Word Bearers
Hero: Benile Kul (Martyr)
- Artificer Armour
- Refractor Field
- Melta Bombs
- Crozius
Leader: Vel Forn
Tactical Sergeant
- Power Fist
- Melta Bombs
Total Character Points: 150
Notes and Injuries
Available Forces
10 Tactical Marines
Close Combat Weapons
10 Tactical Marines
Close Combat Weapons
2 Power Fist with Meltagun
5 Gal Vorbak
Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons
2 Power Swords

Campaign Supply and Resource
Supply Pts
Action Pts

Legion Posts

Word Bearers Month 3

My demagogues rise! My strategist Coryphaus En-Gahal and the fiery Chaplain Kal-Maxon.

The Characters are just your regular Betrayal at Calth heroes but I decided to replace the Preator's head with one from he Chaos Terminator Lord. Some nice horns to reflect the favour bestowed on him by his new patrons. What's the point in paying homage to the dark gods without some cool mutations to go with it. 

Soon I'll have a suitable carriage for my Veterans to cruise around in and either the blessed Gal Vorbak or another unit of terminators. 

For the Dark Gods!

Posted: 17/02/18 at 04:01 by: (Word Bearers)
Month Two

My second pick for my rapidly growing Host of Heretics was a unit of Veterans. What with the Word Bearers' Rites of War being nothing to preach to the ignorant masses about I figure Pride of the Legion is probably the way to go. 

The squad has a healthy mix of weapons including a couple of combi-flamers (for burning all those blasphemous texts you see). They've been built more with an eye for fun than practicality but I still love them. 

The scripture was super fun to paint if a little time consuming. If however you look at them with your eyes half closed from a reasonable distance they look really good. 


So my second unit, the Enlightened Sons are done. My next entry will be what makes my tiny list legal, my Coryphaus (Praetor) and of course my Chaplain, as no Word Bearers worth their salt leave home without one. 

Speak the word of Lorgar and you will live for eternity in the glory of Chaos!

Posted: 02/02/18 at 03:34 by: (Word Bearers)
New Beginnings or: How I learned to stop worrying and embrace Chaos

Joining the Horus Heresy group has really helped reinvigorate my love for the hobby and given me much more confidence in my painting skills, even if that confidence is mostly undeserved. I have been dragging my feet recently however and found it difficult to get motivated to paint the my Death Guard, between the release of the new 40k Death Guard and some other projects I've let my Horus Heresy Barbarus boys fade into the background. 

A  profound lack of fluff around the Death Guard didn't help when it came to losing interest. The new 40k Codex even skims over the Heresy relatively quickly. 

I am far from done though and have revealed my true colours........ Word Bearers!!!! I love all the traitor legions and I mulled it over for a while but the villains are always the most interesting and you don't get more villainous than the guys who kicked off the whole "Heresy" thing. 

In secret I worked on my XVII Legion soldiers

Our lord and saviour Duncan recommends starting with Mephiston Red for Bearers but I personally found it to be a bit brighter than what I had in mind, even after applying a few layers and dark washes they were still a little bright for my liking. 

So I based them with Khorne Red and used  Lead Belcher for the silver trim. After applying a Nuln Oil wash I got the perfect shade of dark red I wanted. 

My favourite part was painting the scripture. It was a trial in frustration and took a few attempts but I'm happy with the results if you squint and don't get too close. I do now have a more fine point brush specifically for painting the text on my holy warriors so future attempts should look much better. 

So the Cataphractii Terminators are my first unit of Word Bearers. Not a great choice for Word Bearers due to not being able to Sweeping Advance but I do plan to run Pride of the Legion Rite of War to help keep my force nice and elite so I can get caught up quickly. Also the Word Bearers' Rites of War either aren't super fantastic or are ridiculously expensive. 

My next unit will be a Veteran squad with lots of beautiful combi weapons. Overall I plan to make a close combat orientated force with plenty of transports for quick deployment. And of course, lots and lots of Gal Vorbak.

Spread the Primordial Truth! Death to the False Emperor!

Posted: 03/01/18 at 03:37 by: (Word Bearers)
Month Three and Four

Slightly overdue update

So the anointed time came and went and I finally bought the Calth set plus legion upgrades for my dirty Death Guard. My month 4 pick was a Heavy Weapons Team equipped with Missile Launchers. I decided to buy the Proteus II missile lunchers from Forgeworld to make them stand out a little. The missile launchers are gripped underhand so it gives the impression that they're fired while marching which was too Death Guard to resist. 

This also means that I was finally able to paint my leader and so I present Tannar Koth, Marshall of the 5th Company.

My veteran sergeant had a promotion since the first battle. 

To build him I used the Chaplain that comes in the Calth set but replaced that silly crozius with the oh so sexy Power Scythe. I also removed the mark IV pattern helm and replaced it with the helm from the legion champion. Mark IV armour looks a little new and shiny for the Death Guard so I wanted something a little more blunt looking that still made him look like an officer. 

I also decided to take the unusual decision to splash some actual colour onto it in the cloak. The cloak is Screamer Pink washed in Druchii Violet. I've recently acquired the Death Guard side of the shiny new Dark Imperium box (Praise Nurgle) and so I wanted a way to tie the themes of my 30K Death Guard to my stinky 40k Death Guard. Fluff wise I'm already working on canon in my head because I'm a big nerd but the purple cloak was just a way to link it to a theme I have in 40k as well. 

My month 5 pick is a Dreadnought so I'll be fielding some armour as well myself and get another update out soon as well. Hopefully I shall take to the field again soon now that my force is suitably reinforced and re-equipped. 

For Mortarion and the Warmaster!

Posted: 26/07/17 at 02:23 by: (Word Bearers)

The blood fizzled off the blade of his power scythe. Section Leader Tannar Koth allowed himself a rare, bitter smile. They had lived. The last time he'd smiled was when First Captain Typhon had relayed the Warmaster's orders to him. He had known what it meant. They were to hold a strategic objective without reinforcements in the hope that it would make an irresistible target for the Loyalists, allowing the Warmaster to strike at the foe with minimal resistance. Tannar and his men had been left to die. 

He accepted the logic in this action. He even admired it. He'd ordered men to their deaths before, that was the way of war.

But Koth and his Section had not died. They had conquered.

He watched the Raven Guard retreat and disappear into the shadows as reinforcements from the VIII and XVI legions arrived, he knew he'd sent a message today.

The Death Guard will not fall.

Posted: 10/05/17 at 14:15 by: (Word Bearers)
Month One and Two

As a late starter to the campaign, month 2 was my month 1. Progress has been relatively slow (or methodical as the Death Guard would put it). At this point all I have as the seed of my legion is a single squad of Mark III marines, with some Death Guard flavoured upgrades, which I have built to be a veteran squad. 

Painting them was the most enjoyable experience I have ever had of painting Warhammer miniatures. The Death Guard scheme looks tricky but is actually remarkably easy and a little bit of weathering can cover for a lack of paining skill!

I followed a guide on Youtube on how to do the base coloures of the Death Guard. To represent their unpainted ceramite that has been left to get dirty (because why clean armour when it's only going to get mucky again) it was a base coat of Rakarth Flesh with a wash of Seraphim Sepia. The effect is instant and pleasing! The green on the shoulders was Castellan Green. The metal bits and trim I didn't relly need a guide for. It was Balthasar Gold and Leadbelcher for the gold and silver respectively, washed in Agrax Earthshade to mute the brightness and add a slightly rusted look to some of the metal. 

I painted a little Typhus Corrosion around the feet to make it look like they had been trudging through mud and covered the base with bird sand which I then also painted with Corrosion to appear muddy.

The finished result is, to me at least, beautiful in it's own entropic, neglected way.

I won't be getting anything new until the end of May so my next painting update won't be for a while now. I will persevere though and catch up in due time. The Death Guard always do. 

Posted: 09/05/17 at 14:41 by: (Word Bearers)
Death Guard

Why Death Guard? I have been a long time fan of Warhammer 40k. I fell out of the hobby for a few years and only recently got back in. Back in the day I used to collect a motley Chaos Space Marine army that was a mix of Thousand Sons and Death Guard (because I couldn't decide which ones were cooler!) Getting back into it again I have felt the same pull to Chaos. The deciding factor that drove me to the Death Guard was my love for old Papa Nurgle, who despite being the god of death, disease, dispair and a whole lot of other things beginning with D, is the closest thing Warhammer has to a benevolent god. He just wants to hug people! Fluff wise the Death Guard are badasses. They come from the world of Barbarus where the air is poisonous and they drink poison after a battle to to prove what tough guys they are. I especially love the stories that surround Typhon and his corruption via Erebus into worshipping Nurgle. From there Typhon slowly corrupts his company and then the rest of the legion via the warrior lodge of the Seven Pillars, ultimatley it ends with Typhon tricking Mortarion into offering the souls of the entire legion to Nurgle. Gotta love someone who plays the long game. Horus Heresy stories about the Death Guard are a bit lacking but you can bet that as soon as there is a new book about them I'll be on it like stink on a Plague Marine. Crunchwise I love the Death Guard's extensive use of chemical warfare, it's just so cool (in fiction, don't gas people in real life. Very not cool). Their mass infantry tactics and use of forbidden weapons mean that victroy, like death, is inevitable. 


I, like my counterpart in the silly blue armour with the toilet seat on his shoulder, will be joining the fray later than most as I wait for a big payday I have on the horizon. Having said that I am eager to start taking the fight to the false Emperor's lackeys. So my spend so far is....odd.

Initial Budget - £235

Mark III Space Marines -  £30

Mark III Death Guard Shoulder pads (a birthday present from the Warmaster Horus himself) - £11

Death Guard Power Scythes - £12

Remaining -  £182

Short Term Plan By the end of May I should be able to purchase the Calth Box set plus the Death Guard Legion upgrades. This will put me slightly over budget money wise but behind the 8 ball game wise. As is the Death Guard way though I will persevere.

Long Term Plan Long term I will be as thematic as possible with my force. For the Death Guard that means flamers, missiles and anything else I can fill full of dangerous chemicals. Terminators are also a must and the Death Shroud and Grave Warden Terminators of the Death Guard are some of the finest. I fully intend to add them at some point. Ultimitely as well I hope to add Nurgle's first champion. The man who corrupted his own legion, 1st Captain Calas Typhon. 


For Mortarion and the Warmaster!

Posted: 15/04/17 at 03:59 by: (Word Bearers)