Hero: X (Marksmen)
Master of Signal Consul
- Power Fist
- Artificer Armour
- Cognis-Signum
- Nuncio Vox
Leader: X
Veteran Sergeant
- Bolter
- Bolt Pistol
- Close Combat Weapon
- Power Armour
Total Character Points: 147
Notes and Injuries
Injury: Blinded, Task: Unfailing Skill
Available Forces
10 Veteran Marines
Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapons
2 Heavy Bolters with Shrapnel Ammo

10 Veteran Marines
2 Missile Launchers
5 Tyrant Siege Terminators
Power Fists
1 Contemptor
1 Powerfist with Combi-Bolter
1 Kheres Assault Cannon
5 Havocs
Missile Launchers
5 Havocs
Missile Launchers
Campaign Supply and Resource
Supply Pts
Action Pts

Legion Posts

Hell, it's about time

So, I've put this off for too long now and it's become something of an intimidating demon on my back, so this is my attempt to get it out of the way. Since my entire army was bought unexpectedly for me as a birthday present, I may not quite nail the proper ordained format, and welcome any corrections offered.

My army is an elite detachment of the Iron Warriors 14th Grand Battalion, the portion of that legion who flipped back loyalist on the smouldering forge world of Mezoa after having quite enough of the Alpha Legion's shit. Here it is so far, in the order in which it was built, with prices derived from the Forge World website:

2 X 10 man veteran squads, each with 2 suspensor-webbed heavy bolters and a power fist for the sarge, run with the marksman rule (2 X £90)

1 X Praetor, run as a Warsmith (£25)

1 X Contemptor dreadnought with assault cannon (£45)

1 X 5 man Tyrant siege terminator squad (£60)

1 X 10 man Iron Havoc squad with missile launchers (£117)

Narik Dreygur, special Legion Praevian (£50 approximate eBay price)

2 X Castellax automata with darkfire cannons, 1 of which is under construction for next month (2 X £41)

And, to be hopefully ready for next month:

1 X 3 man (well, once-man) Thallax cohort with photon thruster (£33)

Total value £592

Writing from a tablet in Wetherspoon, I don't have points values on hand, but this about adds up to a 2000 point army with some optional gubbins. Its general MO is to lay into the enemy with a siege line of long range heavy weapons while controlling the field and closing the vice with outflanking and deep-striking units whose close combat competence has taken more than one adversary by surprise.

Posted: 25/01/18 at 16:31 by: (Iron Warriors)
Iron Within, Iron Without

Why Iron Warriors?

Perhaps war never changes, but perspectives of it are beyond number. To the warrior-logicians of the IV Legion, war is an equation to be evaluated and solved. Victory always has a price, and every Iron Warrior knows the value of his life with cold exactitude. This doctrine of grim pragmatism informs both their infamous callousness to attrition and their preference for firepower. Systematic annihilation by shot and shell is only followed by assault when the enemy is all but broken, for the sons of Perturabo know that there is no glory in battle, only in victory.

There is terror in the beastial charges of the World Eaters, in the dread mystery of the Alpha Legion, and in the inhumane arsenals of the Death Guard, but no less intimidating are the bristling battle lines of the Iron Warriors, implacable ranks of cold gunmetal ready to calculatedly expend themselves for no nobler a cause than their foe's total destruction.

Posted: 30/10/17 at 16:47 by: (Iron Warriors)