Night Lords
Leader: Lucoryphus (Slayer)
Raptor Headhunter
- Nostraman Chainglaive
- Artificer Armour
Hero: Brekash
Raptor Headhunter
- Nostraman Chainglaive
- Artificer Armour
Hero: Karsha
Raptor Headhunter
- Nostraman Chainglaive
- Artificer Armour
Total Character Points: 150
Notes and Injuries
+1 Wound on Hero
Available Forces
10 Terror Marines
Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapons
8 Bolters
10 Terror Marines
Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapons
8 Bolters

5 Raptors
Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapons
1 Meltagun
Land Raider Phobos
2 Twin-Linked Lascannon
1 Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter
5 Cataphractii Terminators
Nostroman Chainglaives
Campaign Supply and Resource
Supply Pts
Action Pts

Legion Posts

Month 17 (Why is the ground shaking...?)

There was once order amongst the chaos, there was once light within the darkness, there was once Terran-born amongst the 6th Company. His name was Daranas. He, like many of his naive brothers, could not see the tide of murderous change before it was crashing down upon him. He was the last of them but fate had a cruel destiny for Daranas the Damned.
"Tell me 'Brother' do you fear us?"
"I do not fear death, traitors!"
"...But do you fear ever-living life?"
"... What... Wait... No... No! Not that! NOOOOOOOO!"

And so ended, the order, the light, the Terran-born. So began the reign of the Bloody Brotherhood!

"I am damned with ever-living shame. Your skulls bring me closer to death. I serve the Bloody Brotherhood"

O and this guy is joining us too. He usually stays on the ship. Sevatar has new plans for him, however...


Posted: 18/08/18 at 22:18 by: (Night Lords)
Month 16 (We need more bodies!)

It is time we started to take advantage of our outnumbering rule. Here is the solution... 20 of Sevatar's chosen "Skull Renders". Accompanied by the blood-crazed apothecary "Devourer". These madmen and murderers have little to no restraint when let loose upon the battlefield. As such, Sevatar's ward who assists in controlling his repressed psychic abilities takes command of the squad. The only thing capable of commanding such unbridled insanity is the madness of the warp itself...   

Fun fact: The Devourer's insanity is attributed to the constant ancient Terran song 'Madworld' echoing through his head. Especially once the killing starts....  

Posted: 18/08/18 at 21:58 by: (Night Lords)
Month 15 (Sevatar and the Atramentar)

Flee foolish loyalist scum! Curze does not wish to sully his hands with weak pathetic foes such as yourselves! Therefore, the first captain will join the fray alongside his trusted Atramentar. Your deaths are all but assured. Mwhahahaha

Posted: 18/08/18 at 21:45 by: (Night Lords)
Month 14 (You look familer...)

Yes! That's right! The foolish Raven Guard are not the only ones capable of using flyers! This is of course the Xiphon model. But much like my loyalist scum brother I will be using it as a Lightening Fighter as clearly it is the superior unit! 

Armoured to destroy any heavy armour that threatens me or just looks in my general direction.

Lastly I'll be adding a "Character" model as part of my month 14. An apothecary. 

...with a jump pack... hmmmm I wonder where he is going.... mwhahahaha

Posted: 16/06/18 at 12:00 by: (Night Lords)
Terror has a new toy!

 Behold! You all whined and sneered at my want for volkite charges. NO MORE! Your first mistake was forcing the hand of an adapt converter! Your last will be when you decide to take them on...

Let me make this clear. My Terror marines now possess volkite chargers. These weapons in the hands of normal marines are good at best. But in the hands of my Terror Marines... *Shudders* 

So I don't want any crying or whining when they are removing units from the board. They are here to stay. Your armies however... yeeeeah I'd book them a loooong vacation.

Posted: 02/06/18 at 02:33 by: (Night Lords)
Month 13 (Death from above)

So for this month I went for MORE RAPTORS! I will be aiming to use the Horror Cult rite of war in the future which allows me to use Raptors as troops which is awesome. In addition I will finally introduce my next character... The Viper! (My Chaplin) with his unique jump pack (Hellion board) he will of course be joining the raptors on most outings.

Posted: 18/05/18 at 23:00 by: (Night Lords)
Month 12 (Veterans of the long war)

For my Month 12 I have decided to bring along a much needed unit from the early stages of the campaign, Veterans. They will form an important part of my future lists in that they will adapt to different situations based on what I'm against. Plus will the option of both Melta and Plasma (from previous months) They will be a very versatile unit. 

Posted: 18/05/18 at 22:54 by: (Night Lords)
Month 11 (Melt them!)

Following on from last months additions I will be adding a 5 man Melta team for my Month 11. In the same merit as last months I will not be using them as a stand alone unit. Only as add-ons to other units in the future.

Posted: 18/05/18 at 22:46 by: (Night Lords)
Month 10 (Plasma time!)

Yeah so plasma is cool now apparently. So my Month 10 will be a 5 man plasma team. However, I don't believe in these 10 man plasma only units. They are pointy and a loser mans choice that can't tactically think of cool ways to kill clutch units. Boring! So my 5 man unit will mostly be used in other units as add-ons. Example: for my future Veteran units etc.




Posted: 18/05/18 at 22:43 by: (Night Lords)
Month 9 (Target Locked)

So for my month 9 I decided to introduce a heavy weapons team. Missile teams seemed the best overall choice for their points cost. Plus if my opponent with flyers is silly enough to ignore them I'll be using anti air missiles!

Posted: 17/03/18 at 10:19 by: (Night Lords)
Month 8

Month 8 brings more Terror Marines as I wanted to have at least 10 man squads for my units. This means I can move on to delivery systems for my units in future months... Mwhahaha

Budget remains the same at £80 as these Marines come from the remaining models from my Battle of Calth set. 

Posted: 07/01/18 at 23:11 by: (Night Lords)
A Raven's Feathers

Decimus stared blankly at the data slate in front of him. There was no way of reading it as the Land Raider was shaking violently. 
"Curse these crow corpse mines!" Bellowed Lugarr
"Ha! I don't think they were expecting a Land Raider Lugarr" Svolas laughed in response as the large transport vehicle easily dismissed every explosive in front of it. Decimus sat quietly. This 'grey raven' and his retinue of seekers have caused disruption on a massive scale. They have gone unchallenged, unchecked and undefeated since the rebellion began and this boiled Decimus blood. He gritted his teeth, 
"Sitrep, Malrak" He spat blood as he finished due to constant gnawing at his inner cheeks from rage.
"ETA 1 minute" Malrak replied "They have tried to screen themselves with tactical marines but we have outmaneuvered them, we should...." with a sudden splintering smack The Land Raider almost flipped on its side. 
"What in Cruzes name was that!?" roared Lugarr
"That... Was a Melta Bomb" Malrak now peered through the side of their heavy transport. "There! That accursed Veteran sergeant is running in for another pass and it looks like he is packing more of those charges!"
"Run him down!" Shrieked Lugarr. Before the driver could react there was another thundering crack accompanied by the noise of grinding metal. 
"They have immobilised us sir!" wailed the driver
"They are starting to surround us!" Nemagore would usually not be concerned with this, but the thought of Scorpius rounds cutting through his Terminator armour and deep into his warped body gave him a moment of hesitation.
"Stop whining Nemagore" Barked Decimus, he had lost his patience and slammed the emergency release for the assault ramp. "Kill those damned seekers, I'll deal with these Veterans!" They won't be veterans of anything soon Decimus smirked to himself.

Sergeant Arex Milvus rose slowly from his knelt stance as if to add more glory to his achievement. He could hear the vox cheer his name, he would be remembered. However, before the taste of his glory could reach his lips the assault ramp of the traitor transport burst open and four mountainous terminators poured forth charging towards the Grey Raven and his squad.
"This is Sergeant Arex Milvus, we are on route to flank the Night Lord command retinue. Confirm?"
"Confirmed" responded the Grey Raven. "I do not have eyes on their captain, Milvus. I repeat I do not have visual on the priority target!" Milvus had to look for himself and pushed his way to the front of his squad. He could clearly see four deadly elite terminators moving towards the Ravens position but no captain.
"Confirmed I can not locate priority target" accepted Milvus. "Where is he?" he whispered to himself.
"I'm here". Before Milvus could turn a piercing scream echoed down the squad vox. Many of his team fell to the ground clutching at their helmets in agony. He himself struggled to remain balanced and fell to one knee once more, this time, however, he had to swallow rather than taste his pride. Looking up he saw an immense figure draped in gruesome trophies and in both hands a sword almost twice his length crackling with energy. The figure howled "Be grateful worms! I have come to end your suffering!"  and with one swing sliced half of Milvus's squad down. Milvus dragged himself up and his remaining squad members followed in unison. He frustratingly waited for his visor to recalibrate and focus on their attacker. He watched another two of his squad combi-boltered down with their blood splattering across the devilish figure. Moments later his visor feed confirmed his suspicion, it was the Night Lord captain.
"Kill him!" Milvus yelled. Bolt shells began to ring off the Night Lords armour but to no effect. With another two powerful strokes, the 8th captain despatched the remainder of Milvus's squad, but Milvus saw his chance and thrust hard and fast with his chainsword. The moment was too quick to catch and now both warriors looked down to witness the results of the coup de gras strike. Milvus noticed that his blow was true and had pierced the traitor's armour. The Night Lord captain began to speak softly.
"You know what the problem with you corpse crows is?" Milvus looked down at his own chest plate and noticed a large blade had also penetrated his armour, the pain now rushed through his body as a sharp sensation burned through his torso. "You scare to easy" Milvus could see the Night Lords smirk through his helmet, the blood covered armour of his assassin was the last thing he saw before being tossed aside like a dead weight.


Malrak grunted in response to hearing Decimus tear apart the veteran squad and was eyeing up the seekers who were rambling around to fit into firing lines as he pushed his terminator armour even faster into a sprint. Svolas howled with excitement as he powered his chainfist ready for slaughter and Lugarr cursed as another bolt round rang off his helmet.
"Could be worse" joked Svolas. The moment the elite terminator command squad were dreading was seconds away and they spread out to increase their chances. Finally, the first volley of Scorpius bolt rounds hammered home one of which glanced Nemagore's knee plate slowing his sprint. The last volley fired before contact bored into Svolas taking him down, he wailed in pain as his armour gave way and crashed to the ground. Lugarr cursed that he had not died from the volley. When the Night Lords hit the Raven Guard the first line was crushed under the weight of their bulky terminator armour. The 19th legion did not falter however and they focused their efforts on taking down Malrak and his 8th legion banner. Nemagore scoffed at the idea that the fools thought removing him and their banner would cause them to waver. Malrak disappeared underneath a mass of bodies now attacking him and Nemagore was concerned this fight was becoming too much of a fair one. His hesitation was momentary, however, as Malrak burst forth from the group of assailants cutting down many with each swing of his chainfist. The seekers began to flee and the Grey Raven was nowhere to be seen. Coward. Lugarr grumbled first.
"They have a melta squad bearing down on us!" They all looked over at the marines closing in on them and this fight was not looking so fair.
"Wait" Malrak responded sharply whilst battering another tactical marine to the ground. "I have an idea..." The remaining terminators acknowledged his tactic across the vox and grabbed the nearest living Raven marine. 
"That idea is so stupid..." Svolas breathed helplessly whilst coughing up more blood. In unison, the terminators lifted the remaining Raven Guard marines in front of them and charged towards the melta squad. Whether it was fear or some foolish moral of not shooting at their own the tactic worked and they closed the gap quickly, it was not long until all the remaining Raven Guard were dead.


They now regrouped on Decimus who was still fresh from the fight and dripping with loyalist blood. Svolas was still laying on his back wincing in pain. 
"Someone fetch Deltrian, this armour needs some serious repair"
"Quiet Svolas" barked Lugarr. The rest of the squad looked at him.
"It could be worse"

Posted: 18/10/17 at 01:09 by: (Night Lords)
Month 7

My month seven saw the completion of my side project I had been working on since month one. A lot of planning, building, and painting went into the model and I'm pleased with the end results. Say hello to Shadonus the Shamed, The ever-living tormented Contemptor Dreadnought.

The first task was to amend the leg position. I didn't want him A: In a standing straight position and B: Looking like everyone elses dreadnoughts. So with a little help from the hobby knife, I managed to remove and reattach the legs in a more 'striding forward' motion. Next, I decided on my weaponry which again due to the high volume of other dreadnoughts and vehicles I went with the Multimelta and Dreadnought close combat weapon. I positioned these to reflect its motion whilst making it look like it's pointing its weapon ready to fire. Lastly, I added plenty of grim trophies across its hull and was very happy with how they all fitted. All in all really pleased with it and can't wait to use it in some 'friendly' games as well as next years campaign. 

"I have shamed my Legion, I will know no end to my torment... But I will give you yours!"

Posted: 20/09/17 at 01:14 by: (Night Lords)
Month 6

So I have the pimp's ride time for the pimps to ride in it! Month five I went with my original plan of terminators. I really enjoyed building these as I wanted to customise these to look awesome (After all, they are joining my awesome looking Praetor). Firstly I added plenty of trophies and they use a Deamon head as the banner. I then used chainfists because why not. I will be using them as Cataphractii Terminators and personal bodyguards to Decimus (The Praetor) himself. The Terminator squad lead needed something a little extra to make him stand out, so I decided to make my own Chain Glaive Sabre and I was not disappointed with the results. 

Death to the False Emperor

(It was a Night Lord who first uttered these words!)

Posted: 20/09/17 at 00:48 by: (Night Lords)
Month 5

So after two devastating defeats at the hands of dreadnoughts I had seen enough. Revenge was all that mattered and using up my current month of £20 and another £25 from overflow budget (Now £33 remaining) I obtained myself....


Mwhahaha! Nothing fancy in terms of build. I added a few transfers I had been keeping my eye on such as the skulls and Night Lord symbols. I added a few Traitor bits as well like chains and skulls nothing to 'Chaosy' yet. My plans for the future were to use it as a transport for my Terminator unit and Company Captain as I don't like foot slogging elite units!


Posted: 20/09/17 at 00:28 by: (Night Lords)
Month Four

For my month four, I went with completing my raptor pack. Again spending well within the monthly budget I purchased another Raptor box set for £19. Using the remaining parts from the first set I was able to make a total of seven models. Six of these were all equipped as standard (Chain sword and bolt pistol) and the last was equipped with a Melta gun due to the increasing number of vehicles. Just like with my previous models I stuck mostly to what I had on my 40k sprue with the exception of the torso in which I used the upgrade pack for Night Lords torsos as well as the shoulder pads. I just prefer these models over their heresy counterparts. They look more menacing, devilish and downright evil. In addition, they don't look like they have rickets, unlike their heresy counterparts. (Yeah that's right, Go here > < and what has been seen can not be unseen) 


Posted: 31/07/17 at 21:21 by: (Night Lords)
Month Three

For my month three, I decided to introduce my characters like everyone else. Firstly I purchased a 40k raptor box set for £19 (Well within my monthly budget). Using the parts inside and adding a little extra from my bits box I created three Raptor Headhunters to use as my Hero and leaders throughout the campaign. I was going to use a lot of heresy upgrade packs to make them more 'in fitting' with the time, but after staring at the 40k sprue for a while I decided that most of the bits look way better. I did concede on the torsos however and used Night Lord heresy torso and shoulder pad upgrades to make them look more 30k and less Deamon overload 40k. Weapon wise all I did was add from my bits box 'poles' to the other end of the chain weapons to simulate Chain Glaives. 

They performed well in their matches but towards the end of the campaign, they were far outmatched by other combat units joining the fray and thus I decided to change the choice I made but stayed within budget by using a Terminator model from the Calth box set. I really enjoyed making the model and I hope the picture does it justice. I simply used the parts from a Terminator model from the Calth set but used spare Grey Knight Terminator arms and sword to create a 'swinging down' motion (This took longer than I care to admit to pose right). Finally, I extended the sword to make it look more fearsome, added a spare cape in which I painted blood red to simulate it being drenched in blood and lastly used one of my spare pre-made bases to stand him on.

This model will now represent the 6th Company Captain.... Decimus Silaz, the Flayer

Posted: 31/07/17 at 21:18 by: (Night Lords)
Mission Brief- Lucoryphus of the 5th Talon 6th Company Night Lords. Ravens Prey.

Posted: 12/05/17 at 00:18 by: (Night Lords)
Into Battle, in Midnight Clad!

The foolish Raven Guard will learn to fear us!

Posted: 06/05/17 at 23:11 by: (Night Lords)
Month One and Two

Night Lords - Well like many of the others I have almost completed my month 1 and 2 build and paint squads. For me, I started with ensuring I had everything I needed before cutting and gluing.

From here I cut out and matched everything I wanted on each model. This included all the spare bits I had laying around like spikes (40k chaos terminator/vehicle bits) and flayed skin (Kroot bits).

Then I glued it all together, which in hindsight I will most likely glue the bolters on after painting but I worked with it for now.

Painting wise was a little more difficult but personally, painting is the worse part for me. Building and converting is the fun part, painting is a chore aha! 

However, I persevered and was very happy with the result which makes it worth the extra time I put into them. I usually batch paint but for these models, I made an exception by painting no more than 2 at a time. This meant I could spend more time detailing the models.

I simply followed the painting lord himself from Warhammer TV's YouTube channel and it worked a charm. So I won't bore you with that story! Otherwise, enjoy the pics! 

Posted: 27/04/17 at 00:53 by: (Night Lords)
Night Lords 6th Company

The 6th company is a somewhat unheard of part of the 8th Legion. They played a small but effective part in the Great Crusade as well as the Great Betrayal itself. Many campaigns were won with their efforts alone using sheer skill and fear to achieve their goals. Prior to the Night lords introduction to the Great Crusade, the 6th Company or then known as the Bloody Clawed Brotherhood was already a well-established crime syndicate on Nostramo. The Brotherhood had strong ties with most of the noble elite after many years of kill or destroy contracts against rival nobles and gangs. When the time came to recruit the best of Nostramo for the Great Crusade, undoubtedly these well-trained murderers were put forward for trials with their true nature hidden. Unsurprisingly a majority of the brotherhood past the trials and soon made up a large portion of the 6th Company. In their early years of warfare against the rebel humans and greenskins the 6th Company honed their mastery of fear tactics to the larger universe and much like their fellow Night lords proved it to be a very effective tool for victory. It was only when they encountered the Slaugth towards the end of the Great Crusade that the 6th Company learned that the galaxy was not like the streets of Nostramo and that fear and discord could not overcome all enemies. The Terran-born Captian Shadonas lead the Company through the campaign against the Slaugth, but the war took its toll and the company was suffering heavy losses. Without fear and discord in their enemies, the Night Lords struggled to push forward. Soon after news of a stalling campaign reached the Kyroptera the Nighthaunter himself arrived and made swift changes that changed the 6th Company forever. He demanded that the current Captian and his successor Decimus duel for the right to finish the campaign as leader, this fight would be to the death. The duel lasted many hours of which the Nighthaunter followed every clash and cut. Ultimately due to Decimus's dirty fighting, he beat his Terran captain and impaled him through his eye with a nearby blunted combat knife. As a trophy, Decimus cut the face of Shadonus clean off and placed it upon his armored chest plate earning him the name, the Flayer. The Nighthaunter said nothing and walked away. Some of the 6th Company to this day believe that the outcome of this fight decided Konrad's view of his Legion as well as the Imperium as a whole. With Decimus now in charge new and terrifying tactics were used to destroy the remaining Slaugth with the final battle taking place on Dalthus. Here Decimus fought with the leader of the Slaugth and defeated him but this almost cost him his life and was badly wounded upon his face. With the campaign finally complete, Decimus set into motion his final plan. He eliminated the remaining marines that were not of the Bloody Clawed Brotherhood and set to refresh and regroup the company at Nostramo where the rest of his Brotherhood were waiting. Soon after the company was brought back to full strength the next assignment was given to join the imperial forces at Isstvan V...#

Posted: 10/04/17 at 01:34 by: (Night Lords)
Night Lords

Why Night Lords? - To claim victory is never enough for me, I must sow terror and panic into my foes and have them flee before me! It all began when I started reading 40k novels and came across Soul Hunter. Great book and I was instantly hooked so when the idea of 'Tale of many gamers' came along Night Lords were the only choice! The 10th Company from the Night Lord novels showed me that the traitors are not all about summoning demons and touching themselves. They showed me that they are no different than most of the legions and are simply reacting to something worse than Horus's rebellion, a betrayal by their own father! The Imperium is weak! It must burn in its failed hubris and the Night Lords are more than happy to oblige.

Tactically, I plan on striking fast and striking hard. Use my special rules to their fullest and outnumber my opponent when I can and retreat when I don't. Terror squads will be my main call in terms of unit choice with Raptors being close behind. Drop pods and light vehicles mostly unless there is a super awesome tank I take fancy too. 

Initial spend - £235
Battle of Calth box set - £95
Legion upgrades - £122
Total - £217

Remaining - £18


Posted: 10/04/17 at 01:24 by: (Night Lords)