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Reinforcements for the XIII th.

***Command Link Established***

- Captain, come in please.

- Command, is that you?

- Confirmed. What is your situation?

- Grim. We've suffered heavy loses at teh hands of the traitors and need reinforcements! 




- Command, are you still there?!

- Roger Captain. We're still here. The enemy are trying to jam our signals. We've received word that reinforcements are on route to your position.

- What are we to expect?

- Unknown. All we know is that there is a large friendly force in orbit. It seems to be a mix of ships. Reinforcements are coming from one of the battle barges.



***End Command Transmission***

Posted: 10/09/18 at 22:39 by: (Ultramarines XVII)
On-going Expansion Plans

++ Start Transmission ++ Just a quick post with an update on where I am looking to develop my Legion. My current aspirations revolve around general expansion and diversification. As it stands my force is pretty rigid (not a good look for the Ultramarines) and limited by available units. I'm looking to add in the not too distant future a support squad of plasma guns, a reconnaissance squad and some more dreadnaught and armour options. Also I'll be adding my primarch with an elite bodyguard unit and a Master of Signals very soon. I am also toying with other consul options. ++ End Transmission ++

Posted: 27/07/18 at 18:58 by: (Ultramarines XVII)
Months 1 - 15??

So as my first post as the 2nd Ultramarine element to the Loyalist cause I've decided to upload my entire force baring a few stragglers that aren't in a squad yet and an old Techmarine I'm not even sure I'll use. These forces are in various states of completion paint wise but they're all blue! (Apologies for the blurry pics)



Posted: 09/07/18 at 22:36 by: (Ultramarines XVII)