miscalculated!? Why was this Astartes not dead!? The Magos hesitated and stepped back on his abeyant. Now within striking distance, Autek thrust again with all his renewed might towards the chest of the traitor. Like before the personal shield of the Magos held back the blade.
"YOU CAN NOT WIN ASTARTES!" Octerramax shrieked.
"I DO NOT WANT TO WIN MAGOS... I WANT TO KILL YOU!" a crack began to form across the shield, both adversaries watched the crack spread across until their eyes met in the middle. Autek knew that the Magos was incapable of showing it but he could feel the fear swell within him. "DIEEE!" He bellowed one last time. The shield shattered and as Autek opened his eyes, he felt his rage simmer back down to a calmness he had not felt in a long time. The Magos was dead. His blade struck deep into the traitor's heart if it even had one. The abeyant upon which the dead Magos and Autek now stood upon fell to the ground and sapped of all strength the Iron Father fell face first into the grey sands beneath him. He had done it and though he knew nothing else of the battle he felt victory within his soul. 
"The Flesh is weak" he whispered with the last of his vigor before passing out surrounded by Secutarii.


Courtesy of our Night Lords player, he created this off his own back after witnessing the match between the Iron Hands and Mechanicum. As you can see he is a much better story teller than myself having a lot more flare and understanding than I do. I take my hat off to him for doing this.

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Month Eight

Well due to unforeseen circumstances my initial months choice has once again not made it and therefore we have at long last Rhino F.3.L.Ts entering the Iron Hands army. Although at first I was saddened not to be bringing a Spartan, a rhino (the death in a box option) will be useful for my grav gun squad. This decision got me thinking about the film 300 and the character Ephialtes, expecting a strong formidable killing machine and ending up with something that although maybe useful is in no way comparable. I therefore had to identify this rhino as F.3.L.Ts.





The cost this month being £22.50 leaving me with £101.50.


Next Month

Hopefully the Spartan will make it to the table and that will be my choice but other options include getting a melta squad or another Castellax


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Iron Grit


Autek Mor and his army marched forward and in the distance saw the on coming Mechanicum army. The monstrous beasts that stood by the Archmagos would cause others concern but not for the Iron Hands after years of working with their once allies Autek knew how to handle the machines. He gave the order to charge, sending his Gorgon Terminators first to take the blunt of the robots firepower, having full trust they will assault the Castellax and the Archmagos. Cut the snakes head off and the body falls.


The Gorgons did their job destroying one Castellax and wounding the other. However, the speed in which they reached the machines proved to be their down fall.

As Autek and his men were gaining on the assault an attack from the trees cut down all but Mor and his sergant, Valos. Furious by this cowardice. Mor called for his reserve predator to seek and destroy those responsible, and with it's plasma executioner weapon dutifully obeyed obliterating the machines into wreckage. This however now.meant the predator was exposed and left itself vulnerable to the Thallax, a sacrifice that would not be forgotten drawing them away from Mor.

The two continued more than ever enraged by this attack and would not stop until the Archmagos was dead. They joined the Gogorns and the fight continued.

Autek and his terminators soaked up as much of the firepower as possible from the machines and hit back with all of their might but their defence proved strong and barrage after barrage hit them and still they stood, cutting down Gorgons instead. Still Mor struck with his blade and servo arm but could not.crack their defences. The anger began to cloud his mind, were it not for Valos, using his body as a human shield, he thrust himself infront of his Warlord and thus protecting him from a mighty swing of a power axe. A deadly strike.

"Kill it" Valos gritted with his dying breath.

After losing so many men and now Valos, Autek's anger became unbearable and the red mist filled his eyes. He struck with all his might again and again until the machines defence cracked and Mor carved open the Archmagos with his blade. Seeing the Archmagos' lights go out left one other to destroy. Mor stood in the monstrous creatures now broken and battered shadow and unleashing hell used his servo arm to crush the metal body to the ground repeatedly hammering the once Castellax.

Now the two were indeed destroyed, Mor cleared his head, took a break and looked up. Standing in front of him were the remaining Thallax...


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Month Seven

Yet again a month goes by and I change my mind on the rhino and instead this month's choice is going to be a Predator giving it the executioner plasma blaster and heavy bolters. There were a couple of reasons why I changed my mind, thinking about more choice for my right of war: seeing a predator coming from the side, killing lots of troops or even keep it at the back and let the enemy come to me and die trying. Tanks are very Iron Hands and I wanted to start making them a choice that I can use.

At the moment I'm happy with the two troops and the tactical support squad in my grav gun guys, keeping them at the back shooting at whatever stands in their way. Therefore having the predator is a nice heavy support.



A new development has emerged with my budget. As we decided we could buy rhinos, predators, drop pods etc and include it in our budget for the cheapest price you could buy one, it got me thinking about my initial budget and spending £140 on the two tactical squads for essentially better looking Iron Hands. I wondered if the same scenario would apply. After speaking with a fellow loyalist and him conversing with a traitor, it was agreed the new price for tacticals will be £36 for 10 guys and £55 for veterans. 

This now gives me back £68.

The predator for this month took me to £31 leaving my new budget at £104.

Next month

Having a budget increase to such a figure can only mean one thing to come...

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Month Six

After heavy casualties the Iron Hands regrouped and were not present at the fight last month meaning C-137 is still yet to fire a shot. However come deliverance it will be called upon to kill the traitor scum. Adding to the Castellax this months choice is a ten man grav gun unit thanks indeed to the Iron Hands special rule War Relic. Although counting as heavy support I think it is still worth it for the fire power. 

Next Month

Now that I've introduced the grav guys next month will see me introduce a rhino to better protect them. This at the price of £22.50.



From my budget last month of £46 and now purchasing the Rhino leaves me with a budget of £23.50 and having the luxury of £43.50 next month.

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Month Five

Month four saw the introduction of the Gorgon terminators s and I'm so glad I did. If it wasn't for them the game would have undoubabtly been the Iron Warriors, only through sheer will and belief in the dice gods was I able to claw victory from the opposition. Them and the mighty Iron Bastard, the wonderful Iron Bastard completely made up for the previous defeat and saved the game. The Iron Warriors were extremely unlucky and with more game experience he would have won.

Free Choice

For this months choice I have decided to finally introduce my Dark Fire Castellax and watch the world burn. Spying other tables around me I noticed there were more dreads coming into the game. Therefore as fw still haven't released the IH contemptor I thought this will be a good opportunity to take advantage of the special relationship between the Iron Hands and the Mechanicum.I kitted him up with the two bolters instead of the flamers. Coming across an Emperors Children shoulder pad I had to use it on this model.


Next Month

To continue the anti tank theme I am thinking of taking advantage of the Iron Hands special rule of War relic and upgrade a flamer squad to a grav gun squad although not as good against dudes as other choices it will give a hell of a punch to any vehicles. Rhinos, dreads and predators are also playing on my mind including another 10 man squad, watch this space.


I did buy the 10 tacticals, shoulder pads and the graviton guns altogether costing £38 meaning my budget has gone from £64 to £26. Next month be back at £46.

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For the Gorgon

The Iron Bastard glared at the Iron Warriors ahead of him, although respect was given in the past, before their betrayal, today there was only hatred. After the forced exit from the Night Lords, Thanatos 'The Iron Bastard' Tyr would have his revenge. He was able to regroup with a squad of Gorgon Terminators, and decided then he would take the fight to the next enemy he finds and destroy every last one of them. This he promised.

Now ahead of them was the Iron Warriors, whilst underneath them, in the now wreck of a building, dead Iron Hands lay from the orbital attack which wiped out most of the troops. Fire burned inside every man still alive and it was about to be unleashed. "They will know the true meaning of pain." The Bastard roared.

The Iron Bastard gave the command as he and the Gorgons charged forward into the oncoming fire of the IVth legion. Two fell but the rest continued, it did not matter. Thanatos' rage only increased.

Everything happened so fast, with Astartes being butchered on both sides. A sudden flash detonated directly beside Tyr leaving the Bastard blind. The Flesh is Weak he thought, his head seething from the light. He fought on regardless only to find himself and one remaining Gorgon completely surrounded by the IVth. The Bastard grinned and began to laugh.

"You think you have won don't you, you think I am surrounded. All I am surrounded by is dead men!"

The Bastard and the remaining Gorgon gutted the Iron Warriors until they were the last ones on the field. The rage had completely taken over Tyr as he continued to chase and destroy the remaining Iron Warriors in his path whilst the last Gorgon fell back knowing the battle was won but at a price looking behind at his fellow Gorgons. "Pitiful." He spat.

The Iron Warriors' sergeant continued to flee, the only one to make it out alive.

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Month Four

Free Choice

This month took a bit of deliberating between my Gorgons and my Castellax. As it feels most guys have gone down the Pride of the Legion route it means my tacticals have to face terminators and veterans ( who with marksman negate my -1 shooting). Because of this I felt I needed something heavy to give me a chance. I therefore decided on my Gorgons and thanks to a kind donor swapped their axes for two power fists and two chain fist to literally give them more of a punch. 


















The Gorgons I bought with my starting budget and this month bought the Prospero box, I sold everything except the 30 troops.

Next Month

Next month I will be buying 10 shoulder pads, 5 grav guns and maybe 5 plasma guns. However my main aim for next month is to introduce my Castellax known as C-137.

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Month Three

This month I didn't spend my £20 as I am saving it for a Rhino to protect my guys, so currently I have £24 and next month I'll have £44 to spend. The Iron Hands fared exceptionally well against the Alpha legion coming out with a victory in a game where every one thought it was going to be an Alpha win, myself included. But alas the Flesh is Weak and the Iron Hands prevailed. This month the Iron Bastard will be making his first appearance to crack the skulls of the traitors.This I can not wait for, he was my first purchase and my favourite model, Looking forward to seeing how he gets on.


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Month Two

Month Two

Same plan again building another 10 guys but this time I have included the bayonets and after the next fight will probably add them to my original 10 guys just because of points I am not doing it now. The 20 guys are going to be my base as I'll be branching off buying bigger and better things until I eventually need more. When I do I'll be buying the Burning of Prospero box for the 30 guys and swapping the terminators with that of them from the Calth box from someone else.

This time I gave my sergeant  (without the vexhilla) a power fist to smash fist into the traitors.

Month's spend

Currently FW are still without the IH dreadnought and with majority of the other guys going for the big hitters I felt I was going to be vulnerable. The answer, thanks to my Iron Father and will be Autek Mor with his cerbial cortex, was to buy a Castellax Battle Automata with Dark Fire Canon which was £40. The IH were known to have close connections with the Mechanicum and so I felt this choice was still very fluffy and a nice hard hitter. I was able to do this with the remaining  £24 I had in the budget and £20 this month still leaving me with £4.

Next month

Next month I am planning on getting a bunker to give my guys some protection as going to ground is not an option for IH far to stubborn for that. I am aware that I do need to be thinking about transport and tanks to get this IH army really going.

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Month One

Month One

First of all my job was just to get to grips with the game and I did that by building my first 10 guys. In the pack came bayonets which I chose to leave off (something I later regretted in our first campaign match). I am very fortunate to have been given a power sword for my sergeant, something that did not fair well in the battle of Garuda as my rolling was horrendous towards the end. Upon building my guys I also regrettably gave my sergeant the vexhilla which I also will be changing with my next serg.

For the paint scheme I started with abaddon black and then went over the metal in eshin grey, dawnstone and administration grey. Then for the washes that were two black washes and a green. Once dried I went for the leadbelcher topped off with chainmail and mithril. The eyes I went for blue which were a pain for how sunken in they are. Paints I used were regal blue, ultramarine blue and ice blue.

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Iron Hands

Why Iron Hands? To start off, I'm completely new to this but I have read some of the Horus Heresy books. As for choosing my legion I was first intrigued by the Iron Hands simply through the mythological links. I love Greek mythology and seeing references made in the books really grabbed my attention e.g Ferrus nicknamed the Gorgon, homeplanet Medusa etc. Then as I began to read more of the book Fulgrim I became deeply attached to the Legion; ‘The Flesh is Weak’, Ferrus standing strong in the face of his brother, fighting for what they believe in and then the end, oh god the end... I still can’t talk about the end, something the traitors in our group seem to constantly remind me about. All I will say is I still feel the pain much like the IH’s on that day. 

The respect that Ferrus had from his brothers also continues to draw me to the IH the more I read. When Guilliman heard reports that Ferrus had fallen along with the other two brothers, he stated of the three, he would miss Ferrus most of all. Later as Horus fell deeper into chaos he stated that he was surrounded by daemons and murderers instead of strategists and men of duty like Ferrus.

Initial Spend:
Budget: £235

Iron Father = £22
5 man MK3 Iron Hands x 4 = £140
5 Gorgon Terminators = £49

= £211

Leaving £24 for the budget.

I was originally going to buy the Calth box but then I found out that the Iron Hands mainly wore MK3 armour. As the boxset only has MK4 armour and the fact I would have to buy the Gorgon Terminators and Iron Hands Dred I decided it was not worth it.

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