Hero: Octerramax Shunt (Marksman)
Magos Dominus
- Abeyant Mount
- Machinator Array
- Master Crafted Phased Plasma Fusil
- Power Weapon
- Las Pistol
- Cortex Controller
- Refractor Field
Total Character Points: 150
Notes and Injuries
Injury: Shaken, Task: Act of Faith
Available Forces
3 Thallax
1 Photon Thruster
1 Castellax
1 Mauler Bolt Cannon
2 Flamers

1 Domitar
2 Graviton Hammers
1 Missile Launcher

10 Secutarii Peltasts
Galvanic Casters
Hammershot Ammo

Campaign Supply and Resource
Supply Pts
Action Pts

Legion Posts

Legio Cybernetica - Month 3,4,5

The priest straightened to full height and formed the Sign of the Cog with his hands. A venerable gift had been delivered from the Fabricator - General. Archmagos Octerramax took his place upon the gilded platform and it's machine spirits hummed softly in devotion.

One addition to the Cohort in these months is an Archmagos, costed on Belasarius Cawl but represented by FW's Dreykavac.

Work continues on the Cohort

Month 3,4,5

Budget: 0 + 20 + 20 + 20

Spent: £32

Remaining: £28


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Legio Cybernetica - Month 2

The board is set and the pieces are moving...

Month Two's budget now allows the Cohort to rise. The backbone of this force will be in its mandatory choices. ForgeWorld conveniently provides this in a compact package called the Cybernetica Battlegroup.

This includes:

1 x Magos Dominus

4 x Castellax Battle-Automata

6 x Thallax

1 x Thanatar Siege-Automata

Month 2

Budget: £260 + £20

Spent: £280

Remaining: £0

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Legio Cybernetica - Month 1

The grim ranks of automata sleep. Magos Dominus Octerramax shuffles between the stasis caskets of his charges. War is coming. He brushes a hand against the huge power umbilical of the field generators. "Sleep, my children. Dream red dreams. The truth has been shown to me. Our beneficent Omnissiah has been usurped by a pretender. The Warmaster means to cast down this Blasphemy who chokes us, crushes us under his tyranny. We will aid him. The Golden Age will be reforged anew upon the anvil of his ministrations. Sleep, my children. Soon, we march onto our destiny."

The priest smiled.

Month 1 has no purchases.

Initial buy in - £240 + £20

Spent: £0

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This has been a long time coming...

Nearly a year has passed since our little tale of many gamers began and what an amazing experience it has been. Watching our proto-armies expand, rules learned and tactics developed has blown my mind. My thanks go out to you all for making it such a joy and for getting me painting again (albeit slowly lol)

So now its time to plan for the coveted position of 2000 points.

From my position as a Mechanicum player, I'm now able choose if I want to remain building a Taghmata and have no limitations. or to specialise in collecting a Cybernetica Cohort or an Ordo Reductor army. One focuses on the implacable battle-automata the other a massed column of armour. I plumb for the former.

The Legio Cybernetica has a stricter force organisation and narrower choice but makes up for it with some cool buffs to the men of iron. To implement this change in focus I need to rebuild from the ground up. What follows will be a 'time machine journey' if i could go back.


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Tasked by the Warmaster to clear the ancient industrial complex of the Depression, Magos-Dominus Shunt and his cohort encountered a stiff loyalist resistence comprised of XIIIth Legion Terminators.

Drawing the Tech-Priest into a pincer formation of the Tactical Dreadnaught suits, Octerramax recieved a hail of bolts inflicting some less-than superficial impacts on the hovering Abayant. Feeding power into the coils of the ancient plasma projector built within the humming platform, a volley of fluorescent energies melted through the Cataphractii felling two of their number.

The Thallax came under fire from the Ultramaines' postion on the opposite flank of the manufactorum with no damage sustained. Responding with the dark violet beams of the Photon Thruster, a small hole bored through the chest of an Astartes and clean out the back, missing his comrade by mere feet.

Undetered by the demise of the Brothers on the right flank, the expereinced Legion Commander Syrus Vandar, issued orders to remove the head of this beast and destroy the Magos at all costs.

A duo of the Terminators proceeded to move up to assail Octerramax with the feared Power Gloves that shimmered with coruscating energies. Pummeling and tearing at the bulk of the Abayant, the platform began listing, its underside dragging clumsily in the dust. Shunt raised the huge Power Axe above his head and brutally cleaved the Marine before him in twain.

From behind the smoking carrage of Octerramax, the enormous frame of Virgo-Phi-041 carreened into the remaining Legionnaire. With a crude backhand swing, the Castellax sent the Terminator flying through the wall of the manufactorum.

The Ultramaines, directed by the Preator pressed onwards. Confident in the nigh impervious Cataphractii armour; they advanced into the open. Unleashing a barrage of bolter fire upon the Castellax but with little effect.

Octerramax activated ranged elimination protocols for the Thallax and urged the Castellax to open fire on the survivors.Shunt himself attempted to contribute to the firestorm of fire from his Cohort but the damage already sustained to his Abayant meant the shots missed thier target. Virgo's gouts of burning promithium engulfed one Ultramaine while it's Mauler Cannon claimed another. Meanwhile, the Thallax projected arcs of raw lightning and left smoking shell to topple backwards. The Photon Thruster spoke again piercing a Terminatr with ease.

All that remained was Preator Syrus and one terminator.

Octerramax manouvered the abayant towards the last Legionnaire and Virgo charged Syrus.

The brave Terminator's fatal blows towards Shunt were only thwarted by the Refractor Field missing the Magos by inches. A swarm of seemingly sentient metallic serpents and clutching claws emerged from under the tech-priest's robes and pierced the armour of the Legionnaire in a dozen differnt places.

Syrus dueled with the Automata, parrying a heavy blow with his Power Sword. The blow forced the Preator a foot down into the gound, he felt something crack. The pain was controllable, he had suffered more grevious wounds during the Great Crusade. The Castellax faired worse; its left arm had been shorn off at the elbow by the mighty blade. Octerramax had to end the Preator quickly lest the Ultramarine Officer destroy his construct. Bringing his Power Axe around in a sweeping arc it was easily deflected by the Preator's own blade. The mass of mechanical tentacles enveloped Syrus inflicting deep wounds to his abdomen. With teeth gritted and blood welling in his mouth he brought the Power Sword with a two-handed stab into the Abayant.

A large explosion erupted from the platform, slicing and burning the Magos with white hot shards as the power cells ruptured. Octerramax fell to the ground heavily, blackened and bleeding.

Virgo lurched as if the strings on a puppet had been cut. Seizing this moment he withrew the sword from the wrecked abayant and plunged it into the shell of the automata. Smoke poured from the machine and it's limbs spasmed. The glowing pict-viewers and targeting reticules faded. Virgo remained statuesque. Unmoving, Dead metal.

Syrus gazed over the carnage... so many Brothers laid low by the esoteric energies of the Omnissiah. He grimly noticed the Thallax jetting into position on the slagheap above him. They coldly unleashed bolts of electricty and scourging black light and he fell to the dust.

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+++Transmission Continues+++

Months 1, 2 & 3

The few models i have to paint allowed me to make a statement. I decided on a more technical style which i found more visually pleasing than the prospect of flat matt coverage. After reaserching some schemes i wished to emulate a palette by John ''Moggy'' McGee. This involved using a process of applying a clear gloss paint over a bright silver. The finish this gave, coupled with the generous use of other metallics, confirms the absolutley artificial existence of these constructs.

Thallax Cohort w/ Photon Thruster

Castallax Battle-Automata

Magos Dominus Octerramax Shunt

Abayant (W.I.P)

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Why collect The Mechanicum?

In my mind there is nothing cooler than hulking robots, death-rays and techno-wizardry. The transhumans of the Omnissiah have long drawn my imagination. Way back in Second Edition 40k with Electro-priests and Servitors oozed Grimdark. For this campaign I have thrown my lot with Mars. During the Heresy, the Mechanicum split its loyalties like the legions. Following the Crimson Accords of Mars which forbayed the Sillica Animus and the creation of AI, many of the higher echalons of Mars secretly plotted with the Warmaster; In return the promise of unregulated power to research, build and rule, as it was during the Dark Age of Technology.


Thallax Cohort w/ Photon Truster - £32

Thallax Cohort w/ Photon Thruster - £32

Castallax Battle-Automata - £40

Castallax Battle-Automata - £40

Archmagos Dreykavac - £60

Total = £204

Remaining = £31

The future purchases for the Mechanicum might see me head for more Automata or Infantry. The Domitar elite MC or the new Secutarii Titan Guard infantry are the most likely.


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