Raven Guard
Hero: "The Grey Raven" (Marksman)
Vigilator Consul
- Power Axe
- Artificer Armour
- Cameleoline
- Stalker Bolter
Leader: Sgt Arex Milvus
Veteran Sergeant
- Artificer Armour
- Melta Bombs
- Bolter
Total Character Points: 147
Notes and Injuries
Available Forces
10 Tactical Marines
Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons

10 Veteran Marines
Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons
2 Plasma Guns
10 Seekers
Bolters with Seeker Ammo
1 Contemptor Dreadnaught
Chainfist with Graviton Gun
Powerfist with Graviton Gun
10 Tactical Marines
Campaign Supply and Resource
Supply Pts
Action Pts

Legion Posts

Month [ERROR##@127763ERROR!#ERROR]

It’s been a while. Updates are few and far between at the minute. Damned reality getting in the way, leaving precious little time to paint and post. The Campaign is currently undergoing a waning period, again due to real life commitments. We’re looking at options to get the ball rolling again in full.


So: This is actually November’s slot – A Seeker Squad! The changes to seekers via the FAQ have made the option for combi-weapons very appealing. Coupled with the bonus from Marked for Death AND the preferred enemy Independent Characters from the Decapitation Strike rite of war; this is a pointy but devastating unit for an Alpha Strike drop pod. It’s been some time since I did edge highlighting on a squad and I don’t miss it. I did muse over painting the combi-plasma with a bit more pizazz, ruled against it in the end with them not having the standard plasma (tubing?) At the top.


Progress since November has been split three ways between Heresy, Titanicus, and Heresy: Kill Team. Progress on all three has slowed to a grind, however I have my first Kill Team member nearly complete:


And the rest of the team mostly built:

I also have the bulk of my first maniple built and painted. The Warlord is done (Name pending)


And the Warhounds just need weathering:

The Reaver is part built but still needs to be magnetised. I want to do a painting Blitz week to get everything back on track, get the Kill team complete and the Titan Maniple finished. Once I get that done I should be able to have more options when it comes to gaming.


Next time on Heresy: After the above Titans and Kill teams, I have a couple of Dreadnoughts I need to paint for my Raven Guard, but my interest is in getting my Liberation Force up and running to give me ROW flexibility. At the minute, the way the army is comprised I am limited to Decapitation Strike.  I need to paint 45 Militia and 3 Leman Russ Tanks in order to open up Liberation Force. (I also have the models pending to do a Recon Force, but that will be much further down the line)

Posted: 11/02/19 at 23:33 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Twenty

Month Twenty: Time makes fools of us all.

Finally the Tarantulas are here! Not due to desire but necessity: I've had almost no time to paint for the past two months leaving me with overlap. So this month has been spent finishing my Venator, Spartan and Terminators. With them done (And some more work on my White Scar kill team) I've had no time to put into a new choice. Ergo, I present the Tarantulas!


Next month I want to work on another squad, maybe recon or seekers. Possibly some more Mor Deythan. We'll see.

Posted: 10/11/18 at 18:09 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Nineteen

What is the Riddle of Steel?

I spent a lot of time deliberating as to how to paint my Venator. On the one hand, the fast moving vehicle fits with the style of the Raven Guard. Having already broken my 'tank virginity' with the Rhino(s)? (Shhhh) for my Mor Deythan (Stupid Decapitation Strike ROW omission) I could have neatly slotted it into the force. However, I only added the Rhinos because there was literally no other choice, and as mentioned multiple times I am building the army with a shattered legions theme in mind as it is post Isstvan. [The dream being to eventually expand to a proper Shattered Legions Army] As with the flamer squad and Terminators, this will be used as Raven Guard, and will have a Raven Transfer to represent its dual alliance. I do enjoy painting vehicles as its a happy break from the norm. Even though Iron Hands are also black *sigh* the techniques I use are quite different and it has been fun to paint so far. I am also starting to work on my Heresy Kill team and as a consequence the Venator is not quite finished yet. The Kill Team is going to be White Scar's Saygar Mazan and I'm looking forward to tinkering with it. The plan is to make use of the kill team in heresy games as a Veteran Squad. But we'll see.


Tulgajin Nokud 

Next month?

Next month really depends on time. If I have the resources i'll be adding a seeker squad I think. If time is limited it will likely be another Dreadnought. 

Posted: 20/10/18 at 12:16 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Eighteen

This month everything has gone off kilter for me as I have had to disappear for two weeks, reducing painting time. I was going to just make use of my much maligned Tarantula Battery (Begrudgingly), however I did find the time to do another ‘Shattered Legions’ squad. Fittingly it is a mix of Salamanders and Raven Guard as the squad is a flamer team. I find Salamanders a lot quicker to paint as they can be drybrushed rather than edge highlighted. Whilst the squad will be used as part of my Raven Guard army, the shattered legion element will allow me to translate into Shattered Legions as an army, and eventually I will be adding full squads of both Iron Hands and Salamanders. I went with a flamer team because they will benefit from ZM rules, they will be effective as Salamanders (eventually) and I’m intrigued to see the impact they might have on a game given it’s a cheap and cheerful short range unit. I build them with additional CCW’s as they will be getting close and personal, along with the assault weapons they may be able to do some damage if they manage to live that long.

Better pics to follow


Next month: I have those Tarantulas again….but I have plans for them so again will see..

Posted: 16/09/18 at 08:48 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Seventeen

Boggy Lives!

This month opportunity struck and changed my whole priority. I managed to get hold of some Tartaros terminators and a Spartan and a plot was hatched! Months choice: Tartaros Terminators Squad, Primaris Medicae, Spartan Transport

Behold! Apothecary Anyanwu and the Sable Flame:

I have been adding the odd shattered legion marine into my squads for a while now, with the goal to eventually do a shattered legions force as an alternative to my Ravens. This also allows me to include the 'Non Raven Guard' themed troops in my army eventually (Termites beauuuuuutiful Termites). With that in mind the Spartan and the bulk of the Terminators are Salamanders, the idea being the group of them, along with the Primaris Medicae and a handful of Raven Guard were in the medical tents when betrayal struck on Isstvan and managed to make it off in a Thunderhawk Transporter. The models are still a little WIP so better pics will follow.


Next Month:

I have a couple of interesting projects pending, including some Catafatties and still the forsaken Tarantulas, so we'll see.

Posted: 18/08/18 at 12:25 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Sixteen

The Shadowmasters.

I've been wanting to add Mor Deythan since we started but hadn't found an appropriate time/slot. I was pretty disappointed when I realised they cannot take Pods in the Decapitation Strike rite of war and have had to breach my 'No Tanks' rule as a consequence. Mor Deythan are the coolest of the Raven Guard, if there is a Raven Guard character in the novels fucking up shit or shooting Primarchs through the skull then you can bet its one of these guys. I enjoyed doing the cloaks again, following the template I established with Maun (Although now with the faq he can't take a camo cloak!) The official colour scheme for them for me has far too much white and silver for a stealth specialist team, so I have gone as always for a subtler palette, going for an inverse scheme on the shoulder pads that turned out quite nicely.

Taking Rhinos was not my original idea, so to fit with the theme I imagined they may have been set up for days, covered in camo netting, awaiting victims in carefully laid ambushes. To that end I did camo netting over the hull and muted the chapter colours on the doors. I think it turned out alright too. I went for a thick mud mix on the dozer blades and tracks. This is a unit that could be out in the field for weeks and I wanted to reflect that in the weathering on the vehicle.

I'm at a bit of a loss for next month. I have a few ideas, some Tarantulas lined up, as well as wanting to start putting together Militia for a Liberation Force army list. However opening up the 'Tanky Door' may allow for other options...


Posted: 21/07/18 at 13:54 by: (Raven Guard)


Posted: 10/07/18 at 23:18 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Fifteen

'The Oathkeeper'

I have been wanting to expand my tactical combat squad for some time now and have just had more pressing things to add. This month finally sees a third tactical squad join my forces, which is more than likely going to go to battle as an addition to my first. I love the idea of a twenty man blob of troops. Added a Drop pod too, because: Decapitation Strike.

It also gave me more opportunities to play about with models. I have added a couple of Iron Hands as a nod to the Post-Isstvan forces *and* a bridge to my future shattered legion plans.

I also love the idea of Kasati Nuon and the little short story he features in. I like the oxymoron of a loyalist Night Lord, and also love his attempts to discuss terror tactics with the Ravens. I've added the moniker 'Oathkeeper' to him based on his conversations. He was an absolute pleasure to convert and paint. He wears the nine skulls of his former squadmates on his shoulder, I like to think he got away form the traitors but gunning his own squad down from behind.

Next Month:

I still have the Tarantula battery to add, and there is always the prospect of Mor Deythan, its about time I add some of the Raven Guard specialist units...

Posted: 18/05/18 at 21:26 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Fourteen

Death from Above!

Over one year on and I finally have one of the projects I wanted from the start. As my force is Post Isstvan I wanted to reflect that by having no (very few ffs) tanks or ground vehicles, as the majority were destroyed there and when the legion rebuilt it focussed on guerilla warfare and decapitation strikes almost to the exclusion of all else by necessity. The alternative option for heavier firepower for me is flyers. I present the Fire Raptor:


This was a rush project to get ready and I have enlisted the help of multiple allies to get it done. It was built by our absent Word Bearer player (Iron Hand at heart), the transfers were applied by our Iron Hand player (whilst I finished the second side project below) and an emergency late hour run was conducted by our Dark Angel player to provide the last bit of spray for the base completion. It was finished in the early hours of the last morning I had for painting. 

I also managed to mostly complete my first scratch company of deck crew from my ZM games (Vessel name pending) As soon as I saw the option for these I fell in love with the idea, a bunch of unaugmented humans thrust into the middle of an Astartes fight with no real hope of achieving anything. It also gave me an excuse to paint a few of the lovely new Necromunda figures. I tried to go with a steel worker style look to them, and they will eventually have a Naval armsman leading the squad for fluff reasons. Better pics to follow. 

Next Month:

I still have plenty of options but would really like to include a unit of Mor Deythan...

Posted: 12/05/18 at 12:48 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Thirteen

The Shadowed Lord!

I've had Corax painted for months now. I loved the model and wanted to play about with a proper Heresy character series sculpt. As Lords of War have been added to the campaign I felt it only right to get the chance to unleash him on the tabletop. Unlike other Primarchs, Corax works best alone, and is easily capable of outmanoeuvring the enemy, choosing his targets and decimating units. His Shadowed lord rule also means he isn't likely to be taking any serious fire from shooting attacks AND if he gets into a combat he's struggling with he can just leave it. I'm also adding a character model, primarily designed as a Praetor, the lightning claws were added because Raven Guard, but realistically, he should be using a paragon blade like all the others.

The Praetor is based off the Chaplain model from the Calth box, with a little tweaking to make him stand out. He will most likely sit back until I have some Dark Furies for him to break face with, but at the moment the army is primarily a sniper force rather than a combat one. Long term I aim to be able to field several different Rites of War, not just the Decapitation Strike that I make use of now. Next on the agenda are Recon Company and Liberation Force, but ultimately I want to be able to represent all aspects of the Raven Guard and field Angel's Wrath too.

Next month:

Next month I still have several options. I have a Tarantula Squad I'm itching to test, a Tactical Squad patiently sitting in the wings, and maybe something bigger and scarier. I've also been working on other character models, such as a Praevian and Chaplain. Decisions decisions..

Posted: 26/03/18 at 20:52 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Twelve

New year new rules!

I've wanted a Deathstorm Pod for a while, as it was a Raven Guard invention and fits the 'sudden strike' and lack of attrition the XIX are famous for. Rules wise im not sure, there is a huge element of randomness to it, we'll see how it performs, but it does have the potential to hit EXTREMELY hard against certain lists. Painting wise I am trying to differentiate my pods by colour. The dread pod, being a veteran has major elements of white, the standard pod is solid black and the Deathstorm has white tail fins. Happy with how it has turned out, however I'm now wanting to go back and add white to my tac pod as it looks so good! In addition I am going to be finally finishing my Kades Nex conversion and will be adding him as my character addition for the month.


Next month:

Next month I'm not too sure. I think I'll either be adding another tactical squad or a unit of Tarantulas to go with the 'automation' theme. Not sure yet, potenitally even another Deathstorm. I also have a Corax waiting, decisions decisions...either way I'll probably be adding a Praetor too.

Posted: 21/02/18 at 00:00 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Eleven

Milvus will return...

I've had a Contemptor Dreadnought for months now, but as my entire force infiltrates and his weapons are short ranged I have been loathe to make use of him. This month's addition alleviates this problem somewhat with the most overpriced delivery system. I toyed with the idea of one of the flier pods instead of the dedicated transport but I don't like the idea of using one of the sexy, sexy, fast attack slots for it. (They're for Seekers and Fliers). As Forgeworld have not been selling their Dreadnought pod for months and the agreement as per campaign budget this is a standard pod hollowed out. 



Month Eleven Spend:

Month Twelve is the third of many pods. A Deathstorm..The month after? Hmmm watch this space.

Budget total: £39.00

Spend: £22.50

Remaining budget: £16.50

Posted: 16/01/18 at 22:11 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Ten

Did somebody say plasma everywhere?

I wanted to get more Pods done, particularly for my dreadnought so that I can start using him in games, however budget has restricted me.  My final ten marines were a tough choice. I had the option of building Plasma, Missiles or Tacticals, and I do want all options eventually. In the end I went for Plasma. Although I want a large twenty man tactical squad, I don't think its something that is essential to my force at the current moment. The Missiles were incredibly tempting as I have seen the performance of several missile teams in other players forces. However Decapitation Strike allows for only one heavy support option and I'm after a Fire Raptor for that, leaving the Plasmas as this month's choice.

Wip shot

Almost there!

Month Ten Spend:

Month Eleven is the second of many pods. However, the question is do I build a Deathstorm or a Dreadnought pod?.. Next month will of course, be another pod.

Budget total: £41.50

Spend: £22.50

Remaining budget: £19.00

Posted: 15/12/17 at 00:46 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Nine

Decapitation Strike!

With the games upping the ante, and the plan for a 2k campaign starting next year, the swing towards rites of war is in full flow. I'll be making use of Maun and Decapitation Strike and want to make full use of the rules, so the next few months are going to be Drop Pod heavy. Having a Melta team is sweet, especially as they can infiltrate, but this is still not enough to deliver them where they need to be. As Raven Guard get access to Drop Pods for their infantry my first pod will be used to increase the effectiveness of the Melta team. Keeping them within 18" of Maun when they land will ensure a lack of scatter, and careful placement should stop the majority of damage from Augury scanner shenanigans, allowing them to wreak havoc where they need to. 

I actually repainted an old pod and am really happy with the weathering and in particular the interior auspex. The pics don't do it justice.

Month Nine Spend:

Month Ten was going to be another Pod, but the lack of aircraft bundles on Forgeworld had a knock on effect, instead I will be building my final 10 marines (60 in total!) as a Plasma Gun team. These can also do the infiltrate/pod as desired but have the longer range for effective infiltration. I'll also be saving for more pods....

Budget total: £21.50

Spend: £0.00

Remaining budget: £21.50


Posted: 27/11/17 at 00:13 by: (Raven Guard)
After Isstvan: Victorus Aut Mortis

Victorus Aut Mortis


He felt the familiar lurch of his stomach knotting as the Darkwing pattern gunship began its swift ascent. His armour rattled against his harness as the craft was buffeted by wind turbulence shaking his head from side to side, conjuring the image of a delirious madman. He was bone tired, weary in the way that the sick and infirm are weary. Isstvan had cost them all. They had all been betrayed, all lost brothers, all gone without true rest for over three months, yet respite had not yet come. The Galaxy was in flames, and there was always another objective.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. Though it was technically possible for a Marine to function indefinitely without true sleep he was realising that eternal war had its consequences. He raised his head slowly to survey the squad. The survivors. His squad. His survivors. The crimson lighting in the interior of the stealth craft barely illuminated his pallid flesh but gave his pitch black eyes a sinister, haunting sheen. No one in the craft spoke. No head was raised. The only motion was the curling lip of the son of Deliverance they called The Grey Raven.

The plan had gone perfectly. The Night Lords had fallen into the ambush, and died like dogs. Yet there had been a nagging sensation that something wasn’t right. Like a throbbing in the temples before a thunderstorm. His squads were acting sluggishly, reactions not quite there. A trigger pulled too slowly and a shot missed. A foot in the wrong place and a stumble. A magazine fumbled and dropped during a reload. He had only noticed the skull pile when it was too late. As his eyes caught the arrangement of heads the angles seemed to shift and distort. He had felt his skin immediately chill and broke out into a cold sweat. The aura of menace radiating from the effigy was so palpable he had almost been able to taste it. Then breaking the spell, Third Talon had voxed: *Beacon lit, air support en route* and he had awoken from his stupor. He had snapped from his trance too late, the Land Raider was almost upon them and his men were out of position, equally sluggish, equally entranced.

Milvus had been the only one outside the range of the pulsating filth emanating from the skulls. Veteran Sergeant Milvus. Stoic Milvus. Milvus who had led the survivors of the Garuda for over ninety days through the wastes of Isstvan. Milvus who had passed through blood, betrayal and fire. Milvus who was stood directly in the path of the enemy battle tank like a hero from the legends of ancient Terra, standing alone against an unfathomable beast. There had been the crump of a detonation and then the tortured squeal of metal forced to rupture under pressure. The Land Raider, bedecked with fetishes and the contemptible trophies of the heathen, came to a shuddering halt. Milvus had stopped the beast. Milvus had bought them time. Milvus had fallen.

Strix had needed to act quickly. *All units: wings meet the updraft, shadow on the sun. Third Talon: flock surrounding.* As the terminators struck his men, they began to peel off. Strike and fade. That was the way of Deliverance, of Isstvan, of the remaining Nineteenth.  

The gunship entered the void and the turbulence abruptly abated. Callun Strix, The ‘Grey Raven’ popped the seal on his harness and made his way to the rear of the craft where Apothecary Fain stood over the casket. He stared down at the contents of the stasis chamber for some time before speaking: ‘Will he live?’ The question was ridiculous, the shattered remains in the casket in front of him barely qualified as an astartes anymore. By way of confirmation, the apothecary merely raised an eyebrow. Fain turned back to the ‘patient’ ‘If I disengage this field he will be dead within the hour, even with my skills, even with the full resources of the ship’s apothecarion, he won't experience more than pain and delirium and that's *if* he even regains consciousness. To be frank Callan it’s a miracle he has any lifesigns at all, your efforts to retrieve him were in vain,  we should grant him the mercy he has earned.’ Vigilator Strix clenched his teeth and waved the Apothecary away as he leaned over the casket. ‘I will not fail you again brother. You will stand once more. Victorus Aut Mortis. We head for Kiavahr’   

Posted: 08/11/17 at 23:43 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Eight

So month eight rolls around, and we move into 'proper' game territory. I've been saving for several months and finally have the funds to go for a big bird! I present the Xiphon Lightning! I really like the Xiphon model, I fell in love with it at the same time it came out and have wanted one since then. Conversely I hate the Lightning as an Astartes vehicle. It has a 'Navy/Guard' feel to it that doesnt sit well with me. So this addition will be forever a Lightning, and not a Xiphon. In the interest of balance, I have had one gun magnetised along with a wing so that I can give it the correct armament for a Lightning and so it fits the description and is WYSIWYG.

I have several WIP shots and have really enjoyed painting hard edges and consoles so far. Hoping to have completed shots before the next game that I'll replace these with.


Month Eight Spend:

Due to the Forgeworld lads removing the bundle deals I now have £24 in my budget. This allows for a Drop Pod to support my Melta Team or Dreadnought. (Yet to decide which) I will build it accordingly.

Budget total: £24

Spend: £22.50

Remaining budget: £1.50

For my month 9 I'm thinking of saving for more pods..

Posted: 17/10/17 at 20:12 by: (Raven Guard)

The Project so far.
So, seven months in. Seven Months! Getting anyone to commit to anything for more than a week is difficult and we have around fifteen folk in various stages of campaigned up. (Sadly several of them are colossal slackers and have yet to blog. The pain engines are being prepared.) I wanted to take stock of my progress so far and what that means for my forces going forward. 

We build our forces along the Victory is Vengeance ruleset, with an aim to expand into fully fledged games. For me this has meant planning purchases and painting up to December, to unleash a nice army come the new year. However, starting 'real' games earlier has meant that my army is full of combos that aren't quite realised:

I have loads of infantry, for which I am happy, though painting that much black armour has been an absolute ballache for me, the monthly limit has helped me stay on target (Usually meeting for painting two evenings a week.) However I am building toward the Decapitating strike rite of war and there is a distinct lack of Drop Pods in that picture. Many pods will follow. This has rendered both my Dreadnought and my Melta team sub-par for the time being. My 1000 point list for the last game was as follows:

Rite of War: None

Vigilator Consul 85
Artificer Armour 10
Infravisor 5
Tactical Squad x 10 125
Artificer Armour 10
Power Fist 15
Close Combat Weapons 20
Tactical Squad x 10 125
Support Squad x 6 115
Melta Guns 90
Veteran Squad x 5 100
Artificer Armour 10
Plasma Gun 15
Melta Bomb 5
Fast Attack  
Seeker Squad x 10 255
Artificer Armour 10

The army fared fairly well. The Melta team was predictably poor at manoeuvring and did very little, and a set up error along with a strategic move cost me the game. Learning curves! However the game still came down to a knife edge dice roll, so not too worried there. Lesson of the Month, don't drink enough to kill a horse the night before gaming. Again. Next months army will see a couple of tweaks. 

Posted: 17/10/17 at 20:00 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Seven

So after a bit of a switch around my Melta Team is almost ready for the fray. I had 6 squads from my budget and managed to source another four meltaguns from the other lads to allow me to put together a full 10 man box. Though pricey points wise they will add a much needed punch to my forces so far. I have a lot of effective ways of dealing with infantry in the form of my Seekers, Veterans and Tactical Marines; but only a Dreadnought for anti tank. The addition of a Melta team gives me effective anti-armour as well as another solution to the Terminator problem that seems to be all the rage. AP1 weapons for the win! With Raven Guard having the ability to infiltrate/outflank, their short range should be less of an issue.

I also managed to paint one Marine up as a Salamander to start building a post-Isstvan 'Shattered Legions' theme. This will allow me to start making my force look truly post Isstvan, give me something occasionally different to paint AND allow me to start thinking about using the Shattered Legions rules in future if I wish. I figure the first of my Salamanders would be rotated to where his Legion specialism and expreience could be put to best use, so a Melta team seems an ideal fit.

This is another work in progress shot. Edge highlighting needs doing and the Salamander is yet to make an appearance.

The red helmet stripe indicates a 'specialist' such as an Apothecary or Techmarine. When building the models I managed to add two pistols to the same model by mistake. So his 'specialism' is former Moritat. Post-Isstvan the Legion was down to a stength of under 5000 Legionaiires. Corax was a pragmatist, so I imagine he'd rotate marines from these 'suicide' roles back into line duty, regardless of whether they were 'ash blind' or not. Every Raven Guard now matters and they cannot afford to squander their lives, even for the greater good.

Month Seven Spend:

I now have £87 in my budget. This allows me to pop in something sexy. I've gone for a Xiphon Interceptor. I managed to get one from a split down Forge World bundle (budget £75) I've loved the Xiphon model, its sleek and compact, fitting the Raven Guard theme, and suggests stealth more than the bulkier Lightning. However, I am building it without one of the Lascannons so I can make use of it as a 'counts as' Lightning. I want the anti-armour punch of the Lightning, without the poorer model. The simple conversion allows for the correct weapon loadout and it will be used as a Lightning for the duration. 

Budget total: £87

Spend: £75

Remaining budget: £12

For my month 8 I'm thinking pods. With Dreadnought and Melta team needing to be close and personal, and with the Decapitation Strike rite of war it seems to make sense.

Posted: 22/09/17 at 00:22 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Six

Free Choice

Sooo campaign is stepping up a gear, 1000 points, rites of war etc etc. This leaves me in a bit of a dilemma, I had a rough plan ironed out, and was slightly ahead with my month six choice nearly fully painted (A 10 man Melta team) However, with the step up to real games I don't want to be tied to Pride of the Legion, and I only have one tactical squad so far. 

My hands are tied and tactical squad TWO makes an appearance as my month six. Unfortunately at time of writing I have yet to finish them, so pics will follow.

Rather than a bells and whistles squad with extra close combat weapons and sexy sergeant upgrades, squad two is an objective hogger, no frills, basic points. I managed to nab some running legs to give the sergeant a bit of dynamism though and love how he's turned out.

Work in progress, edge highlighting to follow.

Month Six Spend:

I was still saving, with £67 in my budget . However, with the change to the campaign I need a Dreadnaught delivery system. I'm either gonna get a dreadnaught pod or convert a standard plastic one by ripping out all it's insides. Either way thats £22.50 from the budget.

Budget total: £67

Spend: £22.50

Remaining budget: £44.50

Pennies are tighter than usual this month so 'saving' is back on the menu.

For my month 7 choice im intending to save. This is most likely going to go toward some sort of flier. 

Posted: 09/09/17 at 13:49 by: (Raven Guard)
Month Five

Free Choice

Vehicles. Vehicles everywhere. Dreadnoughts, Whirlwinds and the gods know what else. I'd gambled on month four by not taking dedicated anti tank, and only through outflanking and general shenanigans managed to avoid getting butchered. That's a trick that will only work the one time so I needed to add something tank killy. I toyed with the idea of a ten man Melta team, as that's in the 'Grand Plan' I have forming, however they're short range and squishy, even with infiltrate they might not do the trick. So in the end I decided to go for the state of the art in tank busting. A sexy, sexy Contemptor Dreadnought. With a Chainfist and two Graviton Guns it'll be taking two hull points at an effective 24" range (including movement) and if it gets a charge it'll shred even a Spartan. 


I wanted to do a conversion on the standard plastic one as I didn't like the static pose. I've sawed it at the waist, leg and arm joints giving a bit of motion. I nabbed a second fist from another player who is doing a Mortis, added plasma pistol nozzles widening them as the graviton guns, and lopped the thumb off and replaced it with a chainsword. 

The painting was fun on this one. I did the Deliverance art freehand with a pencil and then painted over it, added rust effects and blood with the technical paints from GW (which are super fun to use.) and jammed a couple of brass etching logos on to finish.

For the base I wanted a 'victory' marker, as I had beaten Iron Warriors in my second game, they became the victim. (Also fluffy as Isstvan.) Even added some intestine loops using flash from drilling out gun barrels. 

Month Five Spend:

Im still saving, with £47 in my budget now. Still thinking something big. Corax would be nice to round out the Campaign, a flyer might be more practical.

Budget total: £47

Spend: £0

Remaining budget: £47

For my month 6 choice im still toying with the 10 man Melta team but may drop these for something else.



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Month Four

Free Choice

So the first ‘free choice’ month, after troops and a HQ where to go next. I deliberated quite extensively about this. We are already seeing a glut of Terminators, Veterans and ‘veterans’ (from the more unscrupulous traitor scum) and I expect month 4 to see a lot more 2+ save death dealers enter the fray. This is also the first opportunity for folk to bring the ‘big guns’ in the form of Dreadnoughts. This left me with a couple of choices. On the one hand I should probably be thinking the same way and adding either Terminators or Dreadnoughts. Either option is capable of dealing with enemy armour and both are durable. However Terminators are not especially Raven Guard, most of them were exiled and the few that remained mostly fell on the fields of the Urgall Depression. The Dreadnought I do want, but unless it is podding in, it will be a liability in terms of both set up and game progression, not to mention points. I reasoned my choices were either a Melta team, to hit enemy armour, or a Seeker squad. Seekers are very thematic for the force, hit hard and are a fun unit, but would leave me vulnerable to enemy armour. In the end I decided to gamble, chose the Seekers and hope I don’t draw my next game against a Dreadnaught. I can always add anti-tank next month.


As the Seekers are armed with the same bolters as my Veterans I wanted to distinguish them. I've painted the shells inside with coloured tips to represent the specialist ammo. Which is an idea I stole from our Dark Angel player.



Month 4 spend:

Im still saving, with £27 in my budget now. Still thinking something big. Corax would be nice to round out the Campaign, a flyer might be more practical.

Budget total: £27

Spend: £0

Remaining budget: £27

Next month I’m thinking of adding the Dreadnought or the Melta team. As for spend, with so much left to paint I’m thinking of saving for something exciting like a tank, Primarch, or flyer.

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Month Three


So month three allows for up to two HQ's (to cover the Calth Box most of us started with, Heresy Character packs, and everything in between) So with me flogging my Terminator Centurion that let me use the Chaplain from the box and the Moritat I picked up....or it would have.

Nothing to see here, move along.

(Month Two Spend:

I had £15.00 leftover from month one and an additional £20 for month two. This got me some bits and bobs to convert up a Vigilator as a Sniper as a £15 budget custom character.))

After the planetfall games I wanted to convert up a Character to reflect a more 'sniper' aspect of the Raven Guard. To this end, the Moritat is stricken from the record and will return at a later date. I wanted to convert up a Vigilator as a sniper, complete with the head of his fallen enemy. Seeing the dark grey scheme for the Raven Guard recon marines in Book III had given me a name too: 'The Grey Raven', things were coming together. The Moritat is on hold and will return for a future budget.

For the Grey Raven I wanted his armour to be a dark grey, representing the disengaged camo field. This did not turn out as planned and still looked black (Too dark!) so I adjusted the edge highlights to Ulthuan Grey to make the distinction. His chapter symbols were also meant to be black, but due to the dark tone of his armour the black I was struggling with, so they are currently grey. (Though I may go back and adjust this.) I crammed the model full of gubbins, he has webbing, a holstered pistol and an auspex scanner to represent his role. I wanted to jazz the scanner up and am quite pleased with the outcome. 

For my chaplain I wanted to do a conversion, as we all had a similar model. I also want to include Alvarex Maun in my main army so this was the template for my conversion, having the cloak lets me represent Cameleoline too which is nice. I used a Raven Guard head from my veterans and greenstuffed a mohawk on him (poorly). I have no idea where the power sword comes from, it was lying in an old bitz box, but its different enough from standard power weapons that it drew me. His auspex and backpack were gifted by our Iron Hand player. The Raven Guard torso symbol is from the brass etching.

I wanted a guide for power weapons and youtube has loads, loads of 'crystal' style guides which is a look that really disagrees with me. Google provided a slightly better mix, showing me a lightning technique that I quite liked, but no colours were exciting me, so I decided to do my own in purple. I used a mix of Liche to Warlock purple, adding some leadbelcher in fo a metallic sheen and getting lighter toward the edges. Again, im happy with how this turned out. The cloak was painted as urban camo just following googled examples.

Month 3 Spend

Budget Total: £30  

Seeker Bolters: £12

Raven Guard Heads: £11

Remaining: £7

Month 4 plans? With free choice I imagine the campaign will see a lot more terminators and the first of it's dreadnaughts appearing. I'm not sure for myself yet, I'm struggling to decide whether to build some tacticals up as anti-terminator/dreadnaught options or to just go all out and build a dreadnaught of my own. Watch this space.

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Month One and Two

Month One:

So month one I really wanted to get to grips with the veteran upgrade kit. I'm lucky with Raven Guard that we have access to two upgrade sets so distingushing my veterans is really easy. I tried a few options with the black finally settling on a 3:1 Abbaddon Black:Soulstone Blue base, with Eshin Grey edge highlights followed by a final edge of Fenrisian Grey. 

I wanted the combat knives to be sheathed and this let me further differentiate the veterans as I decided not to use the white shoulder pads. I went for red leather for the accessories, to 'complete the look'

The albino skin was a real pain, and just as I was ready to despair the workshop lads released a painting guide for Raven Guard skin! However, I replaced the Reikland Fleshshade wash with a thinned down blue wash to get a better albino look. It pains me no end that I got the shoulder pads the wrong way round for MK VI armour.

(Fluffwise I've solved this by saying that during scavenging and field repairs the Veterans under Sergeant Milvus reversed their shoulder pads so the enemy knew exaclty who it was that was killing them.)

Buildwise my sergeant has a sheathed weapon (potentially a power sword) and I have two plasma gunners to pack a little extra punch. These served well aboard the Garuda!

Month Two:

I want a 20 man tactical squad with combat weapons to be a main objective holder, and started this month with that in mind. The standard upgrade kits are less ostentatious than the veteran ones, and for the tacticals I made a note not to use the torsos on every model, saving them for sergeants. I went for green leather on the accessories and got the shoulder pads the right way round this time. 

I went for a power fist on the sergeant to deal with the all important 2+ saves and to harm vehicles further down the line.

I'll be replacing these pictures with better ones once I have them.

Month Two Spend:

I had £15.00 leftover from month one and an additional £20 for month two. This got me a Moritat to lead my force for £21  Vigilator conversion leaving me with £20 to carry over. Moritats were a Raven Guard invention and it seems thematic for me to make use of one. I'll be converting it to be eventually used as Kades Nex (though I will keep the pistols as Volkites for ease.)  

I now had £40 remaining in the budget and managed to get in on another Calth split, taking 20 tacticals for £30. This brings the number of tactical bodies up to 60. I have scrounged some Corvus pattern heads and just need another pack of shoulders and I will have enough to convert them all. This leaves me with £10 budget to carry over to next month. 

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Raven Guard

Why Raven Guard? I loved the background way back during the Index Astartes Articles and my only serious 40k Marine army was the Raven Guard. As the Heresy has evolved we’ve had snippets of Ravens across multiple books and the stealth/sniper skills have always been epic (Sharrowkyn being an absolute legend). Corax’s first appearance in the audio drama about the Victory is Vengeance campaign had him ‘heroing’ out like a boss and it solidified my opinion of the Legion. I will admit however their two standalone novels have been disappointing, I haven’t liked the woe and soul searching aspects that the books have focussed on, even if I understand the direction, they started to feel truly emo at points.

The Raven Guard have always felt more like a genuine fighting force, they rely on intel, stealth, and exploiting enemy weak points with sudden strikes. All of these tactics appeal to me. Laying the smackdown on Lorgar and putting a bullet through Fulgrim’s eye also helps.

Initial Spend:

Budget: £235
Calth £95
Raven Guard upgrade pack x 2 £40 (£20)
Raven Guard MKVI Shoulders x 4 £44 (£11)
Raven Guard Heads x 4 £46.00 (11.50)
= £225.00

I split the Terminator Captain off for £5.00

Leaving £20.00 for the budget.

The plan is to swap my terminators for another 10 tactical marines, and spread the Raven Guard torsos around Sergeants and Missile Launcher troops with exposed chests. This will allow for me to customise up to 50 marines when I eventually get more.

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